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You Serious? One-Shots

--Change of Heart--
Ah yes, a totally depressed Duo sort of fic ^___^ Don't worry, the ending ain't too bad *grins* The story progression skips around a bit - might have to do a companion sorta thing from Heero's pov... It's in first person and the present tense >.< very different for me so be nice ^^;

--Ever After--
I swear.... *sweatdrops* I've been fiddling with this stupid thing *mumbles... Well anyway ^^;; the Moment arc has been smushed into one entire fic, for better or for worse thanx to a suggestion by zaz rofl ^^;; Just a few revisions -_- Thanks to Jaeny, like always, ~.^ for her support *_*... Errr.. you can still read the lyrics to the song here

--As I Lay Me Down--
Keekekekkee.. A GW/Sandman crossover ^_^ Guess who Duo's mum reeeally is ~.^

--Only Happy When It Rains--
This one's a bit dark, so those of you who dislike angst and deathfics, stay away. ^_^ Oops DEATHFICCIE Ha~i! ^_^ But it isn't my fault really... Check out JJ's site for the original fic, cause mine's is only a sequel to that one. ^_^ So there.

Err... I promised never to write 1)Death fics 2)Lemons... and this one ain't a lemon folks *sweatdrop* Takes place after EW... Is a bit dark, me thinks...

--The Long and Winding Road--
Umm... a possibility which I thought *could* happen... Don't kill me for this one ^_^;;

--If You Wanna Know--
Wahahaha *strikes pose*  So I wrote a sweet and probably tooth decaying Heero and Duo fic *grins*  Lemme know if you guess the title of the song!

--Dreams of Darkness--
Duo has a nightmare about his past. Rather err bizarre and just.. strange ^_^;;

*whistles* Just me messing around with Wufei's head and seeing what I could mess aroundwith ^_^;;

err.. oops? Accidentally deleted the fics when re doing site... now back with a venegance~! And with a sequel no less, check out Ever After!

Always wondered where Duo had gotten the gold cross we frequently read about in fic or see in pics *shrugs* so I thought I'd try writing a fic about it. Set in Duo's past before he pilots Shinigami. My first ever gw fic, arghhh x_X

Parody One-Shot Fics

--How to write Good 1x2 Fanfiction--
Exactly what the title says ^_________^ Though a fair warning - expect the unexpected, especially from me, aight?

--A fic of no socially redeeming value OR Itís a Gundam!--
Words cannot describe this fic. Really. Third person death fic of no one important ^^;; Notice that it's in the parody section XD

--Preventer Files: Case 01 or A Day in the Life--
Heh. A vignette sort of thing on life with the preventers. >.< Insane.

--How Low Can You Go?--
Inspired by a line challenge using 5 or more of the submitted lines... It's a sick little fic I'm rather proud of XD

--Chibi, chibi, chibi!--
The sequel to Chibi's mating habits. *sniggers* I think that sort of speaks for itself -_-

--To be a Bitch--
This one comes with language warning *snickers* And it's weird. Think something along the lines of Red Queen meets Peroxide o.O I dunno.

--Let's Talk About Sex--
A fic challenge on an ml I'm on - led to... various innuendos, and Treize teaching a sex ed class with the g boys as students -_-

A short silly ficlet from Duo's pov *sweatdrops*

--Mr. Yuy and his bad kitty--
An even sillier fic involving... well the title pretty much says it all. Dedicated to my kitten...

--The Red Queen--
*facefaults* and the sequel to above fic featuring... lots of strange stuff ^^;; Just go read *mumbles* *walks off*

--Heads Will Roll--
*snickers* The first possible GW fic using interactive emoticons, in celebration? of the *hugely* entertaining emoticons at Tyr's GW Addiction Fic Forum. Go to my links page for a link to GW Addiction and more infor there ^^. Also featuring Smash Bros >D Oh yas, I *am* twisted *grins* Heero and Duo natch v^^

--Wufei's Guide to Dating--
No, I dont' know why Wufei's hosting.. he just is ^^;; This is probably going to be an on again, off again sporadic series -kinda like gfk - where I randomly take the plot... anywhere *sweatdrops* Most of it is in script form which is kinda strange.. maybe I'll change it into prose when I have the time?

--A Story of Boy Meets Other Boy OR Bloodsucking Boys do the bump 'n' grind--
*snickers* the title sez it all really. . . the Prologue to the Vamp spoof I've been fiddling around with inside my head ^_^ I dunno when I'm gonna continue it but. . . -_- ahh well...

--Superman Trailer: The GW Way--
*sweatdrop* Self explanatory?... Insane short ^^;;, very very short and insane...

--Nani?!? Another Silly Mission--
*grins* A ficcie involving chibi Wufeis, cooking, and other such nonsense ^_^ *beams Sort of to make up for my rather... err string of serious fics? ^_^;; *snickers* The title says it all ~.^

--ABC Fic--
This one isn't new... but I forgot to stick it up here *sweatdrop* Basically, you have to use the 26 letters of the alphabet to form a fic ^_^ you can start anywhere but have to go in order.

--Something About Trowa--
*whispers* Come a little closer... I'll tell you the *real* secret behind the mystery boy known as Trowa Barton... *snickers* Inspired by an.. interesting topic on one of the ml's I'm on ...

--Girl's Night Out--
The Gundam Girls and err Women ^_^ find out about their boyfriends' yaoi tendencies? *snickers*  Of course they hit the nearest karaoke/drnking bar...

--Gundam Pilots who Cross Dress and the Mecha who Love Them--
A total spoof fic ^_^ What do the gundams do in the hangar while their pilots remain oblivious....

--It's Greek to Me--
Wahahaha. GW style of the famous Greek Myth of Pygmalion ^_^... Nothing much happens but wohoo!!! Nekky Duo ^_^

--The Chibi's Mating Habits--
Umm..,the mating habits of the rare breed of chibi *snickers*

--Adventures in Babysitting--
The G boys have a new mission!  To take up jobs in a nursery school *snickers* Chaos ensues naturally ^_^


--Daisuki na Hito ni (Gw/Wish)--
A requested fic by Jaeny *waves* which I just finished... the first part to *huge sweatdrop* An x over of gw and wish natch!

Part 1 | Part 2

--Another Place, Another Time--
Something I found from like... I don't remember when O.o 's been a while though *sweatdrop* Found the prologue all done, and about 15 pages of handwritten fic and notes ^^;; Mou.. I'm absent minded *smacks herself*


--Darling Maxine (GW/Regency)--
*giggles* Well, silverblade and I were discussing regencies and gw and well *snickers* Here's the insane result ^_^ It's her turn for part 2, so go nag her ne? ~.^ Here's her addy : sylvyrblad@aol.com

Part 1

--GW/FoR(Flame of Recca) Crossover--
Hmmm, well the title pretty much says it all *grins* A certain braided boy starts having strange dreams of strangers and flames ^_^ and starts to find out more about his ancestry =p

Prelude | Part 1 | Part 2

--GW Outtakes--
Yay ^^;; Finally, got this series its own section *snickers* What if the seiyuus for GW were actually real people, a behind the scenes look at the err.. weirdoes that make up the GW world ^^

GW Outtakes OR You Can't Handle the Truth!!! | Another Day, Another Pay Check

--Last Dance--
Umm... A strange idea that popped up one day ^_^;;  An Anita Blake/GW crossover, involving vampires, telepathy, and other good, clean stuff like that *snickers*  Unfinished of course. -_-

Part 1

--RFO (Relena Finds Out): Our Way--
*dances about* Written with Tro!!  This will eventually be a RFO.. but for now it's known as the preggy fic!! *snickers* Unfnished of course ^_^;;

The Beginning | Joys of Pregnancy
Interludes for Tsuki no Uta--
Prelude to the "Tsuki no Uta' fic below.Now finished!!!
Interlude0 | Interlude1 | Interlude2

--Tsuki no Uta or Dragon ficcy--
Well.. basically take the G boys and have them born into a fantasy world of my setting.  Of course they have wings and a mystery prophecy to fulfill ~_^  Unfinished.

Please take note minna-san!! This series has been taken off line for some serious repairs i.e. the dreaded revision ^^;; Expect it back on line when I finish the Dragon Interludes ^_^ Sankyuu~~

--Gundam Flavored Kisses--
*sweatdrop* It starts out as a GW style parody of a shoujo manga/anime... but then it takes a left turn at Albequerque... and well.... Still unfinished ^_^

Part1 | Part2 | Part3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6

Pwahahahaha!!! My long unfinished series *grins*  Massive Crossovers, primarily YYH and GW, cameos, self-inserts, general silliness and chaos, and errr prepare to be stupified ^_^

Part1 | Part2 | Part3 | Part4 | Part 5 teaser!

--Valentine's Day Special side story to Insanity --
*grins*... just a little spin off side story to Insanity...


--She Loves You
The usual silly Vid fic type thing with me not being so nice to Relena... as well as most of the Gw cast? *sighs* Something about that girl... oh and it also comes with chibi Pargans! mwaha. o.O

--Do Turtles Dream?--
A super silly songfic featuring one of my favorite jazz artists - Ella Fizgerald woohoo! Gotta love her voice *happy sigh* err.. usual stuff super silly, cross dressing, etc. ^_^;

--Macho Man--
Wahahahahah don't blame me for this one.. kkk, so you *can* blame me for this one v^^ By request, a vidfic to the Village People's Macho Man.. *cackles and runs away*

Pwahahaha.. an absolutely silly vid clip.  *grins* Also a bribe for Tro to write a more serious version ^_^

--Twelve Days of Chibi Christmas--
The GW Style version of The Twelve Days of christmas.. *snickers*

--I'm Too Sexy--
Hehehehe... sequel to the above fic *grins* More Staff of Justice and Lion-san...

--I'll Make a Man Out of You--
Wufei takes on the rather... serious duty of toughening up his fellow Gundam Pilots ^_^;;

--I Can't Take my Eyes off of You--
Takes place when Trowa has lost his memory ^_^ due to.. unforseen circumstances *shrugs* and he has a dream....

--I Will Remember You--
Another cute/silly fic.  Just thought the lyrics went rather well with each of the G boys...

Faery Tales

--The Five Little Gundam Pilots OR Something Like that--
Supposedly a Three Little Pigs parody - I don't know what happened to it honestly *sweatdrops* ah well ^_^ More parts of this to come *grins*

--Might As Well As Call It Snow Queen--
*cracks knuckles* *cackles* It's been a while since I did a fairy tale parody and well ^^;;, I seen to be getting nuttier with each one *smirks* which necessarily ain't a -bad- thing ~.^. Featuring Quatre and Trowa ^_^
Nanashi 2k - Best Comedy.

--Not So Psychotic Version of Princess and the Pea--
*snickers*This one's pretty much explanatory as well ^_^;; Featuring... all of the gw cast ~_^

--YYH Style of Princess and the Pea or Fee Fie Fo Fum I hear the twinkling of bells...--
Woohoo....self explanatory *grins* Featuring Kurama and Hiei, with camoes by Heero and Duo ^_^ and the Falling Bushes TM

**Birthday fic for my 'mouto chan *grins* Happy birthday Sylvia!!**

--GW Psychotic Version of Sleeping Beauty--
Ummm, again self explanatory.... Featuring Heero and Duo

--GW Psychotic Version of Snow White--
Exactly what it says ^_^;;  Featuring Quatre and Trowa


--Ken saves the day!--
My first Weiss Kreuz fic, Ken centric, but an absolute parody of umm.. everything o.O Expect cross overs, cameos and all sorts of weird things like that.

--Shoujocon 2001--
Just a quick list of schedules and impressions from the con this year XD My first XD

--Little Red Riding HO--
*coughs* My first saiyuki fic ;_; It's such a little nrghghhghgh ficcy T_T Words can't ... just read on *g*

--Don't Worry Be Happy SD Style--
*grins* a silly spontaneous sd fic which ponders the question what would the sd cast be like as tourists?

--Neko Neko--
My tiny one shot to SD... supposed to be a series but never happened le sigh.. one of these days -_-

--Mission Report: Gundam Dubbed--
Just what it says ^_^;; Random comments made by me, my 'mouto, and various others on the Gundam Dubbed version shown on CN *sweatdrops* You can send in your comments too. . . heh. . .

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