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General Anime Stuff

-Anime Turnpike-
Do I really have to tell you what it is? The largest place for anime links of all kind ^_^

Got yaoi?

Nice place to join Ml's. You can catch me hanging at the 1x2ml (Niiiiiice ppl, nice place, nice *boulder*).

One of the best places to get a free website ^^ . . . .

Gundam Wing Links

GW General Stuff

Info on all things gw, episode zero, mp3's, screen savers, pics, djs, sound bytes *_* You get the picture ne? Go there now! *jumps to avoid the stampede*... *sweatdrops as she realizes no one's actually going to her links page*

-Kore Ga Mitai: GW Eye Candy-
Check this out minna! This is the site uru-chan, zaz, and I have been cooking up twixt the three of us, and wheeeeeee 's finally up ^^ 's a gw dj review site, also featuring misc. yaoi dj reviews, anime arbook reviews, and anime cd reviews ^^ Please take a look see and let us know what you think ne? *grins* We're hoping to expand into yaoi manga, even more misc. yaoi djs, and LOTS of updates ^_^

Very cool page - check out her commentaries *g* Talented writer, duoml admin, and keeper of the best shrine to Duo Maxwell. Busy lady, ne?

Nanashi: Gundam Wing Fanfic Contest
*sweatdrops* Of course I put the link in after the contest is over with ^^;; Ah well, results and nominees for the '99 contest are up *nodsnods* '00 contest shall be in the summer sez rumour ^^ Run by the ever talented Katsu no Miko - a fellow clan member *salutes*

GW Fanart

-Dragundam World-
Gorgeous fanart *swoons* Nekky G boys, or at least semi nekky ones *smirks* Oh and Relena fans unite!!  Wumei is dedicating a site to her *grins*

-Gundam Wing: Art of Self-Destruction-
*snickers* Fun, fun site. Check out the intro and the "3x5 Theatre", and no it doesn't refer to Trowa and Wufei ^^;; She's got neato fanart, and the funniest chara descriptions I've seen yet *grins*

-Last Impression-A Gundam Wing Page-
*grins* Great Fanart, DJ translations, lyrics, quotes, and a lot more ^_^

Notebooks and Pencils...and Sometimes Rulers: mbp's GW comics page
In case you couldn't tell by my rather sparse fanart links ^^;; I don't get the chance to flip through fanart sites much.. but this is a *must* see site!! Features fanart, djs all 1+2 plus she's super nice ~.^ Go say hi!

The Tale of Neko Wufei
figbash's page! She has fics and various other fanart, not to mention other fun stuff on her page, but she's best known for her neko wufei online dj *huge grin* Such fun~! ^^

Baby Pen Works
Baby Pen's page! Gorgeous drool worthy pictures in b/w and cg... and other mediums which I know nothing about ^^;; Go there lots of times and watch the Heero strip XD

Cloud 9
Pko-chan truly does justice to the name of her site. XD kakkoi~! GW, original, and everything else in between. Me? I'm partial to the duo piccies ^_^_^_^_^

GW Fanfiction

Dark Dreams
*sweatdrop* yet another move for tro... Her fan stuff is at Eye of the Peacock but ya can't miss the other stuff she's got either *grins*

-Syx's hanger for chaos and mayhem-
Crossovers, Team II, Ranma *O_O* need I say more? Nag the cowgirl for more!

-Uru-chan's Lair of Licentiousness-
Woo~~ Has a *great* 1x2 angsty series in the works *blinks innocently* and she's staying in the GW world for a while *grins* Don't let her fool you, it isn't my fault!!

-Gundam Wing: Maxwell's Demon and More-
M. Hydra has a whole slew of wonderful series in the works *grins* Go and visit!

-Gundam Wing on Acid-
Another wonderful page featuring scans and fics, ranging from humorous to light angst. Mostly Heero and Duo *cheers*

-Home: Where the Heart is-
New and updated~! Lots of _great_ series, one shots, artwork, guest archives, link to Stargem's loverly stuff and @_@ psychotic bunnies.... *snickers*

-Jaeny's Place-
*glomps Jaeny* She's got great fics, some of 'em not posted on her site as of yet, guest archives, a shrine to Kokyou-sama *_* and lots 'o other neat stuff *grins* Mail and nag her for fics ^^ Bribes of pocky are, of course, acceptable ~.^

Gundam Wing Addiction
yay! Found the page again after its move to a new location. Tyr~ think ya can run from meeeee? *slightly weird* oh yeah ^^ 's a huuuge and growing (updated nearly daily) gw fic archive! woohoo ^^

Wufei no MIko's Itsy Bitsy Wufei Shrine
Like you don't know this site already ~.^ Featuring Wufei... finally wubaby some justice for ya... doujinshi scans, one of the best fanfics around (though you do need an aesth. password to access them), links, and well... a lot of stuff ^_^

The Shadowlands
Wondeful site with two huge ongoing series. *grins* Nag and be sure to mail her to continue both (kya~ Anita Blake and ass kicking new original g girls ^^ fun fun stuff yet again)

Intoxicated Love
An absolutely gorgeous gw archive, mad eye candy! (dear gods did I just use the word mad? *sweatdrops*), and the nicest possible person to talk to. ^^ Go visit, stay a while, contribute, sign an entry or three ~.^ You know the drill.

Hachi Mitsu's Hidden Cache 4.0
A simply *gorgeous* site with all sorta nifty doodads of html'ing and err... other 'ing which I am at lack to explain. Do check out her fanfics (esp. the running series) *grins* ... of course nagging is *implicitly* implied ne? ^_^;

Dreamscape Studios, Ltd.
Lovely fanfics (Check out the one crossover with Anne Bishop's books) and very spiffy page... go drool over the fanfics though *_* Ve~ry nice 1x2 hookups and characterizations *grins*

Itsuki's World
Can't believe it took me this long... >.< But anyway, gorgeous fanfiction - sometimes set to song, more often than not to poetry, sometimes fic along. Any which way they're presented... well it's a treat to read any of them ^_^ Very different, me likes *mucho* much ^^

Lone Wolf's Gundam Page
Well same goes -_- Can't believe it took me this long ^^;; But anyway - excellent stuff. He writes many different genres, and you definitely won't regret checking this site out ^^ (Something tells me you probably have though...)

GW Fanfiction
ehe... Didn't quite know how to title this one. Two *excellent* on going gw series, frequent updates. These are the types of fics you stay up all night trying to finish reading *g*

MaiSieuPhong's Page
Another fantastic writer. L2 Box and its sequels are must reads, and she's branching out into other series *g*

Nitid's GW Yaoi Fanfic Recs
I should probably put this under general. Firstly, this is a HUGE rec archive of gw fics - almost all of them 1x2. It's also an excellent writing resource - of both fanfiction and fiction. It's just a huge site, and you can spend several days there without getting bored *g*

a little piece of gundam wing
Another super gw fic site. It has both hosted and recc'ed fics. Dacia, who runs the site, is no slouch at fic writing herself. I reccomend 'very' and 'duoman'.

counting for lunatics
*g* This is an absolutely hilarious site. Check out their numbers and counting system to see what I mean.

Other Anime


-Ranma Fanfic Archive-
A HUGE archive of Ranma fics ^_^ Down often... *sigh*

-Renee-chan's Hearthfire-
I love her FY fics! Of course they feature Nuri-chan *grins*

-Firecat Fanfics-
You *must* visit this site. 'm sure you're familiar with her *wonderful* on-going Clamp fics. But she's also written FY and GW stuff *_*

Slayers: Beacon of Light Amidst Darkness
I love this Slayers site!! I am all for the Lina and Zelgadiss couple ^_^ Gomen but Gourry, sweet and heroic as he is, just doesn't do it for me, and no, Xelloss, as awesome and worship worthy he is... nope, Lina and Zelgadiss v^_^v

Crossover Corner
Yet another great site which for some reason I didn't link before hand ^^;; eeps... Did I mention how I adore crossovers? Got a fix for 'em like me? She'll hook ya up!

Gensomaden Saiyuki Fan Archive
Pretty eye candy combined with lovely fanart, not to mention oodles of fanfiction. Run by the inestimably talented and multi directionally stretched Atropa Belladonna *g*

Secret Diaries of Cassandra Claire
If you haven't been here before, you have no idea what you're missing. ^_^ Absolutely dizzying journals 'authored' by the characters of the LotR movies themselves, you will swear you're reliving the movie again. *g* Dammit, Legolas *is* the prettiest one of them all - even a pervy Sam fancier like myself must admit it. ~.^


*grins* A wonderful place to go if you're in the mood for random bishounen/biseinen art ^_^ Professional I do believe, and thanx Maki for pointing it out to me ~_^

Winamp Skins

-Wai Wai Anime Skins!-
Woohoo!! Gorgeous, gorgeous anime skins ^^ Some of my very favorites are on this site ^_^ Now only if someone would make some GW yaoi ones... ^____^;;

-Ragabash's Skins Page-
Not the actual title of the site ^^;; But I don't know what else to call it *sweatdrops* Lovely, lovely Clamp skins as well as from other anime series *_* My favorite's the Vampire Princess Miyu one.... suteki....

Mia's Winamp Skins
I love winamp skins ^_^ This one has Violinist of Hamelin skins!! Yesh~!!!! ^^;; Who me? Psycho? kekeke.. never say so.. *sweatdrops*


The Death Clock
Feeling lucky? See when thou shalt kick the proverbial bucket *nodsnods*... I'm feeling *coughs* unlucky - almost all of these test, whether on line or the dinky little fingerprinting machines you get to try for a quarter at the malls indicate that I should get my affairs in order... quickly... -_-

Z & D Korean - America
~And for any Koreans out there~ Awesome site, d/l stuff is a pain in an unmentionable place for wedgies BUT has articles and lots 'o stuff for us konglish type ppl ^^

Sanity Test
I think skippy showed this site to me *snickers* any which way ^^;; It's a test of your sanity... I scored pretty damned high... somewhere in the 80s think.. which is good... I think.. *lol* if you're looking for insanity ^_^;


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