I should really be studying for finals *sighs* oh well v^^ silly songfic alert *grins*

Duo: *huge googly chibi eyes* waaaaaah you've forgotten about us already????
rei: *eyes chibi* hmm.... *goes chibi herself* *glomps him* I'd never forget you!!!
Heero: *rolls eyes* Baka.  That's a *good* thing.
Duo: *goes back to normal* Oh yeah.... *walks off*
rei: *left on floor alone and still chibi* *sniffs* *spots rukawa and hanamichi and runs after them as fast as her chibi legs will carry her* Waii waiii waiii!!

kays ^^ this is on the premise that.. the Shohoku team and Anzai sensei is in America, NY to be more specific for vacation ^_^

Don't Worry Be Happy - SD Style



**Here's a little song I wrote
**You might want to sing it note for note

Setting:  Coney Island

A tall semi handsome American starts flirting with a non receptive Ayako.  He's laughing and making bad jokes while she simply looks disgusted and gets ready to whip out her trusty paper fan set on stun.

Ryota jump kicks him in the head, half eaten corn dog clenched in mouth.   He proceeds to beat the ever loving crap out of the stunned fellow.   Ayako protests half heartedly... then notices that the American came with buddies.

**Don't worry, be happy

Anzai sensei tries some cotton candy.

**In every life we have some trouble
**But when you worry you make it double

They're big.

They're mean.

They dog pile on Ryota.

Sakuragi, too busy attempting to feed a disgusted Rukawa raw oysters with some tabasco sauce liberally sprayed on top, doesn't notice.  The other boy refuses the food simply by pressing his lips together and turning his head to the side.  Laughing hysterically at Rukawa's childish antics, not to mention at having found a weak point in the fox's armor, and conveniently forgetting his own bully tactics, the red head pinches Rukawa's nostrils together and waits, poised for him to gasp for air.  The blue eyed rookie is looking none too happy at this treatment and his fists start to ball up while his face turns the same color as his eyes.

Then Sakuragi notices Ryota's predicament, or rather he notices Ayako screaming Ryota's name, a few choice curses, and her vigorous beating of the pile up with her fan, as well as Ryota's sneaker clad foot and leg sticking out from under the pile up.  He lets out a roar and leaps into the fray, head first, quite literally actually, performing a splendid pile drive onto the whole mess, never mind that Ryota's still at the bottom, and grabs the nearest available head and butts it.

Then he throws the body off.

He does this again and again until only one wheezing Shohoku point guard is left at the bottom.

**Don't worry, be happy

Anzai sensei samples some beer battered onion rings dipped in ranch sauce.

**Don't worry, be happy now
**Don't worry, be happy.

Kogure, who has been earnestly trying to convince a disbelieving Mitsui that the roller coaster is perfectly safe, never mind the groaning and creaking noises it makes every time the wheels shift, notices the fight as well.  Mitsui, also glancing over at the distraction with something approaching relief, bursts out into laughter.

Hanamichi, despite having a goon attached around his neck, another around his head, two per leg, and one hanging off his left arm is steadily making progress towards Rukawa.  The dozing first year is being flirted with by the same American boy who had failed to strike a spark with Ayako.  Rukawa, having mastered the time honored skill of sleeping with his eyes open thanks to Hanamichi's tendency to bother him awake when his eyes were closed, doesn't notice.

Miyagi is trying to comfort Ayako who insists she's fine.

**Don't worry, be happy

Anzai sensei sips some freshly squeezed lemonade.

**Don't worry, be happy.
**Don't worry, be happy.

Kogure makes his way over there, albeit with a large sweatdrop over his head, his glasses glinting in determination.  Mitsui still chuckling, rubs at the scar on his chin and goes to help his friend.  Instead of calming the fight however, Kogure worsens it by accidentally stepping on one of the goon's hands.  Mitsui comes to the rescue, and the fight grows bigger as random passersby are caught up in the excitement, not to mention picked up and thrown around like live ammo.

Hanamichi, by this time, has thrown off all his unexpected hitchhikers with his trademark King Kong 'otouto' (1) yell of triumph TM.  He proceeds to headbutt the offender.


And again.

And again.

And again.

And would've gone in for the kill if Akagi hadn't come back from buying souvenirs for Haruko.  He spots his team in the middle of the fight and a nerve throb roughly the size of Kansas appears on his forehead.  He has the Forbidding Look of Imminent Head Bashing.  The Shohoku team, taking one glance at him, exchange knowing looks with one another, with the exception of the glassy eyed Rukawa, and make a run for it.  Hanamichi tucking the fox under one arm like a football.  Anzai sensei and Ayako are left staring at the rapidly shrinking large dust cloud which is the Shohoku starting line up and the smaller dust cloud which is said Shohoku starting line up's captain.

A long silence passes.

Ayako tries some of Anzai sensei's onion rings.

**Ain't got no place to lay your head
**Somebody came and took your bed

It is further along on their vacation and a certain self proclaimed tensai who shall go unnamed has forgotten to reserve their rooms for another week.  So they are left on the streets, with their suitcases, to hoof it around the city looking for somewhere to stay.

Hanamichi is rather subdued, partially because everytime he complains Akagi slams his head but also with the realization that no bed equals no nookie.  Rukawa is complacently shuffling along, letting others guide him around such obstacles as lamp posts, fire hydrants, small children, and large trucks.

**Don't worry, be happy

Anzai sensei tries a hot dog with everything on it from a vendor booth.

**The landlord say your rent is late
**He may have to litigate

Exhausted, the boys attempt to sleep along the benches of Central Park.  Around 1 am, a patrol officer comes around and wakes them all up.  He awakens Rukawa, who immediately stands up, gives his usual 'I forgive no one who disturbs my sleep' speech,  and slugs the officer.

They all make a run for it, a very unhappy police officer on the ground clutching his jaw.

**Don't worry, be happy

Anzai sensei, on his way out from purchasing a cold cut sub with pickles, notices his team streaming past him.  He trots after them.

**Look at me -- I'm happy. Don't worry, be happy
**Here I give you my phone number. When you worry, call me
**I make you happy. Don't worry, be happy

A somewhat sympathetic Japanese tourist gives them the number of a cheap and vacant motel they can use.  Finally, the rest of their vacation can resume.

They decide to go for a stroll along Fifth Avenue, taking in the different shops.  Two words:  Nike Store.  The boys are in seventh heaven at the wall to wall sneakers, the brand merchandise, hanging autographed pictures and knicknacks of their favorite baseball players.  They all spread out to different spots in the store.

Mitsui and Kogure check out the watches, gawking at the prices.

Anzai sensei looks over the polo t shirts.

Ayako looks over the bathing suit collection, with a hovering Miyagi behind her, ever watchful.

Akagi searches for the perfect shirt that won't rip when he performs his infamous Gorilla Dunks.

Rukawa and Hanamichi have an argument as to which shoes would be better for the court.  They start throwing the sample shoes set out at each other, eventually deciding fist to face/fist to body was much more satisfactory.  They two are of course kicked out by the security guards.  Ayako cheerily calls for them to meet at the Disney Store down the street.

The two bruised and battered boys, now content to walk together companionably though giving each other a shove once in a while, enter the pastel and sparkly world that is Disney.

They stare.

**Ain't got no cash, ain't got no style
**Ain't got no gal to make you smile

Hanamichi promptly sticks a pink Winnie the Pooh cap over Rukawa's head.  The hat is obviously too small and just.... sits there propped up on the boy's head.  Sakuragi decides its the funniest thing he's ever seen, well aside from that one time the boy managed to fall asleep whilst eating spaghetti, and promptly sticks a pair of mouse ears on Rukawa as well.

The dark haired boy, never one to take things lying down - even sleeping, returns the favor by grabbing a set of Tinker Bell wings and attaching them around the laughing boy's ears.  It doesn't help that a pair of giggling little girls point and calls Hanamichi, Dumbo.  He may not know who Dumbo is, but he certainly understands the word dumb.

They glare at each other, air practically sizzling between them.

When a large furry duck, better known as Donald Duck, pushes between them and starts gesticulating wildly.  He places a lollipop in both boys' hands.  Sakuragi, who has a notorious sweet tooth, forgets about the imminent fight to indulge in the candy.  The waddling blue clad avian wipes away false sweatdrops and pats Rukawa on the back.

Only somehow the feathery hand ends up brushing against the tall boy's behind.

Sakuragi notices.

And proceeds to pluck the duck.

**Don't worry, be happy

Anzai sensei happily purchasing his authentic coca cola bottles in green glass bottles stares out the window and notices his boys being chased by an irate, half way plucked duck.  He decides to buy a couple of sodas for them as well - they'll be thirsty later on.

**'Cause when you worry your face will frown
**And that will bring everybody down

Akagi has finally tracked down the two boys and proceeds to give them a through lecture, complete with fist crashes for emphasis, on decorum.  He orders them to never ever pluck a duck again.  Then he realizes how ridiculous his order his and gathers his dignity about him, like a gorilla slipped on a banana peel, and orders them to move on to the next location.

FAO Schwartz.

**Don't worry, be happy

Anzai sensei has found heaven in the candy factory upstairs, with over 2 dozen different flavors of Jelly Bellies and about the same amount of different covered M&M candied shells.

**Don't worry, don't worry, don't do it
**Be happy. Put a smile on your face

Akagi, with a huge nerve throb over his forehead, is having his picture taken, at the insistence of several small children and their worried parents next to a real scale stuffed gorilla doll.  He doesn't look too happy, but not as unhappy as he would knowing Ayako and Miyagi both sneaked a picture as well.  It would soon be posted on the Shohoku bulletin board upon their return.

The caption?

Shohoku's basketball team finds long lost relatives.

And until he finds out precisely *who* took the picture, the rest of the team, even the ones who didn't go to America, have to run 5 extra laps every day.

Everyone agrees it was worth it though.

Mitsui and Hanamichi are wreaking havoc on the first floor trying out the sneakers which actually double as a pair of blades.  Never having bladed before, the two are somewhat unsteady on their feet.

They accidentally knock over a huge display case of furbies, crushing a local group of elementary children with cries of Fzzzz, twerblebobble, greeeeeeee....


Actually they land on the bouncing balls display, the huge ones which are up to the size of a person's waist, and bounce around helplessly for a while before recovering their balance if not their dignity.

Mitsui and Ayako got pictures of that too.


Feared jocks defeated by a bunch of balls.

Rukawa had somehow managed to wander into the basement level of the Barbie showroom and was unable to find himself out.  The team later found him curled at the feet of a life sized Barbie Prom Queen, asleep.

They couldn't resist.

The picture posted to the board this time was Rukawa draped in a pink satin and lace dress, complete with dainty gloves, barely fitting over his large hands.  His dark hair was crowned with a rhinestone and sparkling crown, and a Miss Japan banner was casually laid out next to him.


Beauty Queen Super Rookie.

Though of course Hanamichi protested violently against that caption, the super rookie part not the beauty queen part.  He was pacified with a copy of the photo, which he promptly blew up into a life sized poster and hung it right next to his Michael Jordan poster.

His parents didn't ask.

Kogure ended up in the Star Wars laser display upstairs where a Darth Maul character had challenged him to a duel.  He was putting up an impressive defense.

The fearsome twosome does it again.


Obi wan Kogure.

Mitsui later bought him the lightsaber which the shorter boy seemed so fond of.  But only on the condition that Kogure too would grow out a little braid.

**Don't bring everybody down
**Don't worry. It will soon pass, whatever it is

The Shohoku team are later on the perennial tourist favorite - the Circle Line.  It's night time, and everyone is tired.  Hanamichi and Rukawa alternate between slugfest '00 and make out o rama '00.  Everyone else has pretty much learned to ignore them by this time and eventually the two settle down after deciding that slam dunking one another into the cold Hudson Bay wouldn't help anything.

Kogure and Mitsui stay inside the ship, sitting next to each other on the benches, their heads nodding off as they lean against each other, Kogure still clutching the lightsaber.

Miyagi and Ayako watch the twinkling lights of the harbor in a quiet moment of friendship.

Akagi is busily buying Pepto Bismol and Tums as fast as he can to Anzai sensei who is turning a trifle green due to the food consumed and the bobbing of the waves.

**Don't worry, be happy
**I'm not worried, I'm happy...

Haruko smiled as she received the postcard from her ani.  They were due back in a few weeks, and the picture showed them fully rested and eager to start the next season.  She was so happy for them. Though she had missed them, the vacation was just what they needed.

Though one has to wonder how Haruko san got the idea that they were fully rested from the picture sent.

It showed the boys at Washington Square Park.  Hanamichi and Mitsui had ganged up on Miyagi and grabbed him by ankles and hands and were heaving him into the fountain located at the center of the park.  Rukawa was nearby dozing, and Ayako, with a smirk on her face, had a hand out ready to push him in.  Anzai sensei, with Akagi apparently trying to block the older man from buying food, was attempting to pay the vendor for some ice cream.  Kogure was trying to talk the police officers from arresting the entire team.


Otouto means younger brother and ani means older brother

whew -_- way longer than I thought it'd be and I hope it was fun~ *typed it up in one hour* v^^ Yosha! off to study for finals!!

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