Irasshai minna to my sadly tiny tribute to the wunnerous world of Slam Dunk. In case you came in w/o seeing the warnings from the main page - this is a YAOI friendly page, don't know what it is? Check here for info. ^_^ Also check out the disclaimers and such about who owns what and how broke I am. ^^;
This page will feature mostly fics, maybe some scans from artbooks, cards, manga, etc. v^^ My favorite charas are Sakuragi and Rukawa. Together. ^^ so ^_^ . . .
Enjoy! ~reishin

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-Neko Neko-
A kitty stakes her claim . . . ^^ A one shot fic that can stand alone but~~~ will be part of something bigger than itself o.O err.. a longer hanaru fic rather *grins* My first completed sd fic!! Waii waiii waii~~~ *_*

-Don't Worry Be Happy SD Style-
*grins* a silly spontaneous sd fic which ponders the question what would the sd cast be like as tourists?

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