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--Sweet Bean Buns aka Relena's Guide to Bagging a Gundam Pilot--
*snickers* The first part to an absolutely insane type series imho ^^ Hilarious stuff~! Please, remember to take the time to mail her, ne? She needs encouragement!! aka nagging to write more GW stuff ^^ *coughs* And this has nothing to do with the fact that -I- wanna see more by her ^^;; Really...

Part 1 | Part 2

--Living the Nightmare--
A 1x3 trilogy fic ^_^ Not your typical fic... Who's the real power behind the relationship *sweatdrop* 'm so bad at descriptions.. but do read and remember to mail her!!!

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

--Hey There Ladies!--
Yay another fic by alex! This one's focusing on the various fighting games out there. I don't know most of these charas but... I never play games much ^^;; Still funny for me.... Must be funnier for those in the know T_T....

Fanart by Alex


--Vision Quest--
This is such a hard fic to describe . . . It's a Quatre centred fic and an absolute incredible read. Something jae-chan started nearly a year ago and finished just this month *grins* Well worth the wait!! And all I gotta say is damn can this girl write. *grins*

--Black Blades--
Trowa gets his come-uppance. . . Sort of a black comedy, what if sort of fic. Oi, I think this fits jist fine in the original GW timeline. *flips through artbooks* And all of them say Duo's specialty is knives. . . .

A bittersweet fic ^^ Duo returns to L2 (you -do- know what happened there ne? Episode Zero?)

--A Comedy of Errors--
*grins* Who sez the lady can't do comedy? There is a mild Relena and non yaoi warning ^^;; BUT its a positively evil/poor Heero/ROFL fic ^_^ Sort of like a love triangle anime/yaoi style.. Heh.

--Issac on the Altar--
This is... an incredible fic ^_^ Another lovely gem by Jae-chan *grins* Not something you should read on a bad day, but... *shakes head* just read the fic, and pleeease remember to mail ne, minna? Feedback is *always* appreciated ^^

--Just Teasing--
Oi, Jae-chan! Who said you couldn't do humor? ~_^ Comments? Justice is served *grins* Fic features Wufei and Duo *cheers*

--3 am--
Yet another *great* fic by Jae-chan ^_^ Something along the lines of "Simple Pleasures", only its Duo and Trowa this time.
This fic won the Nanashi '99 Best Non Yaoi award! Yes you can click ^_^

--Ghost in the Machine--
The spirit of a certain gundam reflects on his pilot... or something like that ^_^ Go read!!

--Simple Pleasures--
Duo teaches Heero to relax... Waaahh.. I'm so bad at describing things *sweatdrop* Just go read it!  If'n you don't like it.. I'll shave m'self bald ^_^


--Chibi Talking Quatre--
*cackles* A challenge on one of the GWML's leads to this hilarious spoof of the Twilight Zone. Who knew dolls could be so evil? ^^;; *nervously eyes her 100+ stuffed animals* Ehehehe...

--Karaoke Night--
Pwahahaha...Duo and Heero go for a little relaxation at a karaoke bar.. and guess who shows up? Plus a special cameo ^_^


--Through Eyes of Death
An excellent character fic!!... It switches p.o.v. from... ^_^ sore wa himitsu desu ^_^ Just read it!!

--Dear God--
Another excellent GW fic!  This one's my b-day present *happy sigh*.... Well *sweatdrop*.. sort of ^^ Focusing on Duo and Heero of course *blinks innocently*

--Wedded to Insanity--
Kyahahaha!! The wonderfully hilarious gw/yyh crossover, a side story to my Insanity series *grins* Read it and nag for more~~ Where else can you find insane YYH and GW fanfic writers joining for the sake of chaos ^^

Part 1

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