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Last Updated: 10.09.02

*rubs hands* lots of things.

The page is closed until further notice. All in progress fics will probably be put up for adoption, except the self inserts obviously *g*.

I really do apologize. However, nothing was being updated, nothing was being written, and well... *claps hands*

Everything will be kept up exactly as is until I decide what to do with everything. The page will probably reopen with less of a gw focus with more of a I don't know exactly what *g* Vanity page maybe? *rolls eyes*

The hotmail addy is dead. Send all comments and questions to ppikupanda @ aol.com.

It's been a wonderful run, people. *massive glomp* Three years with the page and going on 5 years with the fandom, I doubt I'll leave all together.


Nothing new ^_^ However, I did upload emoticons and re html'ed two fics so that they make more sense. More specifically, Heads Will Roll and Red Queen. *g* So go read them over again, and this time they'll make more sense! Or not cause those two are my crack babies *sniffles* Yes they are, yes they are ^^

In other news? My scanner is scanning black holes and I can't figure out why *shrugs* c'est la vie.

In random news? It's my b day in 10 days! woohoo... another year older *shudders*


cleaned up more dead fics that I don't plan on finishing *g* and added a new fic - don't take it too seriously ne? In other news... i'm so old...................


Cleaned up links, updated old urls, culled ones that haven't been updated in quite a bit, and added a few new ones. ^_^ Now I'm going to go indulge in chocolate mint ice cream.


Well, I did it ^_^ I've been thinking about doing it, and I did it XD. I'm so proud of myself. I deleted the fics that I particularly disliked. As I would wince and turn away if it was something coming along the street in front of me. On second thought, I would just as well shove it into on coming traffic. With a 2x4 *sighs* Now that that's off my mind ^_^ It's not as if the fics were bad fics... well some of it was... it was just blah. It only existed to take up space in my mind or something like that.

Grab/view tsumugi uta if you haven't done so cause it'll be gone in about a week or so. I might update with another scan of doujinshi - but just like this one, it won't be a full scan... and it'll probably be partially translated. Anyone interested? ~.^

Lessee... I'm really really really tempted to delete more fics, but I'll restrain myself =p for now. GFK is coming along verra well ^^ I'm keeping the poll up, and though it was pretty even, I'm keeping self insertion in to a very minimum. Though really ^^;; I'm a wordy person and well -_-... Duo as a Tooth Fairy. <=--- Thought for the day.

Other than that ^^v I shall see everyone soon ^^


Please take the poll, or quizlette or what have you, to help me decide what to do about Gundam Flavored Kisses ^^;; I'm not too sure about the self insertion in that fic, if people mind it, want less of it, what have you ^_^

Eheheh... and I'm glad people enjoy the doujinshi but please don't kill my bandwidth -_- It's all I have, and I've raised it and nurtured it from whence it was but a hatchling of a bandwidth.

2.20.02 later that day...

All right XD I'm soooo proud of myself =p Html'ed the weiss kreuz ficcy, it's on the miscellanous section of my fic page, there are two parts to it so far ^^ Also uploaded the short short silly gw fic. And ummm... finished translating the rest of that 6x2 doujinshi whihc is also uploaded ^^ Tee hee. I just finished the sequel to the saiyuki fic, little red riding ho, so expect to see that up here within the week ^^ lol now I must do more stuff *flexes all mighty fingers* yeah baby XD


Wow ^^;; Happy err. Solar New Year, and Happy Lunar New Year, everyone ^-^!!! I hope the new year finds everyone in excellent and hentai health XD There is not much new fruit that has yielded this update ^^... only bits and pieces of fic seem to bludgeon itself against my brain, and I really don't think a paragraph of new material in about 8 or so new fics/parts justify being put up ^^;; I do have 2 short pieces which I shall html and put up in a week or so. But for now I have a part of a doujinshi up (the first ten pages), a new livejournal, and more sims pics ^^

The doujinshi is here. It'll only be up for two months or so, and it contains explicit sex scenes, not to mention containing mostly Zechs/Duo (although it begins and ends with Heero and Duo as a couple). Only the first ten pages are up and translated (sort of). The rest will be up tomorrow.

The new sims stuff is in the sims gallery in the miscellaneous page. XD For full details please visit my livejournal. There's also a link in the little framey at the bottom. XD XD I shall hopefully see y'all soon ^^


Hello everyone. Wow. There's so much that went on. September started beautifully with a trip to Yaoi con where I met the absolute best gw and yaoi fans.

September 11 then hit. I was sleeping in that day; I didn't have work. My older sister woke me up, and I turned on the television just in time to see the second plane hit. My sister and I watched as the buildings burst into flame and then collapsed one by one. It was unreal and horrible. All day we stayed in front of the television. There's a feeling of helplessness. None of us had medical experience. We kept vigil; we lit candles; we donated blood. There was nothing left for us to do.

It's strange - religion. All over people turned to religion. Churches, synagogues, mosques, cathedrals... A horrific act which, theoretically at least, started with religion had everyone scrambling for it. I'm not particularly religious myself. It was a little bit disorientating to see people turning towards it. What was it? Faith that this was part of a larger scheme? Just something I thought about for a good long while.

Symbolism. The Pentagon, the twin towers. Targets that were symbols of American *prosperity* and nationalism. Symbolism is everywhere in the white candles that we light, in the ny skyline that's left with a gaping hole, in the eerie picture of fireman putting up the american flag at ground zero (scarily reminiscent of iwo jima), american flags, signs of god bless america...

It's strange. Last week we were living in a situation similar to a war zone. I live pretty close to NY so we could hear the fire sirens, the police cars, the ambulances. It was sensory overload. We could smell the smoke blowing in from NY; see the stacks of grey smoke rise; hear the f-16s rumble low in the skies. All the stores were closed; everything was locked up tight as if we were under a policed state. It was bizarre and scary. I went to NY this week. Some places needed picture ids to get into. Policemen were *everywhere* as were the ny troops and national guard reserves. My dad works for a limo service in ny. Three of his clients are missing. This week he's been driving familes of the missing people from hospital to hospital and to shelters looking for their missing daughters, sons, parents, siblings. They're all from Japan; the home company paid for their trip, hotel stay and translators.

I just needed to get that off my chest. the links page has been fixed (links added, revised, deleted). One new gw fic has been added. Needless to say the fics have been sadly neglected *sighs* Most of them were humor fics (natch). I need to get away from the tv and radio... but it's hard not to be drawn to it. Kore ga mitai will probably get a makeover and huge additions. Maybe I'll do some more translations as well. *hugs everyone* Be strong, guys.


*g* Two fics - one gw and one not (saiyuki to be specific) Both are weird little head trips which are meant to be funny, and both have Language.

Yes, I am a foul mouthed little bird - and the first person to point out this inexcusably lame pun will get... I don't know *sighs* ^^;

I meant to get a bunch of stuff up but eh.. what can I say - I found I had a trojan worm virus T_T since friggin' DECEMBER and then it wouldn't allow me to access *any* sites about it >.<

Anyone else going to yaoi con? XDXD Mail me! Let's get together~ yeah yeah yeah ^^


*grins* nothing much - expect manga and book reviews by later this week. Do check out figgy's page in the link section; she's finished neko wufei! Also watch for non gw fics by the half bushel, and what not.

For now, there is nothingness... except the account of shoujocon!!! in .txt form cause I don't feel like html'ling right now ^_^ Went with figgy, younger sis and it was fabooo~! *g*

Link here - https://spndxmiko.tripod.com/shoujocon.txt

And the rough draft/teaser to a wk fic I've been working on v^^ HERE

wait for more ~nja!


Wahaha ^^ updates! I'm getting better about them *smirks* Two new fics, and a new link ^^ The second part to the Wish/gw fusion and the sequel to "chibi's mating habits". A go~~~rgeous new fan art site for your appraisal. And my b day's in less than a week XDXDXDXD

Anyone going to shoujo con or yaoi con? mwahah ^^ see ya there!


*grins* No new fics, although I am mostly done with Wish 2... Instead I present to thee, my fellow gw yaoi fans..., a photo gallery like no other *smirks* The picture download time's a pain in the ass, but hey XD well worth it. Just check it out on the random page here

April 18, 2001

Yup a new design and shiny purple and white... stuff T_T. It's sort of blah imo... but everything loads much faster and it looks a bit neater >.< I think. Figgy introduced me to a lovely series called Saiyuki (journey to the west... extreme.. whatever *g*) Duo's seiyuu *yes*...! Drool drool ^^

*g* Lots of new things... Didn't we have fun when Tripod deleted all those lovely pages (not to mention angelfire, lycos, etc.) I think angelfire is *still* deleting pages as a matter of fact *shrugs*

Hmm... uru turned over far off dawn webring to me.. cause she don't wanna deal with it any more so -_-

Fics! Yes, I do have fics ^_^ So there. As for gw fics - We have one vidfic (She loves you), One comedy fic (To be a Bitch). More to come ^_^

New linkies! New pages! The awards and gifts page ^^. New faq! New ml I joined! mwahaha... My birthday is in less than a month o.O oi oi oi !!!

New stuff hopefully soon? ^_^; We'll see? This update was actually pretty.. fast *g*

March 1, 2001

Hisashiburi minna! Oi long time no *nuthin* eh? ^^;; Long periods of extreme nothingness punctuated by short spurts of frantic activity... hmmm... Anyhoot ^^ Hope everyone enjoyed their break, holidays, and new year? *sweatdrops* The entire thing just passed~~ me~ by~~~~ BUT! And that's a big but ~.^ Not to mention being sick for a few months or so *ahem*

Happy Asian New Year~!!

*beams* *cheers* A few fics (Three short comedy ficlets), a teaser (for Insanity 5!!) and hmm... I think that's it ^^ Expect more soon ... no really!! ^^;;(An awards and gift page -____- and ah.. s'mother stuff too) And I won a Nanashi award for Best Comedy ^^, neat~o *grins* I s'ppose that's it 'nd I'll see all o' ya soon! Yakusoku, yakusoku ^^

November 18, 2000

Oops I lied ^_^ *snickers* Not two g boy spotting updates, but three~! Yay ^^ Go check 'em out, sorry bout the poor quality of the b/w scans though *sigh* My scanner hates b/w scans o.O... I'll probably be adding one or two more scans from two spotting as well ^^ Hmm... no new fics, but a chibi songfic is halfway done *evil evil grin* Plus the sequel to "Chibi's Mating Habits' is being much plotted on so yay *grins* Hn. Maybe g boy spotting should be put on a separate page? ^^;; Oh you can find them here . Gee, I've been *active* in updating lately =p

November 14, 2000

Nothing new really... Added, removed, revised? links ^^ Whilst doing this kyaaa~! Noticed that Denise is finally back on line (of the Den!) so go check her new stuff out 'nd nag *evil grin*

Oh... and I sorta reorganized my fanfic page into some semblance of order ^^;;;;; Oldest fics are at the bottom (org. by category) and newest ones are on top *sweatdrops* So you can check out how worse my fics got =p.. or at least how much *wordier* they got.. man I gotta trim down on my writing ^^;;

Ah well... g boy spottings still to come, mildly revised version of one fic, and um.. I dunno.. whatevelse pops into my head? XD Ja!!

November 9, 2000

*grrrrins* Another update which didn't take five million kazillion bazillion years <---mildly hyper *sweatdrops* Two new one shot comedy fics yay ^^ a~nd one new semi angsty songfic *sweatdrops* HERE~! Plus the update ml I made on total whim has received part 1a rough draft for "The Ghost and Mr Yuy" so yay *grins*... Expect at least 2 g boy spottings and more fics later XD woohoo!

October 20, 2000

Again *waves* no fic *sweatdrops* Ho~wever *grins* An update list has been set up on egroups (check out the index and main page to subscribe) for those of you who wanted to know when the page'll be updated ^^v

Did I mention I'm a redhead now? *snickers* With BRIGHT red highlights kekeke, who wants black hair anyway? >p asians so suck being born with the same color head as everyone else -_- not to mention the same color eyes *sighs*

And the Nanashi (gw fic contest) contest is open for submission! So nominate your favorite authors before the deadline (sometime next month) xD The link's on my link page... somewhere ^^;

October 19, 2000

*beams* hallo ^^ ooh an update in one week, ain't I proud? *evil grin* Anyways ^^ no new gw fics (but I am halfway done with wish 2 and am warily contemplating a pokemon fic *kekeke*) Dusted off my manga and finally re installed my scanner software ^^ I bring joyous tidings of a g boy spotting #3 *snickers* Check it out here *grins* Later ppl!

One midterm down one more to go... plus I got an A on a paper that was 2 pages too short and had no thesis *beams* ain't I a lucky booger? .... on a sidenote, epyon (the /144) model's butt plates keep falling off *sniggers*......

October 12, 2000

Later that day

eheheheheheheheh *gives up and goes into full blown lunatic laugh* *coughs* Anyhoot ^^ no sleep for 48 hours, you know how it goes... Yet another update! Fixed some links and added other, go check it out! Oh and I fiddled with the index page a bit.. definitely plain but it'll have to do until I re install the software for both scanner and photoshop ^^;; sorry~! Oh and one new fic ici The next part to gfk part 6 I do believe *grins* I think I'll work on some pokemon fics and a long promised gw/kodomo no omocha one shot v^^ Have fun!

October 12, 2000
First off.. *sweatdrops* Sorry about that totally unnecessary rant down below *points* Y'all probably know more about my life than you wanted to *grins* Second off...

Actual fic updates!

Yas *snickers* I thought that deserved a single line all its own. Considering I have a paper due in 7 hours which I haven't even read the material for much less started... umm.. what was I saying? ^^;;

Two new ones shots in the you serious category (Change of Heart, and Untitled <--- anyone got a title for it?), one new part to the vampire g boys bit (scroll down for part 2) and one new fic (Wufei's Guide to dating) in the parody section, one new series fic (GW/Wish) in the series section. Whew! 's all... More to come - this surge of udpate is actually the newest fics I've been working on - need to type up the older ones soon ^^;;

Isn't it strange how I finished none of the teasers I put up =p I should really know better by now... ah well, enjoy!! *coughs* if there *is* anyone still visiting after such a long time ^^;;;;

Oh yeah - my icq number has changed to 94268821 I forgot the password to the original - having the puter reformatted will do that to you *sweatdrops* So anyone with me on their list, please change it accordingly ^^ thankies.

August 20, 2000

See reishin in may, working to answer 300+ email piled up during finals and term papers and computer crashes and keyboards breaking down. See her finally finish back up in July. See computer crash again. See reishin take computer to rotten no good chicken sh*ts who don't know the right end of a screwdriver if it was embedded in their useless mushy pathetic excuse for a skull. See computer get totally screwed. See reishin take computer to someone else (optional smoke coming out of ears). See hard drive get reformatted (as in totally wiped out PHHHHT... gone...). See reishin watch in total disbelief as she's put back at square one. See reishin bang head on screen, thus shorting it out and requiring her to buy a new one.. (j/k ...hasn't happened yet.... personally, I think the screen's possessed *shrugs* but isn't everyone's?)

Before Zero brain (nickname for puter... *snorts* it self destructs every time it wants an upgrade.... yay...) went boom I think I answered all mail from february to july ^^;; - if you haven't gotten a response umm...please try again? Aol users especially... I've been getting bounced mail like crazy _ Fic update to be announced as soon as I can get them typed up *sighs*... on the other hand I got a little mouse thingy that works by laser ^^;;;;

Umm... anyone read a good book lately? Hope everyone's summer was less sucky than mine ^^ *grins* Summer is over, and I got nothing done feh.... one more week left ^^ btw, anyone who wanted to exchange links please send them over again... bookmarks are *vague gesture* all gone... Poof.. no more... *twitch*

June 20, 2000

Rumours of my demise have been greatly exaggerated . . . in other words. . . no I'm not dead but my mother board crashed about a month ago as did my keyboard... and I just recently got if fixed so ^^;; no internet, no mail, no nuthin -_-....... but I'm back so yay ^.^v I'll keep y'all posted *sweatdrops*

May 16, 2000

wohoo ^^ two new fics - one GW and one SD and hmm.... a teaser page up!! I felt so bad about not being able to finish more than two fics -______- that I put up a teaser page ^_^ Just note that for the most part the fics haven't been spellchecked/proofread/whatever *grins* enjoy! Tis a text link on my fics page here

Oh yas and visitor 17579 dont' forget to contact me!!!!! oh yas ^_^ plus its my b day tomorrow >)~~~ kyaaaa I'm going to have fun tomorrow *grins* *flings confetti up merrily* ^-^

May 7, 2000

Ack ack ack >.< where did two weeks go?? *sweatdrops* nothing new this time *watches stream of ppl leave* *coughs* *looks away* I seirously thought I'd be able to update earlier but ^^ Gomen... but my sins caught up to me ie ^_^ all the goofing off I did during the semester came home to roost and I had to study my ass off for finals.. not to mention actually *read* the assigned text to write papers with aiyah ^^;;;; 2000+ pages to read within two weeks is not a happy thing T_T, then there were those 10+ page papers.. yeah.. you read it right... papersssss, three to be more specific *smirks* only one of them was interesting though *whips out said paper* wherein reishin tries to connect, shakespeare, his play the tempest, Neil Gaiman's Sandman, Phillip Sidney, and Plato T_T... fun........ Soon as I catch up on the oh..... 50 hours of lost sleep this past week, I'll update the page *sweatdrops* I *know* there's gonna be at least 2 new Slam Dunk fics, at one gw fic ^_^ mebbe more *grins* v^^ *passes out* *springs back up* oh yas ^^ I shall also answer all mail *strikes pose* *staggers and passes out again* *head hits bed frame* *CLUNK* zzzzz-------_---------zzzzz

April 24

wohoo! another update within a week.. heh... some sort of miracle -_- Not much updated *huge sweatdrop* In case you didn't notice though~ my fics page has been shifted around a bit - hopefully easier to navigate? ^^ with parody and non parody one shots being separated o.O Strange thing I never noticed is that the two are pretty even. . . its when you take into account the faery tale and vidclips/songfics that the parodies are more plentiful *huge sweatdrop*

eheheh also found two missing fics that were lost when I changed the format of the page ^^;; Moment and Silly mission are back up~~~

err.. oh yeah ^^ the new thing - updated the Slam Dunk page a bit (added counter etc.) and a very short one shot fic!!! Part of a hanaru series to come I still think it can stand on its own~ *grins* yay ^^

*huge multiglomp to everyone who's been writing* ^^v Thankies thankies and thankies once more~ Your comments are what make me work faster in typing up ficcies and posting *grins* *glomps once more* ni~ght~ *checks time* g'morning~~~ oh yas ^^ and expect more random gw fics~ and perchance part one of an au folk tale sd ficcie I've been plotting (hanaru o'course T_T...... strange that I like 1x2 with the ice making its moves on fire but its the other way around in this one hmm... plus they have no hair~! or rather less hair ... pretty damned strange considering that all my fave bishounen hae sh*t loads o' hair... Shun, Nurichan, kurama, kenshin, chihaya, hikou-sama... ah well v^^) More to come so stay tuned~!!!

oops one last thing *huge sweatdrop* visitor 17579 lemme know who you are~~~~~! *sweatdrops* weird number but I like it ~.^ Mail me and I'll let ya know why~~ j/k ^^ 's my birthdate~ *points* sorta..... T_T

April 18, 2000

Two new fics for y'all ^^ One fic by me here and a truly wonderful, long, Quatre centred fic here Plus I fixed a link to Alex's fic T_T... Sweet beans part 2 was actually up but I never noted it ... *huge sweatdrop*.....

ehehehe.. on a sidenote I fiiiinally found some time to go browsing through some of the newer gw fics out there o.O. Is no one writing humour? *Facefaults* or am I just reading the wrong fics _ I like angst and drama as much as the next person but. . . . ^^;; anyhoot ^^ pro'lly another update soon *nods* considering I'm finishing up the next part to the new fic I just put up plus Another place, another time is almost done with revisions, aaaand I finished the first part to the sd fic 'm working on v^^ yay.... but then there's also final papers and finals coming up so T_T... mebbe no yay...............

April 8, 2000

Two new fics, one by me and one by Alex yay! Gundam flavored Kisses 5! here Alex's new fic Hey there Ladies here

A few new links ^^

Plus a new obsession! Akazukin cha cha! 's adorable but not too cute and waaaay kewl *grins* I love Rascal sensei wahahah ^^ btw, thanks thanks thanks to all the lovely email I've been gettgin ^_^ though I haven't answered half of it yet *sighs* be patient with me *sobs*

March 28

Fixed a bunch of broken links *sweatdrops*, put up the Slam Dunk page which has nothing in it *sobs*, fixed Jae-chan's fic which was totally umm.. screwy ^^;; That's it... -__-

btw, has anyone gotten the new Cure album? 's pretty good ^_^ umm.. *scratches hair* oh yeah ^^ I also chopped off just under 2 feet of hair *lol* I feel so li~~ght headed ^_^;; I was just getting sick and tired of shampooing, rinsing, repeating, combing, tangling, brushing, conditioning -_- ugh... So now I have short hair, yay ^^v *snickers* Plus I got it highlighted which looks pretty neat ^^ considering my hair is super dark... but 'nough babbling. Ooooh and the new movie Romeo must die should definitely be seen. Jet Li and that err singer girl Aaliah, and it was good, nice action sequences, didn't overdo the drama and umm... go see it!!


*smirks* In case you haven't noticed, the site got a face lift... sorta ^^;; I still got lots of tinkering to do. The Scans page isn't up yet; neither is any of the fanart -_-, one of jaelyn's fics is seeersiously screwy *huge sweatdrop* I think I overwrote it with an older version. . . heh . . . The Slam Dunk Page isn't up yet ^^;;, I'm pretty sure there's more than one broken link - and I'm not too sure about the javascript T_T....
. . . . . .
Why did I bother to put it up in a hurry then? *sighs* ^^;; Well b/c dammit - tinkering with this site was killing any time for typing up fics done and well I felt like it ^^;;; So plleeease put up with any broken links and what not @_@_@_@_@ While I struggle through everything -_-

As for updates.. erk.. I think there's one new gw boy spotting in the random page, a few links, links updated, and that's about it. I've been sick for almost 3 weeks *shakes third prescription bottle of purty pills* and have been sleeping 24/7 ^^;; Pretty bad ne? Ah well... T_T..... no more coherency for me... *falls over with a flop* oh yas ^^ and lemme know what ya think, I'm not too sure about the whole black on white on grey with splatterings of pastel purple thing *sweatdrops*..... though it is chibi..... ^^;

March 7

*sweatdrops* Nothing new fic wise but nnnnggggh... a set of observations and running commentary upon seeing Gundam Wing dubbed. It's not that bad, but *sweatdrops* I had too much fun laughing at it to truly appreciate it I guess *grins* It's here Depending on my whims, responses, and time constraints, I'm going to try and do a 'mission report' for each episode I see *snickers* I need a life....

March 3

heh.. not quite one month but ^^;;;; Man *sweatdrops* Everyone keeping busy? *grins*

Seriously, though I didn't mean to be this long ^_^ What with school, and falling down damn near killing all the nerves in my elbow, becoming obsessed with Slam Dunk, and trying to revamp site ^_^ Ha~i, I'm trying desperately to give the ol' site a facelift *grins* I've got about half of it done - hopefully with spring break around the corner, I'll be able to finish it ^^ And Slam Dunk. . . *_* I am addicted to everything about that manga, having just recently finished all of it. I love the characters, the interaction, the humour, the chibis, RUKAWA~!!! >.< kyaaa!! I think the HanaRu pairing is my fave - I shall now hunt down all possible fics on them *evil grin* Anyone got a rec?

Well, here's the actual update. One new super silly just typed up songfic - no, don't try to make sense of it ^^;; 's here And one new super FUNNY fic by Alex which I just recently got to html'ing *grins* Super hilarious, so mail her for more ne? That one is here

Ja minna~

February 7, 2000

ha~i ^^ thankies for waiting *grins* Did anyone notice that my page went MIA for about a day? o.o tripod.... One new fic, the first part to the vamp ficcy ^_^ ici~!!! Please, remember to scroll down to where the next part begins though ^^;; And pleeeze remember to send comments, anything? signing the guestbook is fine too ^^ Just to let me know I'm not babbling out into cyberspace by myself o.o... though that's fun too *smirks* That's about it ^_^ oh yeah . . .

Begin Rant
And did I mention? PLEASE DO NOT USE SCANS W/O MY PERMISSION It's a huge and probably annoying as hell pet peeve of mine. If you want to use something JUST ASK. I'm reasonable, I've said yes. Is it so difficult to click the email button and type out one, maybe two sentences? Sure, the scans aren't fanart >.< but I took the time to scan and edit them... please have some consideration ne? -_- Thanx, if anyone was paying attention *sighs*... it is up in my disclaimers but no one seems to care *twitch*
End Rant

February 2

yay!.. no new fics, but 4 new mp3's uploaded ^^ Click here Note: They're all korean pop ballads -but good ones!!! - and you should right click over them, if they don't work the save time, keep trying 'till they do ^_^;; xoom go figure *huge sweatdrop*

January 24

One new fic ^^;; Only the prologue to a spoofy vamp fic I'm working on *coughs* Better one thing than no thing at all.....? T_T *runs and hides* Oh yeah.... It's here

A little bit later in the day. . . Put up new links for GW, Other anime, and Misc. ^____^ *sweatdrops* all this while folding laundry! woo... *facefaults*

January 21

Mwahahaha ^^ When I said new fics, I mean new fics no da! *sweatdrops* Actually, I was going to wait until I finished html'ing my new fics as well but... what the heck *grins* FIVE Count 'em five!!! brand spankin' new fics in the Guest Section 3 by Jaelyn wohoo ^^, a beginning to a hilarious comedy by Alex, and an evil chibi fic by Parnth *snickers* Who could ask for anything more?? ^_____^

January 19

*peeks out* *waves* First off.... no new fics... *ducks at thrown veggies* I am so sorry, minna @_@ First finals, then holidays, then BOTH siblings staying for the entire winter break, then *geks* x_X a loot of somethings at any rate... *sighs* *guilty look* It isn't that I haven't been writing... more like haven't been typing them in ^_^;; but anyway, Happy Holidays, and I hope everyone enjoyed their winter break. What follows now will be random babbling, so those not interested can leave *grins* v^^

oro? Still here? O.o *coughs* I... have succumbed to the power of the Pikachu.. well actually the cute fuzzball known as Jiggly Puff!!!!! *_* *coughs* I managed to hold out - not watching a single episode, not buying any cute toys, not even browsing random Pokemon websites . . .but my neechan is a force to be reckoned with ^^;; *coughs* *whips out marker* Jiiigggllyyyy Puuuuuuf Jiggleeeeeee puuuuf *sweatdrops*

A~nd, did I mention? I am too too in love with Sorcerer Stabber Orphen He is sooo kewl... something like a mix of Lina Inverse and Captain Justin W. Tylor *grins* Kareshi Kanojyo no Jijyo. It rocks!!! Love the music, love the scripting, and hey, they chibis are damned cute as well ^^

Let's see... @_@ Toy Story 2, Stuart Little, and Princess Mononoke ^__^ All pretty damned aweseom imho v^^ *hums* That's about it... oh yeah, pleeeze do check out the new.. ok, maybe not so new ^^;; hardcover of Sandman by Neil Gaiman, the art's awesome (done by the same person who did the manga version of Vampire Hunter D thanx figbash!) plus, the mid cover layout is definitely something to see *grins* Umm... Tanya Huff(The Quarter series esp., Summon the Keeper, pretty much all her stuff v^^), Lynn Flewelling (The Shadows series), Poppy Z. Brite (Drawing Blood), and Anne Rice's (Cry to Heaven, re- reading the Mayfair witches?, etc.) have been keeping me occupied that way ^^

As for music. . . . the new korn cd, Cyndi Lauper's 12 Deadly Cyns, the Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtracks, and some damn fine Korean Pop cds as well (mp3s soon to be posted on my xoom account)

*grins*I've been... slightly busy ^^;; Umm... words of adivice for the new year based on how I've been spending the past few months??: A legspreader is rather obscene to order, esp. for women, but it tastes gooooood - never consume lots of alcohol within one hour, never mistake the accelator for the brake - especially when there's a pole in front of you, my sisters say Hiiiii~! pika... x_X, baby turtles DO float upside down when they sleep and do not die, a~nd most especially do not let older sisters show you a night out ^^;; - or rather several nights out *grins*

I'll be updating with new fics soon ^_^;; If I live that long. . . .

December 3

err... *sweatdrops* no new nothing folks. Gomen, but end of semester is coming up ie papers and final exams . . . Next update will probably be in 2 weeks ^^;; Really sorry but *sighs* school comes first ^_^;; However.. if you check the intro page you'll note that everything's err.. purple, and partially christmasized v^^ Enjoy~!


lol no new fics, maybe today or tomorrow v^^ But check out the list I made for what I'm working on, planning to work on , hoping to work on ^_^;; You get the picture ne? 's here *sweatdrop* and no, I don't know why it looks different on IE and netscape . . .

November 15

Umm... Interlude 2, after a half year hiatus is finally up T_T... woooo.... It's o'er here *grins* v^^... For those who haven't gotten replies back on mail -_-;; suman, too much to do lately =9 I swear I'll answer backed up mails next week... this month.. gek *runs away*

November 9

v^^ No new fics... *ducks barrage of things* However *coughs*... I finally got a shounen ai Heero and Duo skin!! BWahahahhahah Click here ^_________^ I'm so happy *sobs... and runs off to request more* ~.^

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