And here we have the gorgeous bishounen known as Bleed Kaga from Cyber Formula and all its various incarnations.  Duo's voice.  Green braid.  Psycho personality.  What more could you ask for? *pauses to wipe off drool* ahem...
And here we have the section without which no page would be complete *drum roll* the miscellaneous section! ^_^ And yes I got rid of the chibi rei pictures even though it was cute... because wouldn't you rather prefer a bishounen in all his colorful glory rather than my chibi ass? *pauses* I thought so!

rei's kitty (and bunni!) pics
*snickers* the collar is waaaay too big for her... she used to be so small... now she's so big o.O but cute either way ^_^ *squeaks* they're so cute.. And just the right side.  Never mind that the bunni can now mow right past the cat O.O cute cute cute! well.. just look at 'em!! she's so calm -_- for about half an hour that is... small... tiny... palm of your hand.. now about one and one half foot long and still growing -_-

My Heero and Duo Sims Photo Album! ^_^
*g* A highly addictive game now gundam yaoi style *evil cackle* You WILL be assimilated ~.^ Check it out...

g boy spottings!

spotting 1--Gotta check this one out folks, a GW spotting from an actual manga, as opposed to a dj ~.^ *snicker* Kinda like Where's Waldo I s'ppose v^^ The manga title is Tokyo Crazy Paradise. The actual event is a women's martial arts competition. *waits for brief pause* Why are the g boys there? I dunno, but damn me if it ain't a fun fun cameo ^_^ The actual manga has nothing to do with gw so... hmmm ^^;; *snickers* Supposedly, all 5 g boys have a brief cameo *grins* Take a look, and see if you can find 'em all v^^

spotting 1

spotting 2--The second G boy spotting is from another manga called E'S, the mangaka is Satoru Yuika and published by GFC. This time, it isn't a cameo per se *smirks* more like a ... Duo and Wufei's love child type thing ^^;; His name's Shenlong, I kid you not, and has Wufei's personality along with Duo's braid, a penchant for wearing Chinese clothing, martial arts, and making things go boom. ^_^ Plus a large sense of justice and a sister complex *smirks* Oh yeah and don't be thrown off if the characters are in Korean *lol* This is a japanese manga - just translated into korean ^^

Shenlong likes sweet stuff, esp. stuff cooked by his neechan v^^
Giving the lead chara a hard time . . .
More attitude
Bringing flowers for his hospitalized neechan ^_^
Chibi Shenlong~!
Chibi Shenlong2 ^^

spotting 3--The third G boy spotting is from yet another manga (me manga maniac no da ^^;;;;) called Akazukin cha cha. I'm sure a lot of you have heard of it? Runs to 13 tankouban and not sure about the anime... It's a sort of *insanely* funny parody of most magical shoujo manga *grins* Lots of running gags about the 'transformation'/'henshin', magical amulets, etc. I highly recommend it ^^ Anyhoot, today's g boy spotting... is an OZ~ZIE spotting *beams* Tis Treize like you've never seen 'im and most have probably imagined him ^^;;

When he first shows up in chibi form...
Umm... showing off his magical powers in chibi form...
Now he's fully grown!
... fully grown and sparkling!! *snickers*

spotting 4--And we have the fourth one! *grins* This one was... mildly startling to stumble upon o.O I was merrily reading a korean manhwa (manga in korean *grins*) When *sproing* I came upon the picture of one Heero Yuy (an added bonus? Shinji!) Basically, this character in the manwa was spouting off about what sorta characteristics in men she liked, and wheee~! doesn't she have excellent taste? ~.^

spotting 4

spotting 5--The next one is actually more of a gee.. doesn't that look a lot like so and so than an actual spotting ^^; This time its... Trowa~! Only it really isn't Trowa, its someone with his haircut *snerks* This time the manga's titled Magician, by Yuriko Matsukawa and published in 7 volumes by Hana to Yume. An absolutely *lovely* manga which I highly recommend ^_^ Sorry for the poor quality, my scanner seems to *despise* b/w scans >P

Don't you love his fashion sense? *lol*
A close up! the bang... O.o or rather //_o *cackles*

spotting 6--This one is also more like a gee that looks like a g boy but it really isn't... *grins* This manga's called Asian Star, incomplete with 4 volumes and published by Asuka. The mangaka's name is Takako Shii. The thing is - I'm pretty sure she's done GW djs, 2x1's, cause I've got one by her and woah o.O the resemblance is startling ^_^ The boyz tend to be rather shota con~ish in her stuff ^^

The cover of the first volume! Heero and Duo... or rather Maki and Reia *heh*
Hee*coughs* Maki in drag~! Or rather in a kimono, ain't he cute? *chokes* Long story -_-
A pure Duo moment, only it isn't Duo... Either way he looks good in glasses ne?

more to come...

rei's anime guide to ny (and joizi... err nj)

Yay~! I've been getting a few mails, and some people have been asking about so ^^ Here's my super quick guide to anime shopping in NY ^^ Please send in any suggestions, comments, etc. to me ne? *grins*

Mwahahaha! I'm a Creampuff no Megami Seishi *beams* And here's the proof no da! an award by uruchan *snerk*