Irasshaimase ^_^
Click here for a bigger version *snickers* 'Twas drawn by tro and umm it's me~~!!!

~~*waves* H'looo ^^ In case you haven't noticed, my scans page has err.. degenerated ^^;; into a random page *grins* Here you'll find random thoughts, a listing (perhaps when rei has enough time a character shrine or two??) of my favorite bishounen, anime, manga, books, and what not ^_^ Pretty random, ne? *sweatdrop*
~~Kyaaa and in case you haven't noticed ^_^ It also has my steadily growing stock of adopted bishounen, chibis, pets, and what not ^^.
*facefaults* For now.. my random page is pretty err.. random?? O.o Until I get it straightened out more ^_^

Woohoo! Yay! Finally a spiffilicious yaoi~ish/shounen~aish winamp skin *grins* Ureshiiiiiiii... so what if you can't tell Duo's a guy cause the art's so shoujo ^^;; ('s from one of my scans in case ya couldn't tell) Just click on the pic to download...Pleeeze check out Amaru's page where I requested this skin ^_^ You can find over a hundred gorgeous skins, plus request your own!

*snickers* Check it out ^_^ An award by Uru-chan no da~

Gotta check this one out folks, a GW spotting from an actual manga, as opposed to a dj ~.^ *snicker* Kinda like Where's Waldo I s'ppose v^^ The manga title is Tokyo Crazy Paradise. The actual event is a women's martial arts competition. *waits for brief pause* Why are the g boys there? I dunno, but damn me if it ain't a fun fun cameo ^_^ The actual manga has nothing to do with gw so... hmmm ^^;; *snickers* There are 3, possibly 4 g boys there ~.^ Take a look, and see if you can find 'em all v^^
Bwahahahahaha Click Here now I say!

~Rei's Anime Guide to NY~
Yay~! I've been getting a few mails, and some people have been asking about so ^^ Here's my super quick guide to anime shopping in NY ^^ Please send in any suggestions, comments, etc. to me ne? *grins*

Scans no da!!!

So here ya go ^^;; Took me a while, but *cough* yay ^^ No thumbnails, just click on the piccy/dj description to get there *grins*
PLEASE NOTE: I'm not Japanese, I don't speak/read Japanese very well ^^;; These translations and what not are done on very limited knowledge, so just assume they're simply summaries of what's going on, not literal translations ^^ Thank you~!
No explanation necessary, just a four panel dj ~.^ Click, you'll laugh~~~
Well, chibis~! More specifically, a fat bottomed, chubby adorable wailing Duo chibi!! *grins* Also a four panel dj ^^
A gorgeous picture of Duo and Heero *_*
A pretty piccy of Treize and Zechs ^^
Another pretty pic of Duo and Heero and wiiiings *_* Also the 'mascot' pic for the dj review site that will soon be up thanx to 'manda and zaz's hard work ^^ Shameless plug!! mwahahahhah O.o
Very nice single shot page from a loong dj ^^ Also by Vespa
Another piccy of Duo and Heero with wings ^^, very shoujo-ish but dammit! 's cute ^^
*snickers* This looks almost like a scene from the actual anime ^^ I wish~! A dj cover.
Very err.. girly looking Duo *sighs* He has a better figure than dj/me dammit...
Same piccy, just having some fun with photoshop ^^
Ehehehe, Duo has a bit more testosterone in this one *grins* Another dj cover.
*snickers* What if the gundam pilots resembled their gundams, physically...
*sweatdrop* Umm.. Duo with nice long straight hair ^^;; A first for me..
I dunno why Wufei's dancing *snickers* But damn if it isn't funny ^^
hehehehe Heero *drool* looking rather studly v^^
Same piccy, just messed with it ^^
Gomen, no real translation but... Treize is missing Zechs. He sees Zechs everwhere, as the djka puts it "Treize vision"
So he throws the Zechs boomerang, calling for Zechs to hurry back to him and....
*snickers* Quatre gets to tease Wufei ^^
More bishounen with wings! Woohoo ^^ This is the b/w piccy...
Same as above only different color ^_^
Again, same pic, different format v^^
A~nd here's the requested Zechs piccy, much bigger ^^
*snicker* Duo and Nuriko cos-play each other ^^
Yay ^^ A Relena piccy by request *grins* This one's from a cover of a dj titled "Lioness"
Another piccy of Relena in more casual clothing, same djka
A pic of Relena in a uniform, same djka again ^^;;
*grins* A pic of Sally from a dj ^^ She's the Queen of the Fairies in this one *_*
Gomen ^^;; Again, no translation. Part of a 4 page dj though. Dorothy and Zechs reminisce...
And Zechs remembers a few years back when Dorothy made a request of Treize...
A request which altered Zechs' image of Treize forever O.o
Gee I think Zechs is traumatized ^^;;
Eheheh.. just me messing with a formally b/w picture also on this site.
Adorable piccy of Wu-chan ^^
Gorgeous b/w pic of Zechs O_O Almost enough to make me leave my Duo worshipping ^^ almost~
Very nice color piccy of Zechs ^^

More coming soon ^o^ Stay tuned, no da~! And the little skullets were gotten from This page titled "Dark Kat" *beams*

Mwahahaha! I'm a Creampuff no Megami Seishi *beams* And here's the proof no da!

Yes, I adopted a poor kawaii bishounen ^_^. I plan to make a mini-shrine and tiny pic gallery for my li'l bish ^_^ *grins*
Kya~~~a! Shinji baby ^_^ Mine, so there ^^Mine, and here's the proof no da!

Anime Adoption Agency:Adopt a pet Today!
My own neko *grins* Tama-neko desu~~!

How could I resist? *grins* A matched set... even if I know nothing about the series *sweatdrop* Well I know enough that they look good together ^_^ So there ^^;
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