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H'looo ^^ Well, I just decided to make the page on a whim. ^^ yay for whims~ Basically, its dedicated to finding anime stuff in NYC and perhaps NJ *grins* It's even organized~ ... sort of ^^;; If you have corrections, comments, additions even *_*, just send them to spndxmiko@hotmail.com And now onto the stuff ^^

*snickers* Silly me~ Please note, that I accidently switched the Kinokuniya location with the Asahiya location O_O Oops... Hope nobody got lost... Thanks to figbash for pointing out the errors o' my ways ~_~. Note to self: Do not html while doing homework at same time. Ryoukai.


Starting from W 4th st., there's an anime store off the corner of Broadway and 4th st. titled, Anime Crash. It features commercial anime tapes, both subbed and dubbed, anime cds, translated manga, by Viz for the most part. The pricing is fairly expensive, but they've got a good selection. They also have Hong Kong films, posters, etc. They're also willing to order stuff for you, but I don't know how reliable/fast they are about that ^^

In the same street, if you walk towards 4th ave, you should spot a Towers Book and Video store. Go there *_* They have anime, both new and old titles, available for rent, and a HUGE selection of anime to buy. ^^ Plus in the magazine section, towards the rear, you can also browse through the latest anime magazines, both in English and Japanese. *grins*

Speaking of Brodway, if you go down Broadway and reach 14th st., there's a store called Forbidden Planet. It's filled with American Comics and merchandise, like The Sandman *_*, but it also has a section devoted to anime. No real manga there, but they have a stock full of English translated manga, as well as monthly? magazines that come out ^^. They also have the usual Dragonball Z, Pokemon, and Ranma merchandise. On the second floor's a rather limited collection of anime tapes... but check this store out if only for the racks and racks and racks of comics, fantasy novels, and sci-fi toys/models ^_^ spiffy...

Next, we have Barnes and Nobles. *snickers* Shocked? Don't be, this is a huuge store over on Union square, 15th st. and Broadway?. Check it out, the graphic novels section has a very, very nice selection of English-translated manga. Definitely worth a mention imho ^^

Chinatown... *_* Let's see where to start *grins* Between Elizabeth st. and Canal st., you should be able to spot the Elizabeth Center mall. If you go down to the basement via escalators, you'll find a multitude of small shops. Most of them sell anime related items ^^, which include models, toys, figurines, bags, SM cds, manga (pricier than norm, I recommend going to the Japanese bookstores instead), fansubs... and well, lots o' stuff *grins*

Also on Elizabeth st. and Canal, there's a small Sanrio store, across the street and a bit further down from the Elizabeth Center Mall, they have a very nice collection of SM cds, posters, wall scrolls, t-shirts, cards, models ^^ You get the picture *grins*

Right next to it is a dark and sort of creepy store (forgot the name of it -_-;;). They have lots of gaming/rp merchandise, and err lots of hentai ^^;; They also sell fansubs. Don't get 'em, they're *very* expensive and not worth it ^^

Then, if you go one block up, on Mott. st., there's a store which I don't know the name for ^^;; which sells anime cds, chinese subbed vcds, etc. It has a HUGE yellow sign, glass doors usually plastered with anime posters, you can't miss it *grins* To the left, towards the back, are the J-pop and anime cds. To your right and back, are the various anime wallscrolls and posters. They have a very nice selection, of both posters and cds. Of course this is depending on when you get there. If its towards the end of the stock, you'll see mostly old anime cds. Gomen ^^;;


Wheeeee, what's anime without a few good Japanese bookstores to browse through *grins* The first up is Asahiya, check me on the spelling peeps ^^;;. The store's located on Vanderbilt and 45th st.? It's right next to Grand Central station, and in fact, there should be an exit leading straight to the store. They have a HUGE selection of manga. They also sell imported J-pop cds, singles, etc. Also have a small collection of artbooks, posters, calendars, ask the nice sales people ^_^

Next up is Kinokuniya, check me on the spelling once again ^^;;. The address is 10 West 49th st., one of the many stores located on/near Rockefeller Center. It has a smaller selection thatn Asahiya but very nice nevertheless. The manga's up on the second floor, along with some cute stationary stuff ^^ They also have magazines on the bottom floor, along with English translated graphic novels. Hmm, just for curiostiy, check out the store right next to it ^_^ It sells traditional Japanese sweets/pastries and the sales ladies are usually decked out in kimonos ^^

Lessseee.. then there's Anime Image located between 7th and 8th ave. on 30th st. It's a small store, but it offers a lot of stuff ^^ *Very* pricey. They sell UFO catcher dolls, models, posters, the usual stuff ^^ But if you look on the counter, at the front desk, inside they have Weiss Kreuz engraved bookmarks, and very rare items. ^^ My personal favorites is the EW Heero and Duo Fastener Mascots *grins*
Deathscythe-chan sez beware! *snickers*They also sell doujinshi aka dj's *grins* You read it right *grins* Just ask them if they have any doujinshi, the dude'll look at you funny for a while ^^;;, then reach behind the counter for 'em. Once you get a peep inside, you'll see why *huge sweatdrop* For the most part, they're hentai doujinshi aka tiny girls with big boobs... or vice versa, whatever *snickers* But they have a small collection of yaoi djs, usually GW or Eva. Hmm, the problem with this though is that they're also plastic wrapped, so you can't flip through and pick your favorites ;_; You have to go by the cover. The last time I went there, most of the dj's were by unknown djkas *shrugs* with one or two familiar but not particularly liked circles ^^;; They're really expensive, 20 bucks?, and most of them have very few pages... so beware ^_^

New Jersey-ites~

For those of you remotely interested in meandering to Jersey to fill your otaku needs *coughs delicately* Here's a quick way to get there. Go to Port Authority, 's the one located between 7th and 8th ave. and 42nd st. There you can take the 158 I think Gate... 200? over to Edgewater, there should be one every hour. It'll take you over to Edgewater. Check for the Yaohan Plaza *grins* The bus stops right there, and the mini mall has lots of different merchandise, anime and otherwise. There's also a Kinokuniya over there as well. It has a smaller selection than the one in NY, but check out the artbook section ^^ Lots 'o stuff.

If you have the inclination to do a little walking, there's a mini mall, further down the road (Note: Not the one that you passed via bus) There's a used Japanese bookstore called the JBC It has used manga, used J pop cds/singles, used anime cds... and most importantly used dj anthologies!! *grins* Most of the GW stuff has been sold, but you can find an occasional one, as well as Cyber Formula GPX, Samurai Troopers, Slam Dunk... and very very rarely a YYH one ^^ Happy haunting err.. hunting~~

More to come~ ... as I remember them or what not ^^;; Here's a present from Heero for all the wonderful people who visit...

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