>>A fun nap/breaktime<<

Duo and Heero: *sleeping noises, breathing, etc.*

Quatre: .......

Quatre: *throw*

Duo: *BONK* Geh....

Duo: *wails* Waaaaaaaaaah

Heero: You're noisy.

Heero: *sighs*

Duo: Hee-chan, don't go, waaaaah! *flails, cries, etc.*

Quatre: *peacefullly sleeping*

>>Everyone in the bath<<
sorry 'bout the quality ^^;; but the dj it came from was ooooold

Cathrine sensei:  Let's count to 100.....

Everyone:  Haaaaaaaaai

*In the background everyone is counting their number, 1, 2, 3, etc.*

Quatre: What's 1+1?

Duo: Huh?

Duo: Ummmm. One and one and... One is... Huh? Hmmmm...

Duo:  Three!

Cathrine sensei:  Three again!?

Quatre: *smirk* Nice job.


Just a quick noted *snickers* These chibis are by Vespa, a dj circle who specializes in 2x1 and umm chibis!!! Usually Trowa and Quatre tease Duo the most ^^;; Pooooor Duo.  Just remember ~.^ my japanese is like.. pretty bad, so any language experts out there. Don't hurt me!!!!