The Gundam Pilots' names come from the number of the colonies that they are from.

Quatre: What are you saying...

Quatre:  There is an eighth Gundam pilot, and you are that pilot.

Quatre: And his name is....

Quatre:  Parfait(Pa-fei I guess ^^;;)

Duo: Wahahahhahahahhahahah

Wufei: *draws sword**nerve throb*

Umm *snickers* The Parfait joke comes from Wufei's name ^^ which has the kanji for '5' in it.  If he had been the eighth gundam pilot, the kanji would be '8' which can be read as 'ha', 'ba', or 'pa' ^^;;; Kanji, of course, being the chinese characters that are also used by the japanese ^^