This is the third type of kiss. And yes, Heero and Duo are wearing his and his matching clothes... sort of *cackles* I'd definitely say Duo's fashion sense is rubbing off on Heero... among other things. Note the ever so discreet placement of Heero's hands ~.^

A little scene of domesticity *g* Duo's expressing his creative side while Heero enjoys a good book. And yes, it IS a cook book... This is their fourth and final house - I'm rather happy with it ^^

The same afternoon, Heero and Duo take on the challenge of... Sorry! *sweatdrops* Don't ask... let's just say I love useless knicknacks...

The ultimate in fashion - pink swimming trunks...

The same pose... from a different angle. And no, as you can see, it isn't a thong.

Doesn't this scene look familiar? mwaha... And no, they're not wearing matching outfits this time; they're just wearing black.

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