Didn't I mention about playing in bed being bad for the energy and hunger levels? Right after their dramatic little break up and reconciliation, let's not forget the nookie, Heero trods off to the kitchen to grab a bite to eat. Only he passes out along the way. Duo is rather unconcerned. *twitch*

I don't quite remember what number kiss this is. This is the second kiss pose I came upon. Sorry about the quality... In case you can't tell, Heero and Duo have their hands linked as they exchange a chaste kiss ^_^ Did I just say chaste? bah...

*cackles* Heero and Duo share a relaxing few hours in their jacuzzi. I think this is the second house I moved them into. Not quite sure ^^;; The little images above their heads are what they're discussing at the moment.

Heero gets ready to play in bed with Duo. And yes, his bits are censored -_- Unfortunately for us hentais

A cute little moment afterwards. Everyone stand back and say aww..

Just like the file name says, damn... This is what happens whenever they get out of bed to change clothes. I just thought I'd torture all of you with the same ^_^

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