The Yuy-Maxwell Household - Sims Style

First off a little introduction is in order~! Any questions directly relating to the game Sims can be found at their official website - I got the actual gundam skins from here. I'm just here to have fun, not write an entire essay *sweatdrops*. Anyway, here's a voyeuristic little peek into my version of the Yuy Maxwell Household *snickers* Yeah, I know the images take quite a while to load, but they're worth it ^^ Have fun! Oh - and the pics are more or less in chronological order. More or less.

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tee hee..
Their first house - I think they're on their third or fourth house by now -_-. So sue me it took a while to get the house I wanted ~.^ Heero's first attempt at cooking. Yikes...
I think  Duo's a bit surprised...
The same fire, different angle... And Duo finally noticed that his brand new kitchen's in flame *snorts*

Their second kiss! ^_^ I didn't catch their first kiss cause well... I wasn't expecting it o.O First this orchestral Sims rendition of Love is a Many Splendored Thing came on, they opened their arms, and *glomped* each other... Needless to say this followed the first one right off~! And Heero's in swim trunks ^_^

Their second fire -_-. Heero once more sets fire to the kitchen *sighs*... Right after their first couple smooches too. *snickers* Think those kisses had anything to do with it? XP

Their first time ah.. playing in bed. If you can't see them... well look harder! They're the lump underneath the covers... It eats away at the energy and hunger level, but raises the relationship, social, and fun level like nothing else~! ~.^

A soothing backrub after some nookie... Right after this, our favorite couple gets into a huge fight, Duo bitch slaps Heero and stomps off, Heero bursts into tears, Duo comes running back into his arms, and they kiss. -_- Hoo boy and some people wonder why this game is so... addictive.

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