GW/Wish 2 - Angels and Daemons and Une, oh my!


Notes: This will move *much* faster than the manga. I skip a handful of scenes in the first manga, and *will* skip much more than that in later parts. Hopefully no one will be offended, yes, no? The dialogue bits welllllll… unless I note it (like in the last scene where Heero and Duo show up), it's just my made up stuff. Check the bottom for translation notes ^^


The little blonde angel beamed in satisfaction. Water glistened off every surface of the immaculate back yard; he had even avoided spraying Trowa today! So far he was catching up at 3-29 (with Disasters at a decided lead over Successes). Quatre gave one last glance back at the kitchen where his host was making breakfast. He turned an intriguing shade of moss green at the thought of food: omelet and rice. The angel shuddered and made his way towards the trees were several of his bird friends nested. It was really too bad he couldn't help Trowa by making breakfast but the thought of making things that once lived into wholesome and appetizingly seasoned meals (with eggs no less!) was foreign to him - disgustingly so.

The angel sighed, wings drooping slightly. Hopefully, his attempts at laundry, cleaning house, and tending the garden made up for his lapse. One of his friends, a perky avian with a black beauty mark on the right side of his beak, fluttered up to him. "Mou, Quatre, what's wrong now?"

Another, brasher bird in fierce shades of red and orange swooped around both of them. "Mwahahah, he probably chickened out watching that Trowa human cook. Chick-chick-chick-a" He never completed his sentence as the first bird send him flying into a tree with a delicate flick of a well groomed wing. A third bird watched the proceedings or rather morning ritual with a mildly curious gaze, murmuring, "Ouch no da…." when he heard the thump of bird meeting tree.

"No fucking shit, Sherlock, " Flame wheezed.

"Maa maa minna. Violence solves nothing, ne?" Quatre smiled happily as the two chorused an apology. He landed on the branch of the tree, carefully tucking wings behind him. Once seated, the birds fluttered all around him. Beauty landed on his blonde hair, fussily re arranging locks while Flame and Blue perched on either shoulder. All four let out a little sigh of contentment before Beauty finally spoke up.

"Ne ne Quatre, are you still worried that Trowa won't let you stay? Don't worry, you can stay with us."

"Hah! Like he can sleep without falling out of the tr-" Blue quickly stuffed a clawful of dead leaves into his companion's mouth. While Flame spluttered and spat, Beauty settled its ruffled feathers, still giving the loud mouthed bird brain the evil bird-y eye.

Quatre replied slowly, "No… I'm sure Trowa will let me stay. It's just that… it has been a month, and I haven't been able to grant Trowa his wish. I haven't even been able to help out around the house. He won't even accept my assistance to do laundry any more!"

The four friends silently contemplated The Incident that had led the usually complacent human boy into issuing a direct order. It most probably had to do with coming home only to find three panicked birds attempting to pull one sopping wet, water logged chibi angel out of the washing machine's soapy jaws of death.

It was just a possibility though, one out of many, many other similar events.

"I'm sure everything will work out no da. Don't worry so much no da!"

Quatre was interrupted from answering by Trowa's voice, "I'm leaving now. Ittekimasu."

Three birds quickly flew out of range, knowing from experience that if they weren't fast enough, they would be launched into the air. They watched with a mix of resignation and amusement as the angel rocketed towards the gate, calling out. "Itterashai!"

The tall vet paused in locking the door, giving the angel a steady once over. He then reached into a suit pocket, Quatre watching curiously all the while, and pulled out a shiny key. He pressed it into small hands, explaining quietly, "This is a key for the gate. In case you want to go out while I'm not here."

Lesser men would have shaded their eyes at Quatre's answering, brilliant smile. Or maybe since Trowa only had one eye revealed, he took half the damage. At any rate, Trowa didn't even blink, simply letting slip a small smile of his own. One long fingered hand gently ruffled blond curls before he headed towards work.

"Ano… Trowa?" He paused.


"What's a key?"

Those same lesser men would probably have facefaulted into the pavement. Trowa blinked this time. "For locking and unlocking the door when you leave and return."

"Ohhhh…. Would I have to do this every time I fly out?"

One of the chibi Trowa's in white lab coats marched over to another one and smacked it firmly upside the head. The smacked one went off and smacked yet another, setting off a chain reaction of smacks. A resounding DUH rang through Trowa's mind.

"Ah… Just keep it in case you may need it."

"Oh. Thank you!"

He nodded slightly, walking off steadily despite the mini echoes of duh reverberating in his head.

That seemed to happen a lot since Quatre had burst into his life. He ignored the snatch of song about a heart going on as well.

Lesser men, lesser men…

Quatre frowned at the door, features scrunched up in an expression of utter confusion. He kept staring from his newly acquired key to the gates of his temporary human home, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth…

Flame had long since been firmly squashed into the ground by Beauty. He made sure to keep a meticulously groomed feather butt on top of Flame's squirming self. But Beauty too was getting bored as the blonde angel continued to waffle in front of the door. Finally even the complacent Blue was forced to say something - anything - to end Quatre's dilemma. "Quatre… why don't you just pocket the key and tell Trowa you used it no da?"

"But that isn't honest!"

Beauty impatiently added his own two cents, "Well, it's either that or stay in front of the door and *wait* until Trowa gets home."

"Oh but… but…" Quatre huffed in frustration, wispy bangs wafting gently before settling down once more. "Oh… Screw it!" He waved the key vaguely in the direction of the door before spreading his wings and taking flight. He looked back, "Well? Are you guys coming?"

The three birds rose from where they had fallen on the ground, stunned. Well, Flame had technically all ready been on the ground; he sort of rolled up from his claws up in the air position. They mutely flew up to join their angel friend.

"Quatre… where did you…"

"My senpai firmly believed in equal time education."

"Da…?," inquired Blue.

"He had a mouth on him like a veteran sailor who hadn't seen land for two years." Quatre continued on, "Though I really don't know why a veteran sailor who hadn't seen land for two years would be so cranky. But Kurama san, that's our superior, once said that after senpai accidentally caught his braid on the Pearly Gates. Maybe he missed the land a great deal? I would certainly miss the trees and earth if forced to stay away."

Pausing momentarily, Flame, Beauty, and Blue watched their clueless little friend chattering away.

Flame here snickered. "I just can't wait to meet your senpai, sounds like a kind of guy I could really get to like."

Quatre wavered slightly, wings drooping, "He would have liked you too…" He firmed his chin, tucked in trembling lips, and suddenly screamed, "Senpai! Wait for me! I'm coming!!" He zoomed off leaving his three startled friends to flap along, dumbfounded, in his wake.

Mildly, Beauty inquired of no one in particular and of everything around him in general, "Does he know where he's going?"

Blue nodded sagely, "But then again, does anyone know where we're going no da?"

Flame squinted off into the far distance where he could just barely make out the angel stream tracks made by their chibi friend, "Oi… Don't you think knowing where *Blondie's* going is more important?"


"He's like… totally friggin' gone."

"Baka Flame! Why didn't you tell us sooner?"

"Well… you had that serious conversation going on and all… Last time you didn't want me to interrupt."

"This time is *different*! Flame, you have got to learn how to prioritize!"

"Listen up, you puffed up peacock! This is not my fault! Jesus William fuckin' Christ, a bird can't get any respect around here."

"You want respect, you little crossbreed *runt* of a parrot and pigeon, I'll give you respect. Respect will be coming out your *ears* when I'm done with you!"

"The longer you guys argue, the further Quatre is getting away from us no da."

"Oops… Truce, you dumb fruity crow?"

"Fine fine! A truce, you preening stuffed son of a quail."

"How sweet, no da…" "SHUT UP!," chorused two cheerful birdie voices as they grabbed their blue colored friend, one wing a piece, and raced off.


The little conversation with Flame, and the subsequent surge of memory it brought, gave fuel to Quatre's headlong flight into unknown territory. These past few weeks with his new found friends, not to mention the hectic and confusing world of humans, had pushed thoughts of his senpai to the back of his mind. Guilt gnawed at him with buck teeth in nibbling bites. Maybe Quatre had deliberately put off finding his senpai; *when*, not if, he found the wandering older angel it would be back up to the Heaven for the both of them: do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars, go straight to Heaven. (Trowa, with the help of the Tori-gumi were teaching him a game having something to do with corporate greed, money, and real estate. The game baffled him, materialism not being a particularly strong trait of angels.)

Somehow the prospect did not bring about the feelings of relief it would have several weeks ago. In the beginning, it was the sole thought which had gave him fuel for his journey into the human world, despite several of his peers' not so subtle hints to keep his stubby nose out of it. But this was *his* senpai.

And his nose was not stubby!

Rather dolefully, or rather less perkily than usual, Quatre mentally listed all the things which he could most certainly do without: No fatal lure of the washer and dryer, no EGGS, no toasters that made interesting noises when one stuck things within it, no microwaves that exploded, no fireplaces that went *phwump* and deposited large amounts of soot on a certain human, no Trowa…

Did he really want to do without Trowa?

Bad angel! Quatre gave himself the equivalent of a mental poke (violence also not being a trait particularly encouraged in what passed for the angel gene pool). It's not as if he could bring Trowa back to Heaven and ask if he could keep the gentle human. "He followed me home, can I keep him?"

Duo senpai had done the same thing. Only in *his* case it had been a thoroughly confused, but still game, drooling pit bull named Sam instead of a laconic, self sufficient, mildly frustrating human named Trowa who STILL refused to make a wish!

Another reason he couldn't go back to Heaven mused Quatre. He had always been taught to match favor for favor; it wasn't necessarily the idea of being beholden on another person either. It was just the… well just the right thing to do, the angelic thing even!

His senpai had taught him that. Quatre wondered what Duo would think of the human. He thought the other angel would be rather amused by the human's hairstyle no doubt. Would Duo senpai feel the same need to coddle the human? Trowa was so maddeningly competent in everything he attempted. The human could cook, clean, balance checkbooks, and still keep a full time job *with* overtime. And he knew how to use a key. Trowa made everyone else around him, most especially certain angels who couldn't even *lift* a towel much less wring it dry, helpless. Quatre would love to do something for Trowa, something special that would bring a smile to the young man's face, something Trowa could remember him by…

Maybe Duo would have an idea.

If he found him… *when* he found him. But then they'd have to go to Heaven, and he couldn't go to Heaven without granting Trowa his wish. Trowa…

As the mental treads in Quatre's mind whirled round and round, in the three time swing time beat of Heaven, Duo senpai, and Trowa, he never quite noticed where he was flying. Not that it would have helped since the little angel didn't know where to go, much less where he was, this only being his second time out.

And before certain speculating people can point out that this meant the poor angel was lost, he wasn't. To match the three time swing time beat of his mental wheels, Quatre was in fact doing large, magnificent, loopy cartwheels.

Flame, Blue, and Beauty watched this display carefully; for once the three chatty birds were speechless.

Not really.

"Oi… Beauty, d'you think we should ah… go check up on him." They had caught up to their friend within a few minutes and had been watching him for the past hour.

Beauty replied thoughtfully, "No, he should be wearing out soon enough. It's almost sunset anyway."

"Anyone know any good jokes no da?"

"Have you heard about this one where a Suzaku seishi, a Seiryuu seishi, and a Genbu seishi walk into a Byakku temple and…"

Later that evening, Quatre and his friends returning a few hours before Trowa, the angel polished off a cup of tea nearly as large as he was. Trowa watched on with a little smile on his face. "How's the search for your angel friend?" He asked the question rather idly, a full day at work and a hot meal making him feel rather languid. He was not at all prepared for the answering reaction.

Quatre nearly choked, saving himself from that particular disgrace by swallowing rapidly, "Ah…" His lip quivered.

Trowa hastily poured another cup of tea for his guest, hopefully staving off any full-fledged wails.

The blonde took a fortifying sip before replying, "Thank you." He held the cup between two of his small hands, looking into the hot liquid rather forlornly. "I don't know *where* to start. I don't even know why he was asked to leave, or even why he didn't say goodbye."

"Did he seem unhappy there?"

Quatre frowned in thought, thinking back, "No… He always seemed happy. Duo senpai always had a lot of questions; he nearly drove the archangels insane with his curiosity. He spent a lot of times at the Bridge though which was sort of strange." The angel looked up hastily, "Not that *I* thought senpai was strange, but the other angels…," he shrugged, "They thought so."

"The Bridge?"

"Oh… It was hmm… well it *is* literally a bridge between Heaven and Hell. It's neutral territory, and it's absolutely beautiful there. I could see why senpai liked spending all his free time there."

"Ah." Trowa asked, "Isn't it dangerous for Hell to have such an easy access to Heaven?"

Quatre shook his head emphatically, "No, not at all. Kurama senpai once explained that it was agreed upon to set aside the Bridge as absolutely neutral territory. And daemons aren't bad necessarily… they just eat the souls and flesh of living crea…"

Trowa finished the trailing sentence helpfully, "They just eat the souls and flesh of living creatures such as humans."

Quatre blushed adorably and mumbled into his teacup. "Hai…

The tall human stood up and started gathering the dishes to wash up. He tapped Quatre on the head gently when the other started to get up as well, "You can just finish that tea; wipe the table when you're done."

Quatre blinked at Trowa's back for a few moments. He finished his tea with a smile. Just talking about Heaven and his senpai helped bring back his determination. Quatre's smile turned rather wistful; there really was no end to the number of favors he owed Trowa.

Surely he had a wish that could be granted.

"Ittekimasu." Trowa gave Quatre a look. "Leave the dishes in the sink please. I'll finish them when I get home." He gave a particular nod to the three feathered accomplices scattered around the angel; all of them were doing their best do give the human wide eyed who me? looks. Trowa sighed.

"Itterashai!" Quatre waited with a cheerful smile until Trowa gently closed the gate doors. He stayed still making quite sure that the human was on his way to work, listening for footsteps. "Ok! Flame, you got the liquid soap?"

"Ah… fuck it! Yeah, sure, whatever. Sort of."

"Ok! I'll take that as a yes. Beauty, you got the apron?"


"Blue?" "Gloves, check!"

Flames of clearest blue sprang up in Quatre's eyes while the kanji for 'determination' and 'triumph' sprang up in huge blocks behind him. "I will not let a few dishes defeat me; are you with me everyone!"


Quatre was absolutely determined to win his ever waging battle against The Chores. With three stalwart companions by his side, they would prevail! With such pure hearts and strong a purpose as theirs how could they possibly lose!

Fate sneezed.

Blue weakly spat out a few bubbles, dazedly admiring the way they glittered in the morning sun. "Pretty no da…"

His friends floundered in the shallow puddle they had created on the kitchen counter. Flame spluttered a few strings of nonsensical syllables together before flopping back weakly on the wet surface. "Ah screw it… This is just so fucked up." He lifted one sodden wing and poked Beauty in the back a few times. "Oi, you alive over there."

"Ah!" Beauty sprang up suddenly, eyes frenzied. The normally calm bird spotted something on the kitchen table and turned. "Ah!" He got a good look at the equally soaked and miserable Flame. He pointed out this certain something to Flame. "Ah!"

Flame jumped up and promptly slipped on the counter. "Ah!"

Beauty pointed to Blue and screamed, "Ah!"

Blue, startled by both Flame and Beauty, stood up as well. "Ah?"

This time Beauty and Flame screamed in unison, staring at each other then at Blue then at the something on the counter. "Ah!"

Blue looked over and screamed as well, "Ah!"

Quatre, having lost his full angel form in the maelstrom of water and bubbles, was busily floating face down in the soapy water; the kitchen sink was still full of dishes. He struggled to a sitting position, picking a random floating dish to perch on. "I don't feel so good…" Then he got a good look at the three screaming birds. "What?"

Beauty screamed once more, pointing again to a neatly wrapped bundle on the kitchen table. "Ahhhhh!"

It was Trowa's lunch! He had been running late this morning, leaving the breakfast dishes to be washed for later that afternoon. Who knew that the young vet would have forgotten his *lunch*. It was his favorite too - seasoned egg rolls wrapped tightly with seaweed.

Quatre screamed, "Ah!" He also attempted to launch himself into flight from his less than steady perch. His friends could only watch the subsequent events in a horrified stupor.

The plate slowly tipped from the unbalanced weight as Quatre stood up on it. It had been perfectly content to simply float there as long as the smallish angel remained still and flat on its surface, but no, the silly thing just *had* to stand up. Well it just wouldn't stay still for *that*! In protest, it decided to sink back into the water, that would surely show those silly sentient beings to go around standing up on flat surfaces. It was only meant to hold food! Union rules!

Quatre lost his balance and strained to make his wings work faster. Only they were rather wet and unhappy about it and were working in conspiracy with his equally watery soap logged clothes to weigh him down.

He plunged back into the sink and its contents with a whimper and a prayer. The following tsunami of water flooded the three dumbstruck birds and swept them off the kitchen counter and onto the equally damp kitchen floor. They lay there for a while.

Quatre stayed in the water as well, returning to his former position of swirling round and round while face down.

Words couldn't convey what they felt at this moment. That is until Flame spoke up, hacking out a few burbles of water and soap. "This sucks."

Duo senpai was right… Suck was such a useful word to know.

He had left the Tori -gumi to contend with the mess; they had insisted. The last he'd seen of them, they were busily plugging in a hair dryer to dry themselves off before attempting to clean the kitchen. Using a quick wind spell to dry off as he flew, Quatre had quickly headed towards Trowa's work place, still a bit damp but at least flight worthy.

"Kisama! Quatre angel, I challenge you to a duel!"

Quatre paused in mid air, arms clutching the precious lunch to his chest as he searched for the source of the challenge.

"You dunce head, look over here!"

Finally he spotted the owner of the voice, standing atop one of the many walls that made up the neighborhood. Quatre winced a bit but still managed a shaky smile, "Umm.. Hi, Wufei!" He landed, making sure to keep a somewhat large distance between himself and Wufei.

Wufei let out something very close to a snarl. Dressed in form fitting vinyl and leather, studded all over with silver and draped with chains, the chibi daemon was quite a sight to see. It didn't help matters that he was about oh… two feet high. "Don't hi me, you silly angel! Don't tell me you weren't trying to avoid our duel! How dare you leave Heaven and hide here on Earth!"

"But Wufei, it wasn't like that at all! I came here to find my senpai…" Quatre let out an undignified yelp as sharp slivers of darkness neatly landed all around his feet in a ring.

"Don't give me your excuses. I mean to have my duel now." The chibi raised one stubby finger in the air (yes, that one.) and recited a spell, ending with the chant of three names. Lady, Anne, and Une.

While his audience watched on wide eyed, well an audience of one - Quatre - watched wide eyed, Wufei crossed chubby arms over his chest smugly. Three sleek identical black cats popped into the air with cheers. The only way to tell them apart was by the earring. One of them had one in the left ear, another in the right, and another in both. (Later they were named as Lady, Une, and Anne respectively.) They immediately crowded their way affectionately over to Wufei and sniffed all around him affectionately.

"What is your bidding nyao?"

"Finally, you called us nyan."

"Oooh look, it's that cutie, Quatre angel n~yaoi!"

Wufei batted them all off with chubby harassed hands. "Onna! Listen to me and defeat the nuisance known as Quatre!" He pointed the angel out, with his index finger this time, and sneered.

"Aww… Do we have to nyao?"

"He's *cute* nyan!"

"How about a belly rub first n~yaoi?"

Eventually Wufei nattered them into order, using both bribes and threats. Reluctantly, the three cats positioned themselves all around the daemon, arched their backs, and hissed threateningly. Then in a three prong attack the familiars launched themselves all around the angel.

Wufei fell over with a loud crash as he watched their actions. The three seemed more intent on groping their vict- opponent than causing any real damage.

Justifiably startled by their actions, Quatre dropped the lunch. It lay on the ground next to him, contents spilled all over the concrete.


"Enough! Get back here, onna. I swear I've got to do everything myself."

Quatre cringed as Wufei let loose a barrage of energy spells, each one striking the ground around him. Even though the daemon was in chibi form, it being still daylight, the other had always been stronger than him in magical battles.

Pulling his morbidly fascinated gaze from the sight, the angel squared his chin and faced his attacker. "Wufei. We should not fight; violence solves nothing." He added in a near wail, "Besides, what did I ever do to you??"

"Hah! You are simply too cowardly to fight like a man! … A chibi man! Show me your true powers or suffer!" Another energy blast hurtled the angel's way. Quatre's attempt to rise was aborted as a wing injured in previous blasts refused to bend properly. He couldn't get enough lift to avoid the attack. As Quatre shakily got to his feet, woozily thinking along the lines of somehow running from the spell, several things happened at once.

A strong arm wrapped about his waist and hauled him to his feet; a glowing barrier surrounded both himself and his unexpected protector; and a long familiar voice amusedly called out, "Quatre! Look, it's the cute jiggly belly daemon from Heaven. He followed you all the way to the human world. That's so cute!"

"Duo senpai!"


Quatre's welcoming cry was nearly drowned out by Wufei's snarl of protest. Then he realized his first rescuer's arm was still loosely around his body. He turned his head inquisitively to the side meeting the stranger's gaze. Only it wasn't quite a stranger. He dimly registered the barrier dissipating in a swirl of warm air. "Trowa!" Quatre laughed a little, happy to see the vet. "You always seem to be rescuing me."

Trowa let his eyes drop very slowly and open equally lazily in a deliberate blink. "I'm always glad to be of service." He quirked a brow. "I realized I left my lunch at home." The human eyed the mess with a judicious eye. "I can eat at home." He shook his head at the angel's blushing apologies. "It's ok. I was getting tired of eggs anyway."

Meanwhile, Wufei and Duo were having their own conversation - not nearly as domestic a scene as the other two though.

"You… you angel you, how dare you accuse me of having a jiggling belly!"

"But you do! Look! It's jiggling even as you speak."

"My belly does not jiggle! *Quatre's* belly jiggles."

At this point Trowa looked up from his most recent hobby of Quatre watching to realize several things.

A. There was a chibi daemon in heeled leather boots and fingerless gloves, a vinyl and velvet body suit, and a nasty temper throwing a near fit on a nearby wall.

B. The reason for said near fit was a human shaped creature watching the entire proceedings with long legs carelessly tucked beneath him while sitting in mid air. C. The creature was Quatre's long lost senpai and was therefore Duo. The other angel was clothed in fabric similar to

Quatre's. A black tank top peeked beneath long wispy robes. The entire ensemble was loosely belted at the waist covering almost every inch of skin though his feet remained carelessly bare.

D. The toes attached to said feet were merrily wriggling.

E. Duo had a lot of hair. The long chestnut strands were held back in a loose ponytail, the entire length curling all around the floating being.

F. Wufei *did* have a jiggly belly. Just a little one though. About the same size as Quatre's in chibi form.

Trowa bemusedly watched Quatre heatedly deny the little daemon's accusations. "My belly does *not* jiggle."

"Hah! I thought angels didn't lie. Kisama, your belly jiggles more than m- It jiggles a lot!"

Here Duo smiled rather sunnily and added his own comments, unknowingly echoing Trowa's own observations. "Actually, I think they jiggle at about the same rate."

Wufei let out a thankfully unintelligible string of words at this point. He stamped his leather shod chibi feet for emphasis. "Injustice! No more of this nonsense. I had rightfully challenged the angel Quatre to a fight. None of you had the right to interfere." He then uttered a few sharp words. The language was unfamiliar to Trowa's ears; he assumed they were magical commands. His guess was proved correct when a surge of darkness emerged from Wufei's cupped hands and rushed at both Quatre and himself. Instinctively, he pushed Quatre behind him and watched grimly as the swirling black tunnel headed towards them.

"Stop it." An unfamiliar voice from above shattered both the sudden silence and the magical attack. The darkness collapsed as quickly as it had appeared. Trowa checked to how Quatre was faring before calmly turning to face the newest arrival. This stranger was clothed in unrelieved black like Wufei. It had none of the sensual feel of the other's outfit though, the cut rather reminded Trowa of a military uniform - the likeness emphasized by the snug knee high boots and black cape. The figure landed between Wufei's wall and the other three. Trowa felt a whisper of movement and glanced to his side. Duo had, unbeknownst to him, landed on near them some time before. Perhaps when Wufei had cast his spell?

Wufei's outraged shout brought his attention back to the newcomer, "Heero! What are you doing here." He shook his head, dark hair almost flying out of the neat ponytail. "Never mind that, you do *not* have the right to interfere in my battle as well!"

Quatre's quiet gasp made Trowa lean in closer. "Quatre?"

The blonde angel shook his head, blue eyes impossibly wide, "It's Heero… He's the heir to the Underworld." While all this happened, the sun began to set. Trowa watched, as fascinated as always by the change, Quatre shrink into his chibi form. He noted that Wufei, in the mean time, grew taller and more proportioned. The silver and leather outfit looked much more appropriate now.

He also noticed that Duo remained unaffected by the setting sun, as did Heero.


Trowa sensed movement from Wufei's side and watched as three pairs of ears perked up, and the cats sprang up to the source of the voice. They ran hurriedly, nearly tumbling each other in their eagerness, to greet Heero. Messy dark brown hair framed his intense face, dark sunglasses hiding whatever expression they might have held. The cats landed all around his feet neatly, purring enthusiastically and rubbing up against him. He peered down at them and deigned to rub their ears for a few moments before shooing them back towards Wufei.

Wufei glared and gnashed his teeth for a little while. "Heero… What do you care about this pitifully *weak* little angel?"

Heero arched a brow, barely visible above the dark glasses. Trowa noted with some surprise that they were around the same height; the other … being seemed much taller, projecting a not so subtle aura of menace. He adjusted his stance to take in this newcomer as a potential enemy as well. The young man glanced behind him to check on Quatre and the other angel. The small blonde was anxiously watching the proceedings, anxiously eyeing Heero once in a while and shuddering. Duo had a smug little smile on his lips, *especially* when he looked at Heero.

The black clad stranger finally spoke, "I'm not doing this for the angel. I'm watching out for Duo."

With a sound of outrage or maybe fear, Quatre finally spoke, "What do you want with my senpai?" His voice quavered a bit, but Trowa had to give him points for bravery, especially taking in the fact that the angel was visibly shaken by Heero's presence.

"Yes, Heero," Wufei's dark eyes narrowed, "What *do* you want with that particular angel? And what's with those sunglasses anyway, trying to start a new fashion statement?"

Heero shrugged and slipped on the dark glasses, tucking them into his coat pocket. He ignored Wufei's sharp noise of surprise as well as the three semi hysterical yowls from the cats. Trowa looked over. One of Heero's eyes was missing or rather where there should have been color of intense blue to match his right eye; the left was leeched of all color. Trowa shifted once more as Heero's gaze swung in their direction, or to be more specific, in Duo's direction. He felt something soft brush him by and glanced down. Quatre, in all his earnest determination, had his arms spread and was glaring defiantly up at Heero. "I won't let you hurt Duo or Trowa!"

Heero modified his stare to take in Quatre as well, never quite letting Duo out of his sight. "Oh? So this is the little angel that Duo found so important…" The two continued to stare at each other, Quatre noticeably faltering under the steady regard though refusing to give an inch.

A few seconds later, Duo brushed by both Trowa and Quatre to stand directly in front of Heero. "Now, now Heero…"

Heero noticeably relaxed and stepped back a step, chuckling lightly. "I see you were right about this one's determination."

Duo stooped down and smiled affectionately at the smaller angel. He looked Quatre right in the eye even as he smoothed a fine boned hand through the soft blonde curls. "Quatre… I'm grateful you cared enough to look for me. But I wasn't asked to leave Heaven, I left out of my own free will."

"But senpai… why?"

The long haired angel shook his head ruefully. "A lot of things happened," he glanced not so secretively at Heero, "I can't go back there, Quatre. Not now, not ever." He hesitated and spoke again, "I think it's best if you go back there; it's not safe for you down here." This time Duo arched a fine brow and looked at Wufei. The daemon sniffed, unafraid, and blew him a raspberry. "You see what I mean?"

"Duo." Heero called the other angel's name. "We should go. All that magic flying around, they would have noticed." He arched his back slightly and stark white wings floated luxuriously around him. At Wufei's choked sputter, Heero smirked. "Duo insisted."

Duo watched Heero's flight into the sky, lingering on the hovering presence for a while. "Please return to Heaven and be safe." He brushed back some of Quatre's tears and brushed away the soft curls once more before extending his own wings, black delicate things, and made to leave as well.

"Wait." The command left Trowa's lips before he could think about it. All he saw were Quatre's dejected pose and his rounded eyes; all he heard was Quatre's poor attempts to stifle his tears. "You can stay at my house, talk things over." He watched Quatre look pleadingly at Duo, silently begging the older angel to agree.

Duo, in turn, looked over at Heero. "Heero?"

"I'll follow you."

"Just a minute!" Wufei's spluttering voice interrupted them. "Haven't you forgotten about something here?"

Duo smiled impishly. Trowa wondered how it was possible for an angel to smile impishly; the thought was rather amusing. "Oh I don't know. Quatre found me; Me and Heero decided to stick around a little longer, and now we're going over to Quatre's new friend's house for snacks!"

Hmm… when had he offered them food? Ah well.

"What about me?"

"What about you?"

"What am I supposed to do?"

"Well, I guess you can come too. Unless Trowa…?" Duo gazed inquisitively at him, "Do you mind awfully?"

"No. It's fine."

The older angel seemed to *bounce* on his toes a few times, enthusiasm and energy barely contained, "Well, then that's all settled! Let's go!"

And that was that.

From the way Wufei was shaking his head slightly with a cross eyed expression on his face, it might be a while before the daemon managed to tangle everything out in his head, so they would probably make it the house without any further incident. Lady, Anne, and Une were certainly enjoying their free time, frolicking around Heero's steps and taking teasing swipes at Quatre once in a while.

Trowa still couldn't quite figure out how he had gone from enjoying his solitary life to voluntarily inviting in the presence of several magical individuals.

Only it wasn't quite so inexplicable when he looked at Quatre's bright smile.

Trowa squared his shoulders and sighed. Right, the first thing to do when they reached home was to do the dishes and set out some refreshment for his guests. He briefly wondered what Quatre's feathered friends were doing in their prolonged absence.

Trowa had the feeling he was better off not knowing.

Notes: Senpai - used for upper classmates. ^_^ Or in this case - upper arch angels *g*
No da/da - The little endings Blue uses are sort of strange. They are grammatical markers, but he misuses them -_-
Just think of them as a personal quirk.
Minna - everyone
Maa Maa - calm down/ noises to soothe
Itterashai/Ittekimasu- Words spoken by the speaker when s/he leaves for home to go to school/work and words spoken to the person leaving respectively. It's sort of a ritual/custom.
Tori - gumi- Tori means bird, and gumi is well… it signifies a group/togetherness. Like the kenshin gumi or the urameshi gumi. *g*

And yes ^_^ cameos made by my fave fy boys… as birds.. mwaha…

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