GW/Wish - Daisuki na hito ni (To the one I love)
Dedicated to J-chan ~.^
just cause she's sweet and wanted a fusion fic *grins* I do requests yay ^^;;

Notes: Umm…. I'm not sure about the title >.<, love that REM song but for some reason I felt it had to be in jap. -_- ah well…. This was inspired? Ripped off of ? the lovely lovely four part manga by the ladies of Clamp ^^ Needless to say it won't strictly follow the characterization, plot, or style of the original *snorts* which is why I say inspired instead of say . . . err something else ^^ Enjoy!

Part 1 - Falling star

On a clear, cloudless summer night, a star fell from the heavens, a tail of lights glittering behind it. By a strange coincidence, on that same night and by a nearby location, a young dedicated veterinarian made his way home after a grueling work day filled with shots of every size and dosage; lots of screaming, biting, kicking - some even from the pets; and several fertility threatening operations. He noted the star falling, watching the bright light streak across the violet blue of the sky.

The veterinarian could have been watching someone chew gum and walk down the street at the same time for all the expression on his face. However, upon watching the star land with a distinct *oof* and soft yelp of pain in a nearby set of trees, the youth did manage the faintest look of surprise. A set of black fuzzy flying things distracted him though as they swooped towards the very same trees. The vet, letting curiosity get the upper hand despite the cats lined up on the roofs shaking their heads in dismay (Remember what happened to Uncle Tom?), decided to investigate.

Which was a *very* good thing upon reflection for what would have been the fate of our falling star otherwise?

Quatre, said fallen star, decided, swiping away frustrated tears with a chubby fist, that being a chibi angel sucked. Being a chibi angel stuck in a tree in the middle of the night with several long hours before the sun would even *consider* rising sucked even more. However, and this was a pretty big however - approximately the size of January in fact, what sucked *most* heinously was the pair of daemon birds straight from hell and therefore from Wufei, headed straight for him.

Though on a side note - Duo *was* right. The word "sucks" was a most descriptive and apt adjective in certain situations. The thought of Duo brought a brief smile to the blonde angel's face; it disappeared just as speedily though with the remembrance of the 'situation' Duo had managed to embroil himself in.

The other angel, his senpai no less, had somehow gotten himself banished from the heavens.

It was no mean feat. Despite the numerous antics and pranks Duo had wreaked all over the celestial lands, it had never happened before. Even the time when Duo, having declared white and pastels were out and black was the color to groove to, did cartwheels over the heavens with a Splatter 2003 v.2.11 gone amuck and over 300 gallons of black hair dye. It had taken several miracles to restore the bright shine to the book of Judgment, the pearly gates, not to mention several hundreds of angels. The braided angel, with a sulky look on his normally cheerful face, was sent to the tropics for a few decades - the elder angel who had given Duo his reprimand and subsequent punishment commented dryly that the profusion of colors there should provide the hyper active angel with all of three hours worth of amusement. Quatre later found out the reason Duo had been in a snit, not over his punishment but because the company which had provided the hair dye promised at least 2 months worth of color.

Barring any and all miracles of course.

Though the angels from higher up let Duo keep the black wings he seemed so fond of - writing it off as an adolescent thing - never mind that no other angel, teenage rebelling or not, in the history of the heavens had ever wanted black wings - too reminiscent of the daemons.

Then there was the time Duo decided to replace all the pearls embedded within the gates of Judgment with brightly colored emeralds of all colors - making the place seem more like the interior of a disco decorated by a color blind coordinator stoned half off his ass. Or the time the clouds really *had* formed pictures for a duration - animal couples doing the conga to the Ark whilst a artistically re-rendered Noah, his wife, and children languidly lounged about on Roman couches sipping wine. Or the time . . .

Succinctly, Duo had tried and tried and re-tried the patience of many a saint, archangel, and even Him without ever incurring anything worse that a rebuke and assignments which would ensure that the hyperactive angel wouldn't be bored for several centuries. Duo wasn't bad precisely - he had never broken a rule, just found creative and unusual ( and sometimes down right bizarre) ways to alleviate his boredom with between assignments.

Accordingly, volumes and volumes and *volumes* of new rules had been stockpiled since a particular, dark eyed angel matured into his powers. An entire library with plans to expand into a university in the works was devoted to the exploits of one Duo.

Which made Quatre's worries all the worse with his friend's disappearance.

Which explained why the angel was hanging from a tree by the fabric of his formerly pristine white robes while daemons mascots in the form of black and grey striped creatures, looking strangely like furbies with bat wings, were harassing him in the name of justice.

Sort of.

Quatre sighed and attempted to bat away the flying furby like things with short, flailing chibi fists and legs. Needless to say, the creatures weren't impressed.

The veterinarian observed the little blond child and the strange things surrounding him. He quickly leaped into action - quite literally - and knocked the flying creatures away with a flip of his bang and several judiciously timed spins and kicks. The youth gently untangled the child from the branches, peering quite solemnly at the round, cherub faced being in his hands. The face and body was quite out of proportion, the head being much to large for the body. The creature - he could no longer quite think of it as a child any longer - was clothed quite oddly as well. Intricately sewn lace and embroidery were strewn all along the white robe; delicate chains of silver and opal dripped from ears, ankles, and arms while the chubby feet remained quite bare. Bright, shining golden hair topped large blue eyes. The creature smiled gently and offered a polite bow.

"Thank you so much for rescuing me. Please don't think me presumptuous for wanting to know the name of my rescuer..."

"Trowa Barton." The chibi beamed, obviously quite pleased. Trowa found himself smiling back, the muscles near his mouth nearly creaking with disuse.

The small blonde bowed deeply once again. "My name is Quatre, and I am very grateful for your help. If there's anything I can do . . . " His high voice trailed off as he noted that his rescuer's gaze was no longer fixed on his own. Instead they gazed at the small white wings protruding out of his back. "Oh, these?" Quatre, quite proud of his wings, spread them out a bit more. "These are my wings." As if that explained everything.

Trowa replied, quite solemnly, though never taking his eyes off the wings, "Oh, of course...." As if that had explained everything.

"You see, Barton - san, I'm an angel."

Inscrutable stare. "Who's an angel?"

Another beaming smile. "I am."

Impassive green eyes. "And those are?"

A flutter of said appendages. "Wings."

Blank stare. "Because you're an angel."

A quizzical kawaii blink of confusion. "Yes."

Quatre was left with the very fine view of Trowa's backside as the young man walked off into the night. Of course being chibi and all, he couldn't appreciate it in the same way many others would - with equal doses of admiration, lust, and the insatiable urge to yaoi yaoi yaoi!! - but the lost blonde angel did admire it strictly for its aesthetic charms.

. . . . .

Moving right along, as quickly as Quatre did in order to catch up to Trowa's rapidly disappearing form, the chibi called out, "Barton - san! Ano, Barton san!" So anxious was he to chase after the tall human that Quatre nearly flew right into said young man's back.

Trowa put a steadying hand to his head, massaging his temples lightly, trying desperately to ignore the rippling flutter of wings in the otherwise liquid silence of the night. I've been working too hard; this is why I chose not to drive a car, never mind that I don't have a license - I must be dreaming. This is one bizarre dream . . .

An anxious plea. "Barton san, please, is there anything wrong?"

A measuring look. "You are a dream. I am dreaming. You are not here. I am not here. This is not happening."

A sweatdrop. "Barton san...?"

Another measuring look. "What were those flying creatures?"

A hesitant smile. "Those were creatures summoned by a daemon. His name is Wufei."

Another piercing stare. "A daemon. A daemon named Wufei who summoned daemonic creatures?"

Another hesitant smile. "Yes."

A brief hand to the head once more. "And this is because you're an angel."

A brilliant smile this time. "Yes, I'm an angel."

A flat, almost unfriendly stare. "You're an angel."

A confused look. "Yes, an angel."

Eyes closed, slightly swaying. "And you have wings."

Even more confused. "Yes... wings. Ano... Barton san, to thank you for your help, I would like to offer you something in return. Is there anything I can grant you? A wish...?"

Trowa considered this new turn of events. A flying chibi blonde who had just been attacked by daemonic creatures sent by a daemon named Wufei who claimed to be an angel was offering to grant him a wish.

He never dreamt for wishes.

Therefore this must be real. In other words, this was really happening. An angel was offering him a wish; a cute, tiny, blonde angel with wings was offering to grant a wish.

Quatre watched in confusion as the tall human walked off rapidly down the street once more. He had thought he was getting through to the strange man. With a huff and a strain of tiny gossamer wings, Quatre glided through the air trying to catch up with the strange person once more.

Only to be pulled up short as Barton san turned around and pinned him with another measuring look. "Even if this is a dream, I have no use for wishes."

Quatre offered another, hesitant smile. "But Barton san, debts must be repaid, and since you have helped me greatly... Surely, there must be a wish you want fulfilled?"

The human's lips twisted briefly before settling once more in its impassive expression. "There are no wishes that I can not make true for myself."

The blonde angel tried another angle, "But... if as you say, this is simply a dream, are you sure there is no wish I can grant you?"

Barton san nodded briefly before turning to look at a tree's branches hanging over the walls surrounding a courtyard. "Even in dreams . . . "

Quatre sighed slightly. "How sad. . ., " he breathed. Resolve settled even deeper in the little angel's heart. "Barton san, I'm afraid I can not leave until my debt is settled."

Trowa sighed as well, realizing with a start that he and his little companion had arrived at his home. "Do as you like." The laconic man paused midway in stepping through the gates of his home. "This is a dream; you will not be here in the morning." With that last statement, he made his way through the courtyard, gently touching the majestic trunk of the tree in the middle of the well manicured backyard, and made his way to the house.

Quatre floated in behind the human, spinning in slow circles and trying to take in the beauty of Barton san's home. The aura of peace and harmony between nature and man was so very strong here, this was the closest to heaven he had felt since his impromptu journey to Earth. He wandered close to the large tree, mesmerized by the sheer size and radiance emanating from it. Several birds, sleeping snug within its branches, sprang awake upon feeling the angel's presence, flipping and twirling all around him.

"Ano.. Barton san?"

"... yes?"

"May I stay here for the night? I can stay out here in the yard..."

"It doesn't matter to me; you'll be gone in the morning."

"Thank you, and good night, Barton san."

"Call me Trowa."

"Good night, Trowa."

"Good night, Quatre."

The next morning, Trowa Barton opened his eyes carefully. There was something tugging at the edges of his consciousness, warning him to be wary. Sitting up and looking around the familiar surroundings, the young man couldn't quite remember last night. Something very important had happened last night. The incessant chirping of the swallows kept distracting him; they were especially *exuberant* today.

"Ohayo gozaimasu, Barto- Trowa, " chirped a voice near his head.

The lanky, long limbed youth started and tilted his head slightly to the side. The sight of a small beaming face filled with good cheer and matching translucent wings flooded his vision.





Really it left him with nothing to say.

"Ohayo gozaimasu! I hope you slept well?" Huge blue eyes watched him expectantly.

Well, almost nothing. "Ohayo."

The answering smile encouraged him to speak further. "I must still be sleeping. Oyasumi." Without pause, Trowa lay back down and tried desperately to fall back asleep. Or wake up. Whichever worked to bring his life even remotely close to reality, version yesterday morning.

"B-but… But Trowa!" The vet felt the wispy, silky flutter against his cheeks and resignedly opened his green, green eyes.

"Ah?" The blonde hallucination with wings gently grasped his hand and lifted it to one rounded cheek. It smiled softly. "But see? You can touch me; I'm real."

"No, you're not."

"Yes, I am."





"Hn." Then, oh treacherous of most treacherous acts, that hallucination of his pulled a devious most effective trick from its bag of err… tricks.

It sniffed.

A lower lip trembled.

A tell tale sheen of moisture turned huge eyes even bluer.

The lower lip trembled ever more violently.

The sheen of moisture threatened to spill into a waterfall of chibi tears.

Trowa watched all this unthin- unblinkingly - on the crusty, crunchy outside. Inside, several chibi Trowas dressed in white lab coats were shrieking madly whilst running about, pulling levers, throwing switches, pushing buttons, and such.

"Experiencing total core meltdown, "cried one, pulling at his bang.

"Do something!" wailed another piteously.

"I am, " replied yet another, chugging coffee down.

"Red Leader, Red Leader, put out dammit, pull out!" babbled one in the corner confusedly.

Trowa, battling all of this manfully, managed to form a clear thought. "Wait."

The blond chibi paused mid leak, cutely knuckling away obediently at an almost fully formed tear. "H-hai?"

"Let's start over again."


"You're an angel."


"With wings."


"And you want to grant me a wish."


"Even when I don't have one."


"You're not a hallucination."


"You're real."


"And I am going back to sleep."

"Haiaiaiaiai wait, Trowa!"

"Just kidding."

Quatre squirmed slightly under the other's somber appraisal. He started as Trowa asked curiously, "Are all angels so…." A light touch ruffled his hair, tugging at one shiny curl gently. "Cute? And tiny?"

The angel blushed from hairline to bare peeping toes. "No." He gently floated outside with Trowa watching on in bemusement. "We use these forms to conserve energy, especially at night when our powers are weakest. Only the angels granted higher rank can retain their true forms all the time."

He began a slow turn in the air; mid turn a hazy aura surrounded the chibi. A distortion -not dissimilar to a crack in the mirror- appeared within that haze where for a moment, two Quatres existed. The smaller, doll like angel gave way to a much taller, more human shaped form. The newly birthed creature stretched its wings luxuriously as if absorbing the morning's light for his own; indeed everything was dimmer in companion to the fascinating angel. Or was that only in his mind?

A slender youth stood where the chibi had been. The golden haired angel bowed slightly, formally. "Trowa, let me introduce myself once more. I'm Quatre." The hint of formality dissolved as Quatre, much to Trowa's vague, inexpressible regret, swirled back into chibi mode. "Please, please allow me to stay. I don't take up much room in this form; you don't have to feed me; I'll do any chores around the house. I don't mind sleeping outside, and I promise not to be a bother so please please!" Glistening tears threatened once again, and once more visions of frantically screaming chibis in white skittered through Trowa's mind.

"Do as you like."

"Thank you. Thank you!" Trowa blinked from the sheer emotion in those eyes. He flopped back on the blanket.

Gracefully of course.

"Is there anything I can do right now?"

Trowa glanced back at Quatre. "I usually water the garden in the morning."

"Leave it to me!" The chibi pressed his chubby fingers together, suddenly swirling and reforming into his other form. Words Trowa never heard, resonations of bells and dreams crystallized in the air.

A huge sprout of swirling water in the middle of the garden thoroughly watered everything in its watery wake.

Including Trowa who had stepped out to observe this phenomenon.

"Barton san! I'm so sorry!" Now tiny hands frantically lifted his soggy bang and tried to wring it out.

"….." Trowa had the horrid, sinking image of a ship called normality colliding and splitting in two in a sea of chaos due to a divine and unstoppable force.

A blonde divine unstoppable force.

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