Part 2: Shinigami no Honou
A FoR/GW crossover


For future reference: The main weapons of the FoR cast are called "Elemental Weapons" Each item utilizes an element, such as air, fire, wind, water, etc. No, they can't call Captain Planet with it *sweatdrop* I'll be introducing the weapons with their properties later on. ^_^ Just thought you'd like to know.

Oh, and Kagero is Recca's mother. Kurei is Recca's older half brother, same father, different mother. They all belong to the Hokage clan, a secret ninja clan which supposedly died out several hundred years ago. But obviously didn't ^_^

And hmm... for the FoR listians, I'm assuming that the dragons kept within the flame master's arm are also Duo's ancestors. If I remember correctly, the eighth dragon was Recca's father, so... I just took it from there ^_^ Wheeee~!

The class whispered and giggled rather nervously as they watched one of their classmates glare towards the front of the room. No matter that they were in the middle of a very important physics lecture, the boy seated towards the back of the room was much more interesting, as was the empty seat beside him. Heero Yuy, usually one of the most attentive students in class, was attempting to drill a hole through the chalkboard by the sheer intensity of his stare, as if by will alone, his companion would magically reappear by his side, cheerful grin at the ready.

He's 27 minutes and 38 seconds late, 39, 40, 41... Irritably, the Japanese boy shook off the rather soothing march of time and went back to mulling over the problem at hand, Duo's disappearance. Surprisingly enough, the long haired boy didn't cut classes as he had done while touring schools undercover. Duo had resignedly taken the stance that the sooner he finish the classes, the sooner he could get this school thing over with. Little did he know that Sally would also insist that all three boys under her guardianship also enter college. So for Duo to be absent ... especially during a hard class such as this, difficult even for the former gundam pilots, was an anomaly. Unless something had happened to the American...
Heero glared some more, eliciting a rather poorly stifled yelp from the poor boy in front of him who he had unknowingly singled out. He was not happy.

Duo was not happy. In fact, he was very close to cursing at the top of his lungs, either that or throwing a temper tantrum. His perfect, beautiful, hard to maintain school attendance record was destroyed, demolished beyond repair. Not only that but there was sand in his hair, in his mouth, and the boy didn't even want to begin to think about where they were wedged under his clothes. The violet eyed boy glared at the sun, and the sand. There was a lot of sand to glare at. It reminded him of Quatre's home colony, with miles and miles of the glittering particles reaching as far as the eye could see. What the hell was he doing here?? All he could remember was hearing was a female voice whispering his name and entering a dark alley. He frowned slightly. And there had been a woman, her face hidden by the shadows but familiar nonetheless...

"Well, hello there."

Duo yelped and quickly stood up, only to stumble back down onto the grainy surface as his legs collapsed under him. K'so, he'd been sitting too long and his stupid legs had cramped. He glared up into the tall figure's face as she chuckled. He briefly wished for the gun he usually kept tucked in his waistband, or even the switchblade. But those weapons had been put aside for the peaceful era that they had supposedly fought for and won. Peaceful, my ass, he thought ruefully. Speaking of which... He gave a rather mournful mental sigh, the last time he had so much sand down his pants was during a visit to the beach... The thoughts of which were *almost* enough for him to break out into a silly grin. Outwardly, the American scowled and kept a hand behind his back, hopefully giving the impression of carrying a weapon and sorely tempted to scratch his backside while he was at it. "Who the hell are you?"

"Now, now. Is this any way to talk to your great aunty?" She chuckled softly, moving to the side, so that her back was no longer to the sun, allowing Duo to see her for the first time.

He blinked. She was pretty. Long black hair cascaded down from a tight ponytail at the top of her head, while her rather ... revealing black jumpsuit like outfit gave the impression of a *very* statuesque figure. His first reaction was to sulk slightly at her height; his second was to wonder how the hell she managed to stay in that ridiculously low cut top. "Great aunty? Look, lady, I have no idea what you're talking about." But he grinned crookedly upwards anyway, automatically putting on his most charming manner, all the while keeping a wary eye out for accomplices. "But why don't you introduce yourself ne?" Maybe if he kept her talking he could figure out just what the hell was going on...

She laughed again. "Oh, dear. You don't know me, do you, Duo Maxwell? However, I, " indicating herself with a slim hand pressed against her ... attributes, " know you very well, as do my clansmen." The boy's eyes boggled, both at the gesture and at her words. "My name is Nadare of the Hokage clan, and apparently, I've been chosen as the spokesperson for this little venture ... nephew dear."

Duo sweatdropped slightly even as he made his way to his feet more slowly, mind rapidly trying to process the sudden information. "Nadare is it? Well, Nadare san, since you claim to be a long lost relative, why don't you explain more about why I'm here."

The tall woman smiled, and the boy could have sworn he saw a positively gleeful look in her dark eyes. And it worried him. "Training, nephew, training."

Wufei frowned slightly as he felt ... something along the edges of his senses. The expression deepened further as he caught something dark darting past the window. With a nod towards Sally, who was across the room listening to a child's gleeful babble while taking her temperature, he quickly excused himself out of the office. The Chinese boy quickly entered the hallway and pulled a small handgun from a desk, slipping it into his loose fitting pants pockets. It had been heading towards the back of the house...

It was probably just a thrill seeker hoping to catch a glimpse of the infamous ex gundam pilots. There had been a huge number of those people when they had first moved into the neighborhood, the boys having gained a certain notoriety, but in the past few months, it had slowed to a slow trickle. Still, it was worth checking out.

With that thought, he slowly headed towards the large garden in the back, the rich heady scent of grass and blooms a distant sensation pricking his awareness. There was something not quite right about the utter stillness of the green enclosure...

"Wufei Chang, ex pilot of Shenlong, friend to Duo Maxwell, I would speak with you."

The boy slowly turned around at the sound of the voice, body tense and ready for action. The deep voice held no challenge, simply stating his wants in a cool, steady tone. Wufei turned to face a man, taller than himself, pure pale skin marred only by a deep angry burn mark on one side. Two pairs of dark eyes assessed each other, the smaller figure finally giving a small nod and relaxing slightly. The stranger was not here for battle, that much he could tell from lack of a battle aura and a threatening stance. However... "Who are you and what is it that you wish?"

"I am Kurei, " the older man stated simply, long black cloak barely fluttering in the slight breeze. "I have a ... gift for you I suppose." Suddenly, he threw an object through the air and Wufei caught it, frowning briefly as he stared down at the thing in his hand. The symbol for water was carved deep within the hilt? of the item. Quizzically, the black haired boy looked up, "And why do you think I would accept such a gift?"

The figure smiled rather arrogantly, "It's called Ensui, and if I am not mistaken you will need this in the days to come."

One dark eyebrow quirked upwards in question, "Oh? And how is this to help me?" He flipped the item up in the air carelessly, never taking his eyes off the man before him. Something told him that this one would strike without hesitation or warning.

"Well, why don't we find some water before I explain further...."

"I... I... I'm sorry!!!" The girl fled to the relative safety of her fellow classmates. She had unknowingly bumped into Heero during the class change ... and the glare she had received in return was ... bone chilling.

The Japanese boy barely suppressed a snort at her skittish actions, deciding not to tone down his glare. Sometimes having mastered a threatening expression was one of the most useful things in life...

"Heero Yuy, please come to the main office. Heero Yuy." The dark haired boy frowned slightly, that coupled with his glare was enough to give him a wide berth in the crowded hallway. Like he said, there were benefits.

He stalked over to the office, briefly wondering if it was some news about Duo. Surely the boy wasn't silly enough to get himself hurt... Heero skidded to a halt with yet another frown, there was an unknown boy standing at the main office, red cap jauntily placed backwards on top of longish, unruly black hair, hands casually pushed deep within pockets, his stance one of cheerful nonchalance. The boy looked up immediately as Heero approached, waving enthusiastically. "Yo, Heero. I have a message for you from Duo." The stranger held up a black cap, repressing a snicker as the other boy's piercing eyes narrowed dangerously in recognition. "But it's a private message so..." He jerked his head to the side, indicating that they should take it outside. Heero spared the boy one last glare before signing himself out, quelling the school secretary's rapid, breathy protests with a single look. There were those benefits again...

They stepped outside, the other boy whistling quite cheerfully, with hands held behind his head, the black cap hung teasingly over one figure. Heero trailed behind him.

When they reached the side of the school building, the Japanese boy stepped forward threateningly. "Talk. Now."

The other boy scratched his nose, smirking slightly. "Hehehe. Ka-chan was right about you. Man, you're a lot like Mikagami." Heero simply glared. The stranger sweatdropped slightly, "Even got the personality down pat." He grinned, proudly pointing to himself, "I'm Recca Hanabishi, of the Hokage clan. You and your friends, Heero Yuy, have sort of been chosen to help us out."

"Friends, meaning Duo as well." Blue eyes narrowed threateningly as he took another, deliberate step forward. "Kisama. If you've done *anything* to..."

The boy calling himself Recca sweatdropped as he backed away lightly, holding both hands out in a placating gesture, even as his dark eyes seemed to glitter in silent amusement. "Now, here me out. He's in good hands."

Instead of soothing the other boy, the words only seemed to inflame Heero further. "What. Do. You. Mean."

Recca sweatdropped slightly as the other boy's glare turned positively lethal. "Yare yare, why do I always get the hard ones...."

A woman in a long black dress watched the events in her gazing crystal with a slight smile on her face. Duo would have found her *very* familiar as the woman from his dreams as well as the figure he had last seen in the alleyway. Kogane Houshi couldn't help but let out a small sigh as she watched her son, Recca, dodge and dance out of, an obviously furious, Heero's way. Maybe I should have sent Kurei.... Recca's half brother seemed to be making headway with Duo's young Chinese friend, using the weapon Ensui.

Expression turning serious, she tracked Duo's conversation with Nadare. It was very important that he accept his heritage as the ultimate descendant of the Hokage clan, as well as the special talents that came with it. The bright, clear glow of a true flame master existed deep within him, and she hoped that the others would be able to draw his latent talent out, preparing him for the battle to come.

The Spiritual weapon masters had been laid dormant many years ago by the first Hokage team, composed of Recca's friends and class mates, with the help of the Reikai Tantei.(1) With the turn of the new century, they were stirring once more, and she only hoped that Duo, as the last living member of the Hokage clan would be able to prepare in time. Meanwhile, she could only help by gathering the Elemental Weapons which Duo and his friends would need.

(1)The obvious reference to YYH is the YYH/FoR crossover which I'm working on, which is the prequel to this fic *sweatdrops* It introduces the Spiritual Weapons, their masters, and the bad guy. Never fear ^_^ *this* fic will also explain them *grins* Mebbe we'll see some YYH in here ne? --;

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