~Part 1 of GW/Recca~~
Part 1: Shinigami no Honou

It was precisely 7:59 a.m.

Wufei calmly sipped his tea at the kitchen table, mentally timing the muffled thumps from the second floor, more specifically from Duo and Heero's bedroom. "Third thump and 5th 'k'so,'" thought Wufei aloud. The long haired boy must have fallen over trying to pull on his pants. A yelp followed by a rich variety of curses indicated that he must have then caught his braid while zipping said pants. The boy raised an eyebrow, when had Duo picked up Mandarin? The sound of a chair falling was followed by the slamming of a door. "Hn. Almost here." Wufei casually extended a plate with two slices of toast, liberally slathered with butter, jam and a generous heap of cinnamon sugar. Heero had left at precisely half past seven, leaving Duo's breakfast on the table. As usual.

And as usual, Duo was running late. Rolling his eyes, the dark haired boy patiently counted down the seconds until Hurricane Maxwell arrived. 5... 4... 3... 2...

"Thanks, Wu!" In a burst of speed, Duo ran through the kitchen doorway and headed towards the door, grabbing the toast in one hand while the other hand frantically juggled books, a duffel bag, and a basketball. He ran out of the house, barely avoiding being scalped by the rapidly closing door. The American boy's braid trailed behind him by a good two feet, waving its own merry goodbye. "Ittekimasu~~!"

Wufei half heartedly muttered, "Itterasshai." Not that the other boy would hear him anyway. The grandfather clock in the hallway began to ring.

It was now 8 a.m.

Only Duo could create being late into so precise an art. The boy calmly polished off the rest of his tea and set up a tray for Sally. Maybe she'd like a cup while she worked. He was pretty sure that her schedule was booked for today, she'd need a hand with her patients.

"8:01 exactly, " the blonde woman murmured as she watched Duo speed past her front office window. He waved enthusiastically as he ran by, narrowly dodging the sprinkler system which was set to turn off at 8 a.m. but was always a minute late. She let out a quet laugh and turned away from the window as her first patient of the day arrived. Right behind him was Wufei, carrying a cup of tea. They exchanged brief smiles.

"No school today?"

"Ah, later."

She clucked her tongue in mock disapproval, "You sure you're not just cutting? As my ward, I am reponsible for you boys."

Wufei simply rolled his eyes, "As our guardian, you'd do far better my making sure *Duo* is on time."

Sally laughed lightly, "But he's never really late. Just rushed."

The Asian boy didn't bother to answer that particular remark. He simply shrugged and bent to the task at hand, pretending not to hear her. She laughed again and gazed with affection at the dark head industriously set to work on her... no, their patient.

Now this was a scenario she had never thought would come to pass but smiled anyway, content.


The American boy whirled around, sure that he had heard someone call his name. There, in the entrance of a dark alleyway was a figure draped all in black. The boy scratched his head. Hmm, to go to school or not to go to school... Easy choice. With a wide grin and a cheery farewell to physics class, he finished swallowing the rest of his toast before heading ambling over, easily dribbling the basketball with the duffel bag slung over one shoulder.

"Anbody home?" Duo peered into the alley way carefully, making sure to leave ample room to maneuver in case of attack. Despite the peace, one couldn't be *too* careful...


The boy muttered a few choice curses before hesitantly stepping deeper into the narrow strip of shadows. Something about this entire scene...

Quick as a cat, Duo quickly jumped around, a flicker of movement catching his attention. The last thing he saw before falling unconscious was a beautfiul, pale face staring at him.

She looked familiar...

The boy sighed, absently scratching the dark hair under the brim of his baseball cap. "Are you sure we want to initiate him this way? I mean... Ka-chan knows best 'n all, but it seems sort of harsh."

The figure next to him, taller, his face half hidden in shadows, looked faintly amused. "He's from a different era and knows next to nothing of our fighting arts. Considering what he will soon face, I think this is the best way, Recca"

"Whatever." With a long, last look at the unconscious boy in the middle of the desert, Recca turned away. Ka-chan would take good care of him, kitto. She was, after all, his great great great grandmother or something like that. "What's the name of the next boy on the list?"

"Heero Yuy."

"Yoshi. We don't have much time, let's go."


The two blurred and then disappeared, exiting into the human world.


Part 2

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