Like the title sez: gifts, awards, and other knicknacks of the present sort.

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Gifts - Pics
By Atropa Belladonna | Mail | Page

Gundam Flavored Kisses Picture
A picture -obviously- from a fic o' mine by tro *grins* Check out the rest of her fab art and fics at her site.

Death Calls Duo
This time a picture from Death Calls a birthday fic and pic! *grinz* *happy*

by Alex | Mail

Vampire GW Duo and Heero
A random present to umm.. inspire me to write more of my vampy parody *grins* *sweatdrops* I'm working on it? -_-

by mbp | Mail | Page

Heero and Duo
A b day present from mbp *grins* featuring our favourite couple of Heero and Duo in a cuddly pose ^^

Gifts - Fics

by Moerae | Mail

Dear God
A b day fic present from my mouto chan ^^ Ureshii ne~ She usually writes yyh, so this was a treat!.. an angsty treat but hey *grins*

by Stargem | Mail | Page

Double Trouble
Another b day present *heh* from the year 2000 by Stargem waii >.< chibi duo and chibi heero @_@....

by Storyteller | Mail | Page

That Don't Impress Me Much
This one's from Storyteller *snickers* Relena cuts a swath midst her GW bishounen beau ^^;; *fun*


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