also known as WTF... to be read with one eye in a wink and tongue perpetually in cheek. If you find yourself offended by my faq, you are in for biiig problems with the rest of my site.
And yes, these questions have been all asked at some time or another ^_^ Some more frequently than others.

What is yaoi?

YAOI (pronounced Ya(the ya in yacht) O( the over) I( the e in evil)) is actually an acronym. It boils down to meaning pointless sex (PWP). Though in fanfiction-dom it has come to mean any sort of situation involving two boys (or more), maybe a plot, and some definite sexually explicit situations.

In other words - anything labelled yaoi or its milder cousin (shounen ai) will involve Heero, Duo, lots of heart bubbles, holding hands, kissing, fondling, angsting, pondering over lube brands, etc. ^_^

Deal with it.

What is shounen ai?

Shounen ai (pronounced Sho(the sho in short) ne (the ne in ned) n A(the a in art) i (the e in evil)) is literally translated as boy's love. So anything involving two boys in a romantic relationship. Fanfiction-dom though has dubbed shounen ai as meaning all the stuff yaoi has without the sex.

What's with the numbers?

Most of the major players in the gw world have names based on numbers. Here's a quick run down.

Heero - 1
Duo - 2
Trowa - 3
Quatre - 4
Wufei - 5
Zechs - 6
Noin - 9
Lady Une/Anne - 11
Treize - 13

There are other numbers (Dekim, Quinze, Catorce...) but who really wants to watch *them* in a relationship? *wrinkles nose* You'll also notice that I don't really use the numbering system *shrugs*.

What's with the math?

The x sign signifies that there's going to be sex, or at least something sexually explicit. The + sign means a romantic relationship/interest without all the hot and sweaty details. I don't really use these either -_-. The person in front of the x/+ is the agressor, seme, pitcher, top, whatever...; the person behind the x/+ is the victim... ah no... uke, catcher, bottom, whatever. Some examples:

1+2 - Heero grabs Duo in a kiss.
1x2 - Heero grabs a bottle of lube then drags Duo in for a kiss.
9+6 - Noin finally drags Zechs down by his bleached hair and lays one on him.
6x9 - Just *think* of what those numbers imply...
3x3 - Trowa beats to the rhythm of his own flute... (he bop he bops...)

Are Heero and Duo (and everyone else in the gw world) gay?

If you want them to be, they are. If you want them to be as straight as a 4x2 *smirks* board, they are. At this point, anything goes. This is the beauty of fandom. There is also the beauty of the back key which one should use according to one's discretion. Then there is also the faq which people seldom read. Or the warnings. Or the hidden entrances. So fly fly little bird... Actually if the thought of Heero and Duo setting up house on a cute little plot of land somewhere on Earth and the colonies squicks you, you should have left looong before this question came up.

Are you gay?

Are you? If you are asking this question, you have an unhealthy obsession with gay people. In any case, you've come to the right place ^_^.

Are you a girl?

Again, are you? Give me five bucks, and I'll let you know. Or to make it easy and cheap - read the numerous self inserts in my fics. If you still can't figure it out... There's no help for you here, child.

Where can I get my hands on this anime?

If you're in the US, you can watch it on Cartoon Network. I believe it's in the afternoon, running on the Toonami block. Out of the US, I have no clue. DVDs and VHS tapes are available.. check the various anime commercial websites for more information.

Are you Japanese?

Nah, I'm Korean. Got rice bitch and all that... East siiiiide.. whateva... -_- H.O.T. generation though the little buggers get on my nerve like no one's business. I do know some Japanese, though far less than my sensei would have liked. Heh.

Are you really this sarcastic/insane in RL?

mwaha... you have no idea _. If you're ever in the ny area, mail me... I dare you. *g*

Is this over yet?

Well now it is XD. Until I get new questions, or some old ones surface... I know I'm missing a few stuff in here...

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