Something About Trowa

"Quatre... Quatre, I have something to tell you."

The blonde boy carefully sat down next to Trowa on the plush sofa.  The room was darkened, and the other boy sat in shadows.  Quatre shifted on the seat nervously, knowing whatever the taller boy had to say was important.  The Arabian pilot had been pressing the issue of intimacy or rather lack of.  Forget getting in bed together and doing the horizontal tango, he would settle for a kiss or even a hug, but every time he tried, the other boy would turn away or a faint tinge of unease mixed with fear would emerge from those emerald green eyes.  So Quatre waited, and waited, and waited...

But now Trowa wanted to talk...

"Quatre, I...." Trowa stuttered hesitantly.  The blonde boy found it rather endearing, especially since it raised Trowa's baritone to a light tenor...

"Quatre!"  Suddenly huge tears welled up in Trowa's eyes, and he started to wail in a rather *high* pitched voice.  Stunned, Quatre could only blink as the Heavyarms pilot threw himself into the smaller boy's arms.  The blonde boy tried to comfort him as best as he could.  And despite Trowa's obvious distress and tears, he enjoyed the feeling of *finally* having the other boy in his arms.

But then Quatre felt something he should *not* have.  No, you hentais, Quatre's hands were still on Trowa's *back*.. *cough*  Actually, he felt two somethings against his chest.  Two *soft* somethings... something that he felt when hugged by his many sisters, something soft and cushiony and... and... Abruptly, Quatre cut off that line of thought.  It couldn't be...

"Trowa, " he managed in a calm tone of voice, remarkably calm... *too* calm.  "What is it you wanted to tell me?"

The other boy sniffled miserably, and sighing, Quatre handed him a handkerchief.  Trowa daintily blew his nose.

"I'm...  I'm... not the boy you thought I was."

Quatre nodded dumbfoundedly.

"I'm actually..."  Without a warning, Trowa grabbed both of Quatre's hands, blushing, and placed them right over his chest.  Right where Quatre had felt those two soft somethings his sisters possessed.

Trowa blurted out, light baritone now *decidedly* a mid alto.  "I'm a girl!!!"  A statement which was rather redundant considering Quatre was unknowingly groping him...

"Are you sure??"

"Of course I'm sure!!  Feel them!"

"I mean... are you *sure*?"

"You don't believe me~~~~!"

'It could be the after effects of being in space without food, water, oxygen...Especially, lack of oxygen."

"Are you calling me brain damaged?  What about you and Wing Zero?"

"What about Wing Zero?  *Nothing* is wrong with Wing Zero!!"

Both paused to consider *that* statement.  Then Trowa burst into tears again, voice hitching and trembling with each word.

"You.  Don't.  Love.  Me.  Any.  Mo~~~~~re!!.  'Cause I'm not a boy!!"  Trowa buried her head in the damp handkerchief and sobbed.  A move which would have been more effectinve if her bang wasn't so... prominent.  As it was, the damp cloth sort of draped over the uni bang.

Quatre tried to soothe Trowa once more, even while his mind had gone sort of, ... really, numb.

"Of course I love you.  I'm just.. shocked, stunned, amazed even.  Ano... Why didn't you tell me this before?  For that matter, *why* were you masquerading as a boy in the first place?"

Trowa sniffled a few times more before replying.  "Well, do you *know* how hard it'd be to be a girl gundam pilot?  In a war?  Besides, I was slow to develop but had a growth spurt.  I was as straight as a board."  Wisely, Quatre refrained from commenting that Trowa was *still* straight as a board.  "So people *naturally* assumed I was a boy.  It seemed... logical to take it the next step further ne?"

Quatre simply nodded; he'd been doing a lot of that lately.  Coherent thought escaped him.  Nay, they fled screaming, "Run away!  Run away!"

Trowa continued in a dole sort of voice, her bang seeming to commiserate with her by wilting slightly, "And well... by the time we met... How could I confess it to a boy that's *prettier* than me, a real girl!"  Then she blushed faintly and wrung the handkerchief some more.  "But then, we fell in love, the war was over, so I *had* to tell you."

Quatre nodded again; he couldn't stop nodding.  Dizzily, he wondered if he was in shock.  Suddenly, Trowa glomped him, throwing herself onto the smaller boy's lap.  She beamed, even the bang seeming to perk up.  "But now, you love me, so it's ok~~  Ne????"  She bussed a huge sloppy affectionate kiss on the Arabian's cheek.  "And we'll live hap~pily ever after."

"Trowa... you didn't talk this much before.  And you're *perky*."  Quatre added hastily, the other boy errr girl's tears threatening to flow once more, "But I love you this way, really."

"Do you know how hard it is to keep your voice low like that?  It was so *difficult*.  I mean, seriously, I wanted to say so many more things, but I just *couldn't*, you know?"

The blonde boy just nodded...

"Trowa is a what!!"  Duo's loud yelp filled the air while Wufei simply gaped at Quatre.  The other three pilots had been called to Quatre's estate on an *urgent* matter.  Heero had been unable to make it; Duo would be filling him on the "details" later.

"Are you sure?"


"But you know, the dude has no chest."

"Wrappings, tight wrappings."

Duo's mouth opened in a silent exclamation.  Then the American boy grinned and picked up another chocolate chip, Quatre shaped cookie.  "Maaa... 's not *that* bad, is it?"  He bit into the cookie and then violet eyes widened in appreciation.  "Man, these are *good*."  He snatched a few more and would have attempted to eat all of them, but Wufei smacked Duo's hand loudly.

"Maxwell, I swear you have no manners."

"But Wufei, try them!"  With that, Duo stuffed Wufei's open mouth with a huge fistful of cookies, purple eyes bright with mischief.

Wufei's eyes widened in indignation and anger.. but then closed again as he chewed on them consideringly.  When he could finally speak, he said, "These *are* good."  Then smacked Duo upside the head anyway.

At Quatre's resigned sigh, Duo suddenly smirked.  "Trowa made them didn't he.. err she?"


"She decorated your den too, ne?"  Duo looked ready to burst into laughter as he took another good look around.  The entire place looked like some sort of special from the clown collection from Salvation Army.  Clown lamps rested next to ashtrays, snuff boxes, and even lighters depicting various scenes of circus life.  The colors ranged from screaming red to blinding white, and every other color a human could imagine, but most probably did not *want* to imagine.  All in all, it looked as if  two color blind, psychotic, interior decorators with a fetish for circuses had downed a case of moonshine and gone at it.  Although, the rest of the house was decorated beautifully.

"Actually, Trowa redocrated the entire house.  She just thought I was too serious and needed something more... fun."

Duo *did* burst out laughing at that point.  Wufei snorted and crossed his arms while impatiently waiting for Duo to calm down.

Quatre, a strange mixture of smugness and glee mixed on his face, spoke, "I mean, I suppose it was dense of me not to have figured out Trowa's true gender earlier.  After all, despite his tight jeans, he doesn't... well... *bulge* in the front."

Duo whooped and nodded in agreement.

The boy continued, "But then again, your Heero is the same way ne?  No matter how tight his spandex, he never shows..."

Duo snickered some more and nodded again.  Then paused.  "Wait a minute, just what are you implying?"

Quatre smirked to himself.  He widened blue eyes innocently.  "Well, you guys haven't *done* the deed yet have you?  Heero's putting off, isn't he?  Just like Trowa did...."

By this time, Duo had stopped laughing all together.  He squeaked out.  "So?"

"And.. it was awfully suspicious, how he rejected Relena.  She *is* Queen of the World and all that, money.. power.  Heero gave it up without a thought, sort of suspicious..."

"Quatre, are you trying to tell me something?"

Quatre shook his head.  "Oh no.. I wouldn't dare to.  After all, I promised Trowa..."

"What does Trowa have to do with this?"

"Well.. Trowa *is* the only one to have seen Heero shirtless, while he was taking care of him..."  Quatre blinked guilessly.  "Have you ever seen Heero without his shirt?"

Duo let out a funny sort of yelp.  "Are you?.. You.. You.. Gek."  With that coherent statement, Duo took a flying leap out the door, leaving behind a smugly triumphant Quatre and a confused Wufei.

The Chinese boy raised an eyebrow.  "You don't mean to say..."

Quatre laughed lightly, "Don't be silly, of course Heero's a boy."

Wufei mused, "Then why haven't they..."

"He's waiting for a proposal and a wedding ring.  Heero's actually sort of old-fashioned.  *That's* the secret Trowa knew..."

"Ah..."  Wufei paused delicately.  "And the pants?"

"Gundam reinforced from the inside.  *Nothing* will get through that."

Wufei winced and shifted uncomfortably.  "No wonder he always looks like he's got a gundam up his ass."



"... Duo?"

"Off with your pants!"

~~Ye Merry Olde Ende~~

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