GW Remix

Superman GW: The Movie Trailer

VO: Yes, it's Superman like you've never seen it before, with an all new cast and special effects. Superman GW, out in theatres soon.

*screen fades to black and gradually lightens into white. Center screen is Heero Yuy, glaring at the screen and tugging at his bright blue tights.*

VO: Heero Yuy, mild mannered reporter working at the popular newspaper, Gundam Today is actually *kazoo fanfare* Superman! Yes, Superman. Faster than a speeding bullet!

Heero: Ninmu ryoukai. *shoots gun, runs directly in bullet's path, and watches impassively as it hits him in the arm.* Ninmu kanryou.*bleeds*

VO: *queasy voice* Leaps buildings in a single bound. Ano... *rechecks cards* Leap from buildings in a single bound? *mutters* Is this a typo??

Heero: *stands at the top of the newspaper buliding "GW Today"* Ninmu ryoukai. *jumps and lands with a thud, on his head* Ninmu kanryou. *stands up bleeding all over his pretty blue tights...*

VO: Bends steel bars. *relieved whisper* This can't be too bad...

Heero: Ninmu ryoukai. *wraps a rifle around a very startled OZ soldier's neck and squeeeezes* *pop* Ninmu kanryou. *wipes blood and other ... bodily fluids on his bright red cape*

VO:...... Moving right along. Presenting Duo Maxwell as Lex Luthor!

Duo: *flashes everyone a V sign from a pent house over looking the city* Hah! I get to be filthy rich!!! *mutters* Let's see any fanficcers call me a street rat now! *strikes dashing but evil type pose in his expensive Italian silk suit*

*Everyone pauses to ogle*

VO: ... Correction: Lex Luthor who apparently has taken an overdose of Rogaine.

Duo: Oi...

VO: And Relena as the annoying female sidekick who always needs to be rescued.

Relena: *dangerous tone* What did you say?

VO: *sweatdrop* That's your role in the film.

Relena: *subsides* Oh...

VO: *mutters* Baka. Wufei as the overworked, hyper tense Chief.

Wufei: *looking rather harrassed with collar on shirt open and tie draped haphazardly around his neck* All right, who the hell's racking up the dry cleaning bills!

*screen fades to black once more as Heero comes walking onto the screen with triumphant kazoo music blaring in the background*

Heero: Hn. *checks script* Must fly... Ninmu ryoukai *dead monotone* Up up and away. *whips out self destruct* *BOOM*

VO: *watches bright blue and red dot fly off screen*.......Now for our Feature Presentation....

Titanic: The Untold Story

A certain devil may care, nauseatingly charming, blonde actor stands at the stern of the ship, arms spread out. He hollers, "I'm the King of the World!! Wooooooooo!!"

Relena comes flying on the screen and shoves him off the ship. "No, I'm the Queen of the World!"

Suddenly, the ship blows up in a bright green blaze as one frustrated, forlorn male voice screams out, "Now where am I???"

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