It's Greek to Me
or... Pygmalion GW Style ^_^

Once there was a sculptor known all throughout the land for his ability to create wondrous statues out of any material.  He was especially known to create perfect sculptures of the human form, every line and feature perfect.  His name was Heero Yuy, who also had a well known reputation for shooting anyone who tried to interfere with his art.

Now while people exclaimed and cooed over his craft, they felt something was missing.  Not the physical shell of the statues, but an emptiness and lack... of something, echoed within the cold cobalt eyes of their creator. Heero knew this and felt frustration growing day by day as he stared at a block of marble in the middle of his workshop.  This new work would prove to them that he was no "machine" capable only of creating aesthetically pleasing mannequins.

But not tonight, the brown haired boy was exhausted from having to deal with one of his most persistently annoying clients, the town's rich girl, Relena.  Unfortunately, she was one of his sponsors, so shooting her was out of the question... or at least until he managed to make enough money that he wouldn't need her support.  Heero let out a cackling laugh at the thought and eyed the row upon row of gleaming guns regretfully.  One of these days... bang, right between the eyes he thought, or maybe a grenade thrown down the cavernous opening known as Relena's mouth, or maybe...  With a final deep chuckle, he hied himself off to bed, gleefully dreaming of the 1001 ways to kill Relena. (TM)

The gods on Mt. Gundam were amused by this human.  His skill was such that he could recreate any living form, but he lacked the spark which would truly make his creations come to life.  Since they were bored, what with nothing to do with lounge about in a godly manner, they took delight in interfering with mortals' lives.  They decided to do something about this Heero Yuy...

Quatre smiled, "What he needs is an Inspiration to help him."

Wufei snorted, "Don't we have anything better to do?"

Quatre blinked, "Well... no...."  He turned to the silent boy next to him.  "Do we?"


The blonde boy smiled again, "See?"

Wufei sighed with a resigned look on his face. "Fine."

Within his dreams, Heero found himself within a wooded glen, the air strangely muted and quiet.  Shrugging, he walked into a clearing of the surrounding bush and stopped dead still at the sight before his eyes.  Rich waves of sun kissed brown hair rippled down, spreading itself all around a slim body.  Heero could only see the profile of the boy's? girl's? figure.  Long lashes curled sweetly over rounded cheeks while pale hands rested against upraised knees.  Those eyes remained closed while Heero could only stare. The sunlight gently played lovingly over that slumbering body, highlighting the richness of creamy skin and the masses of hair  His hands itched to hold a sketchpad and pencil, to try and capture this moment on paper.

Then those luxurious lashes fluttered gently, and slumberous violet eyes opened to fix curiously on him.  Heero felt his breath catch in his throat as pale full lips widened in a slow easy smile.  An unfamilar, unbidden, answering smile touched his own stiff features before Heero awoke from the dream.  He leapt from the bed, fully clothed in spandex and tanktop, and rushed to his desk.  Heero worked feverishly at capturing the figure within his dream.  Yes, those were the curve of lips, graceful outline of seated body... As he sketched the rest of the night, fully focused on his mission, a single thought whispered through his mind.  If only the figure from his dream had spoken... Pushing useless wishes out of his head, Heero bent to the task at hand.

He worked continuously for over a week, resting only when his body collapsed unconscious.  And even then his mind refused to let up, replaying that one dream over and over again.  That wide innocent gaze was forever burned into his mind...

The dreams continued during his sleeping moments.  Heero often times found himself talking to the mysterious voice, the other's voice a low husky sound.  He found himself absently wishing to run hands over face, skin, and hair, if only to see if they were as supple as they looked.  They were.  Heero was almost tempted to sleep more if only to see the figure in his dream, but the statue's pull on the blue eyed boy was stronger.  So he worked with a fervor, and as the statue slowly formed under Heero's skilled hands, the sculptor discovered a startling fact.

The statue was startling life like, the viewer expected the figure to rise and stretch gracefully at any moment, it was his best creation.  But it wasn't enough.  The pale skin of marble didn't capture the silky smooth texture of the mysterious boy, the outline of cascading hair was a hardly a substitute for the soft masses that beckoned a lover's hand.  And the cold curve of lips was nothing like the sensuous smile the boy in his dreams oft gifted him with.

So Heero labored and cursed, definitely cursed, and slaved over his newest work.  Finally, he was done.

The statue sat in the middle of his workshop.  Eyes partially open and lips parted as if to speak, the boy sat leaning forward against upraised knees, arms tucked neatly under the pointy chin.  Waves of thick heavy hair cascaded down all around the body as in Heero's dream.  Heero wasn't sure, but he had a sneaking feeling that the the boy was actually naked underneath all that hair...

But there was something still missing...

Wufei choked lightly on the nectar he had been drinking.  "Quatre... you didn't..."

The blonde boy shrugged.  "Well, why not?"

The black haired boy shook his head.  "Quatre... I saw you with the Buster Rifle of Love (TM)  You can't just have that mortal fall in love his creation..."

"I can't?"  He blinked wide blue eyes in confusion.

"Quatre... Stop that."

The blonde boy laughed lightly, "Well... I feel sorry for him.  All alone with nobody... He's not likely to go out and meet people either.  He needs someone."

Trowa raised an eyebrow.  "And having him fall in love with a statue will help him how?"

Quatre grinned mischievously.  "You'll see..."

It was driving Heero crazy... well crazier at any rate.

His dreams were haunted by the lively sparkle of violet eyes and a slow lingering smile.  His waking moments were spent staring at the cold unresponsive statue.  Heero had taken to speaking to the figure... as if it would reply, fully opening those eyes and looking at *him*  But it never happened.

Heero eyed the statue in frustration.  It was almost right, almost... what did it need?  A smile quirked his lips... a lover's kiss to awaken it?  Snorting at his own suddenly whimsical thoughts, he nevertheless bent down...

Wufei gaped.  "Quatre... you're not..."

The blonde boy grinned gleefully and generously sprinkled a finely ground powder over the statue.

Trowa leaned forward, all three were invisible to the mortal eye... which was a good thing because Heero would have surely shot them otherwise.  He reached out a hand and sprinkled a bit of the powder over his own lips.  That tingling sensation... "Ground Pocky TM?"

"Ha~~i.  Guaranteed to bring anyone to life."

Wufei and Trowa sweatdropped.

... and brushed a kiss across those cold lips.  Eyes closed, he kept his own lips against the statue for a brief moment before pulling away slightly.  Baka, what were you expecting?  ...and nearly had to buy a new pair of shorts, as warm arms suddenly wrapped themselves around the startled boy.

"Na~~ Heero.  What took you so long?"

Warm lips clung to his own, as Heero's eyes popped open to stare into amused violet ones.


The other boy tsked... "You're supposed to kiss the princess awake."

Heero raised an eloquent brow.  "You're not a princess."

"Whatever works."

Heero smirked slightly, absently running two hands through the silky hair.  He agreed and showed the other boy how much by once more lowering his dark head over the other's smiling face.

... and they lived ha~~~ppily ever after... Once Duo learned to wear clothes and Heero stopped shooting people.  Well one out of two at any rate ~_^  pwahahah boring I know ^^ . . but hey nekky Duo is wa~~~y too much for me to resist *snickers*

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