Prologue: Shinigami no Honou
GW/Flame of Recca (FoR)

It was always the same dream.

A woman's face appeared, young but for the knowledge of centuries within her dark eyes. She was dressed all in black, her features blurred save for the lips curved into a gentle smile and the eyes. Then over her features would emerge a taller figure, a man with a scarred face, cold, tilted eyes mocking the world as well as himself. That man would arrogantly beckon to him with an outstretched arm, extended hand glowing... no, burning with an incandescent blue flame, somehow reminding the dreamer of his lover's cobalt gaze. Then, the flames would flare upwards, pure blue melting into a red-golden blaze. The pale-faced man would become a shorter, teenaged boy his age. A familiar smirk would crease the heart shaped face, animated dark eyes daring for the dreamer to reach out, to grasp hold of that dancing flame.

His hand, of its own accord, would slowly heed the challenge in that boy's eyes, his own violet stare never faltering from the other's face.

And then, he would awaken, heart beating fast and only vaguely remembering the sensation of intense heat crawling closer and closer to his flesh and the stare of those intense, dark eyes.


"Ehehehehe. Did I wake you up?"

A brief snort was his only answer. Then a slim, strong arm slipped about Duo's waist, drawing him flush against Heero's warm body, the two boys now face to face.

"Your responsibility. Can't go back to sleep *now*." Another hand slid up the back of his neck, callused fingers gently massaging the tense muscles. Duo melted against Heero's familiar touch, bringing both arms around the Japanese boy's neck as well. He squirmed closer as his lips quirked in a smirk. If the American had cared to look in a mirror at that moment, he would have realized the expression from his dream. As it was...

"Well, if you put it *that* way. I guess I do have an obligation of sorts."



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