Relena Finds Out (Our Way) : The Beginning
Co-ficced with Tro...Frightening ne? ^^;;

"Heero?  Hee~ero?" Duo called, chasing after the oblivious spandex boy who had been gone for a whole month and was now currently lost on cloud nine, reading schematics.  "Oi! Heero!  I hafta talk to you!  It's important!"

Heero continued to walk away, effectively ignoring Duo's yelling with ease of long practice.

Glaring, the braided boy stamped his foot.  That was IT!  "HEERO!  I'M PREGNANT!"

THAT effectively stopped Heero.  "What?" he blinked, turning around to look at the peevish longhaired boy.  "What are you talking about?"  His face aquired the oh so adorable 'confused bishounen' look.

"You heard me!" the violet eyed boy snapped, gleefully revelling in the mood swings that came with his current state, "I'm pregnant!"  Heero stared at him blankly.  "Pree~egnant!  P-R-E-G-" Duo started to spell it out, as if Heero were too dense to understand.

"I know what it means!" Heero glowered, walking over to him.  "Duo, you are not pregnant," he informed the braided boy in a calm, matter-of-fact tone, "Boys can't get pregnant."

Duo glared at him.  How dare that... that spandex clad psychopath tell him what he can and cannot do?!  The tiny
remaining rational portion of his brain tried to reason with him, but it was promptly ignored.  "I am too!" he wailed, "Me and
Trowa went and took a pregnancy test and we both came up positive!  So there!"  He stuck out his tongue.

The blue eyed boy's eyebrows twitched, "You AND Trowa?  Duo... you've finally lost it...  Er... why the hell were you taking a pregnancy test, anyway?"  He fixed his best Yuy Glare of Death™ on the boy whom he was convinced had finally gone stark raving mad.

The pilot of Shinigami scrunched up his nose.  "Well!" he huffed, "We... we just did!  We saw an add in a magazine about how ondoms prevented pregnancy, and we remembered we never used any.  So we checked, and we are!"  He crossed his arms across his chest and countered the Yuy Glare
of Death™ with the ever terrifying Glare of Thwarted Pregnant Wo- er... Boy™.

"Duo... you can't be pregnant.  It's physiologically impossible for boy's to get pregnant." Heero rationalized, "It just can't happen!"

Death boy had had enough.  "Oh yeah?!" he snapped, fumbling with his clothes.  "Then explain THIS!"  He lifted up his shirts to reveal a bulge (no, not THAT kind of bulge, you sickos!) on his stomach, exactly what one would expect to find on someone who was pregnant.

Heero looked.  Then the Perfect Soldier's eyes rolled back in his head, and he promptly proceeded to pass out.

Duo snorted, dropped his shirts back down, then sat on the unconscious Heero's chest.  "Men..." he muttered, as if that explained everything.

Quatre carefully made his way into the darkened room.  When he had first arrived home, his sisters led him directly to Trowa's bedroom.  Strangely enough, all the servants and all 29 of his sisters and Magnac fighters had been out in full force.  He paused in front of the door and straightened his tie.  It _had_ been almost a month since Quatre left for his business trip...

He entered.  The first thing he noticed was the darkness of the room; the seond thing was the huge mountain of fabric on top of the sofa...

"Qua~~chan, " crooned a voice from within that lump.

Quatre blinked incredulously.   "Trowa?"

"Ha~~~i."  Trowa's... unique bang pierced through an opening in the fabric.


"Ha~~i."  Trowa's entire face popped up.  Quatre gaped once more.  Trowa was... smiling nay beaming even.  Even while his mind reeled about in a dizzying Scottish reel, he felt his own lips curve automatically in response. Strange as it was.. Trowa's smile was beautful.

"Qua~~chan, I have a se~~~cret for you."

Quatre blinked. "Ah."

The blankets quivered imatiently, and Quatre quickly helped to remove the mountain of fabrics.

15 blankets, 5 pillows, 3 cushions, and 7 squeaky toys later, Trowa emerged.  He was wearing a long robe over a housecoat, complete with fuzzy lion  slippers on his feet.  Trowa's slim hands fumbled with the ties on his robe and...

Quatre felt the scottish reel in his head suddenly change into a polka march, played with heavy metal instruments.

"Trowa... how?"

Trowa beamed once more and fussily smoothed over the small crease in the perfectly round bulge over his lower stomach.

"I'm pregnant.  Actually, we're pregnant."

"We?"  Wildly, Quatre patted his own flat stomach.

Trowa giggled and Quatre cringed at the sound.  "No, silly.  Duo~~ is knocked up too.!"

"H-.. how?"

The edges of reality began to blur and fade away to black.

Quatre cried out.  "I'm NOT going to faint!"

"Of course not, " chirped Trowa.  "This is the intro for the flashback sequence."


Duo and Trowa sat comfortably on the couch.  Or rather, Duo lay sprawled on the couch while Trowa sat quietly to one side.  Both were flipping through magazines with the tv on in the background.

Duo snorted.  "Trowa man, listen to this.  Have you been using condoms?  Safe sex, not just a word.  A motto for life.  A special message from Condoms 'r Us.  Condoms.  Got yours?"

"Well have you?"

"Errr... no.  You?"  Both boys blinked at each other cluelessly before scrambling for the rest of the magazine.  Duo blurted out.  "Possible side effects of non use include preganancy!!!"

"... the Gundam™ home pregnancy test, take yours today. One line equals pregnancy; two lines equal non pregnancy; and three lines indicate that you have been having strange dreams about your mother, and it automatically self destructs after each use.  Get yours today."

The two boys stared at each other rather sickly.

"Should we?"


They rushed for the door.

Trowa giggled.  "And we were~~~!!"

Quatre sat down... slowly.  "Let me get this straight.  We never used condoms and so you decided to buy a home pregnancy test and try it??"  His voice cracked.

"Ha~~i.  Rashid and his men.. and your sisters were so~~ nice to me too."  Trowa patted his tummy.  "I wonder what s/he'll look like..."

Quatre smiled beautifically.  "Ah.  Souka.  Let me just consult my uchuu no kokoro for a moment here."  He slumped on to the floor, out cold.

Trowa pouted.  "And we didn't even get to discuss plans for
the baby shower yet."

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