Wedded to Insanity
Part 1

It was another quiet morning... err... maybe not. A girl, screaming loudly enough to wake the whole country in the middle of a peaceful Saturday morning ,is probably not something that can be considered normal. Well... it does depend on how you define 'normal' though....


"Get on with the story, you idiot! I heard enough of that crap in Philosophy!" Fine... on with the story, well if this can actually be called a story that is....

"I told you to SHUT UP!!!" Anyway....

"Kyaaaaa!!!! I'm late! I'm late!!!" A short-haired Asian girl looked around her little 'room' again, saw the clock that had been smashed into little bitty pieces, and screamed once again for good measure.

Her neechan, who had been sleeping quite soundly with her prized Kenshin plush doll safely tucked in her arms, woke up and glared at the other girl, who looked like a nervous wreck during final's week. Well... anyone WOULD wake up and be VERY unhappy if they heard the scream that was 'good' enough to be qualified to enter WORST SCREAM IN THE WORLD contest right in her ears. How she managed to survive that scream, nobody would know.

"Imouto... why the HELL did you scream for???" The long-haired Asian girl hugged her doll once more and yawned as she surveyed the room. That Spandex boy's habits were rubbing off on her. 'Wait... the needle of the clock is pointing to 9:00. But... it was broken some time ago, which meant....'

"Kyaaaaaa!!! We are LATE!!!" She screamed as well.

"So you did notice, neechan." The other girl snickered but remembered that they are BOTH late. (insert as many sweatdrops as you think is appropriate. =p) "Umm... neechan? What are we going to do? We should have been there hours ago." The girl got up and took a peek outside. The day was perfect.

Bright sun and blue sky with white fluffy clouds that looked... like Mokona?

A huge sweatdrop appeared on the girl's head, but it didn't seem to surprise her. If there was one thing she learned from anime, it was that anything could happen even if it meant... err a cloud that looked suspiciously like Mokona.

"The line is already long. We would never make it on time." The girl informed her companion who still looked sleepy. They should have known better than to bring their computers out here. They would have never been able to resist the temptation. But then teasing the hell out of bishounens was too fun to ignore. Oh well... mistake done, so what?

"Does she ever learn her lesson?" A mysterious voice asked.

"No... I don't think she is actually capable of such complex abilities like 'learning'. If she was, then she would have already started studying, ne?"

"I guess you're right. Anyway, get on with the story. We're running out of time here."

"Fine... but why don't YOU do some of the work for a change." The other voice grumbled, but anyway back to the story.

Finally both girls somehow managed to get cleaned up and put away their temporary 'tent' in record time. Of course, uninstalling all the cable lines for their TV and for the internet took them longer, but they had a little help from their 'friend.'

"Arigato, Satsuki-san! Your Beast is great for this!" The short-haired girl yelled to a cable cord? The older girl sweatdropped. "Imouto... I don't think ALL cable cords are actually connected to her." "They aren't?" The girl blinked as if she couldn't actually process that line of thought. (Midterms... my brain is NOT working. ^^;;) Her companion facefaulted and dragged the still confused younger girl towards the long line over the horizon. They had a 'mission' to finish.

"Waaaaaaah, neechan! The line is too long!!! How did everybody manage to come? It was absolutely no use having camped out! And today is the one day that we simply can't afford to miss!!!" The younger girl wailed and complained so loudly that everyone around had to plug their ears or they risked their eardrums being blasted into tiny pieces.

"Don't worry, imouto. We have a solution right here." The girl boldly marched toward a monk who was smiling brightly despite the fact that he was crowded... a better term might be 'crushed' by a bunch of young girls. "Oi, Chichiri-san!" The girl cheerfully waved at the Suzuku seishi and grinned. "It's really you, Rei-chan no da. Do you need me again for your fic, no da?

"Of course! Chichiri-sama is here!!! Neechan, it's simply a GREAT idea!"

And she promptly turned SD and bounced up and down in excitement. The Suzuku seishi could do nothing else but stare as the girl, turned SD, glomped onto his neck. "Chichiri-sama! Pleeeeease, bring us into the cathedral using your kewl hat, ne? Onegai?" (Months of being a nagger helps. ^o^) And Chichiri sweatdropped.

In the Cathedral...

"Yatta!!! We made it!!! Oh thank you Chichiri-sama!!! How could I ever repay you???" The little(?) over-enthusiastic girl grinned widely at the monk who looked as if he was in dire need of immediate CPR. "Uck... Rei-chan... please get her off, no da? I... can't breathe, no da." True... he looked as blue as a deep ocean where the fishes swim peacefully, while sharks are gleefully getting their full seven course meals.... Ooops. Irrelevant words.

"Ne... Sylvia... I think he needs to breathe. You can do that again for your dear Hiei-chan." The SD girl brightened immensely at the 'joyful' prospect the future and immediately let go off Chichiri, thankfully just before Chichiri was about to pass out.

"Arigato Chichiri-sama! If you want me to write fics 'bout you, just ask me! I would do anything to repay you!!!" Chichiri shook his head vigorously in refusal... hard enough to make his mask fall off, truly a great feat in and of itself considering that it never seemed to fall off, even when engaged in battle.... "No... Sylvia-chan.... No thank you." The girl looked up with huge puppy eyes, silently asking him if he was sure. "I said NO!" He remembered what she considered as 'fun.' Just how many death fics had she written over the last few months? And all under the name of her 'great love for her dear Hiei-chan.' He shuddered and promptly disappeared into kasa space, or whatever space which Akane summoned her mallet from.

"Neechan, we finally made it, ne? So where are the brides and bridegrooms?" Her dark brown eyes gleamed dangerously as she searched thewhole building for her 'toys' with the critical eyes of an obsessed otaku. The cathedral was DARK, well... quite obvious if you consider the fact that the flames were actuallly the BLACK flames of the Makai, just screaming out, with the power of a megaphone, who had been put in charge of this... unique lighting decoration.

"Ano... Hiei?" The younger girl silently nodded. Who else but that little pyromaniac?

"Well... neechan, shouldn't you get ready? You are after all the Maid of Honor for Duo-kun. By the way, how did you get that position? I thought Quatre would do it." The older girl grinned mischievously in response.

"Oh... I do manage to get around." Then she whipped out of her own 'glorious and honorable' pen... umm nevermind... instead of a pen, a sparkling purple laptop from her specialized kasa space. By the way, is kasa space becoming a fashion trend or something? First Akane with her trusting mallet... then Kurama who seem to get EVERYTHING and ANYTHING from that hair of his, and Duo... whose hair seems to serve him as a multi-purpose personalized bag AND a comfortable blanket during *cough* you know what, and now even her?

"I don't want to know the details, neechan." The younger girl just sweatdropped as her companion cheerfully scurried toward her 'object of affection' or rather 'object of obsession and silliness.'

"Silliness? You mean Harlequin?" That same mysterious voice asked.

"No... he is not here 'yet'. But I'm afraid that it is possible."

The other voice sweatdropped.

Now back to chaos, where nobody seems to be thinking logically....

"Well... she sure sounds like she's having fun." The short-haired girl grinned as she could distantly hear a _loud_ complaining from Duo-kun, which meant neechan was successfully accomplishing her 'mission' . Of course... one can't have a bride without 'her' bridegroom, the usual grunt from Spandex boy. But he did sound even more annoyed , nah... more likely pissed off more than usual. But... this world was an ANIME world where it was GUARANTEED that ANYTHING could actually happen. But what could have pissed off Spandex boy like that? 'Lauren-san is not here yet... and I would have noticed if she had appeared, which leaves out only one choice. Masaka! Surely neechan didn't interrupt them in the middle of their ahem 'activities' again, did she?'


'Oh, yes she did.' The Asian girl sighed as she looked up onto new 'window' in the ceiling. 'Oh well... it was a lot less than what he COULD have done. I guess he did soften up a little since it IS his special day. And it sure makes the whole building A LOT brighter.' At that last thought, she grinned happily again and sauntered cheerfully toward a group of girls who surrounded another couple in the corner. However, her brain was not functioning properly enough, (not that it ever did but even worse this time) to notice the colorful parachute that was heading directly toward her head....


"Oro? Ooooh! I see a SD Hiei-chan chasing a SD Kurama! Which means... I must be in heaven! (This is as far as her logic ability goes. -__-;;;) Ano... JJ-chan?" A long pony-tailed girl cheerfully grinned at the confusedm, not to mention insane girl, in greeting and promptly pulled her up out of a HUGE parachute that somehow managed to stay in one piece after the little 'fall'.

"Yep! The one and only! So your brain is finally cracking up, ne? Who would have thought? You writing a silly fic!" The girl burst out into laughter while her companion once again sweatdropped. (I need more water!!! I'll be mummified at this rate!!!)

"I guess... you could say that. Glad you could make it, JJ-chan. By the way... why did you put s safety harness onto your chibi-Duo doll?" The girl pointed toward a doll that was securely tied to the safety harness of the parachute. Nobody could have done it better, not even THE Spandex boy.

"Sylvia-chan! How could you say that! Of course, he needs them! What would you do if it was your chibi-HIEI-chan doll?" The other girl could only nod at that logic, then she remembered.

"But... what about ME??? I was hit DIRECTLY, damn it! By the way, Duo-kun is over there, probably arguing with neechan." However, even in such a dire moment, she didn't forget to give her friend a chance to glomp her 'Duo-kun' in his bishounen form.

"Arigato, Sylvia-chan! I'll come back, so you go ahead and have fun 'playing' with the fire youkai until then!" JJ then quickly sprinted toward the opposite corner of the building where the shock of several explosives and a large amount of smoke originated.

'I guess neechan stole some explosives from Heero and set them off to annoy him... probably on his spandex shorts, judging from his cursing." She winced slightly at the loud cursing that was Heero's unique version of 'poetry.' "Hope she doesn't blow up the whole building up just for the fun of it." She shrugged and walked away as if it was a perfectly normal routine in her life as a crazy otaku....

"Umm... what's the purpose of the story?" A confused voice asked his/her/its companion.

"Don't have one. Can't you tell that this is continued just for the heck of it? Let's continue on, ne? She needs to get back to studying."

"But she never studies anyway...." The voice grumbled.

"You DO have a point there." The other nodded in agreement.

Anyway back to the story...again. (Aaaaaaah!!!! I want to trash this!!!!)

"Too bad you didn't die, ningen." A sudden flicker of shadow and there he was... in all of his majestic glory... Hiei-chan in a WHITE wedding dress with... fluffy laces? The short-haired girl could only gasp in shock... or in happiness, one could never tell from her face, but she managed to gather enough of her senses to glomp him promptly.

"Hiei-chan!!!! Waaaaaai! You look GREAT!!! Oooh, it's a short mini-skirt too! Your legs look great, dear Hiei-chan!" The others could only sweatdrop at the awkward sight of the small girl glomping the even shorter fire youkai, but... Sandy Youko did manage to get a few good drawings of Hiei-chan's kawaii *cough* butt in a lacy black panty during the meantime though.

"Hello, Sandy-chan! So did you draw them?" The girl waved cheerfully at the long black haired vixen while her other hand was wound securely around the shocked 'bride.' The other grinned widely in reply and pulled out her sketchbook from her... tail. (Well... she is a vixen' after all. ::grins:: )

"Of course, Sylvia. I would NEVER miss a chance to draw his butt." And the girl cackled... probably in joy... while the others facefaulted.

"Ano... Sylvy-chan. I think you better let Hiei-chan go. NOW." A long red haired girl ,with hair cut like Kurama's ningen form, stepped out and tried to pry off the other girl. who had attached herself firmly to her 'object of affection', but she simply refused to let go. 'Did she use her super AA glue again?', she secretly wondered. Her thoughts were cut off abruptly, as she felt a distinct aura of anger from you know who from the back. And it was getting closer.

"Uh... Siew Lee! Help me get her off! The Youko is COMING!!!" As if on cue, a tall beautiful bishounen in a gorgeous tuxedo marched in and GLARED at the girl who was sighing dreamily, swooning, drooling, to summarize, in a simple phrase 'lost in her little world' at the sight of his 'bride.'

"Just what do you think you're doing?" The girl looked up and gazed into the beautiful emerald eyes of Kurama. "Hello, Kurama! What are you doing here?" Then she went back to her 'hobby.'

"What DO you think? And I could ask you the same thing." Kurama seethed in anger. If they had a little BBQ party over his head, they could easily cook enough to feed the whole world with enough to spare with his burning anger. Err... which a bunch of chibi girls were already doing. They even had marshmallows to go with it. Kurama pulled those annoying critters from his head. He was NOT happy with how she was treating him and his life-mate in her recent fics... nah... make it EVERYTHING she has ever written. "Me? I'm just admiring my fire youkai. Why?" The girl blinked innocently at the bishounen who had a nerve throbbing on his forehead, as if it was just about to burst.

"YOURS???" The entire bunch of girls plus one bishounen chorused loudly enough to echo throughout whole cathedral.

On the other side of the building...

"Yoshi. Imouto is doing a pretty good job annoying the hell out of them." Then long haired Asian girl cackled as she heard and felt (yes, felt!) the large chorus of disbelief from the other side of the room. Then JJ approached the cackling girl.

"You guys are EVIL, but then it's what we thrive on, ne?" The other girl grinned evilly in response. "Of course. JJ-chan. By the way which color do you think would fit him better? Violet to go with his eyes? Traditional white? Or a very unorthodox black?"

JJ sweatdropped at the selection of the 'wedding dresses' her companion was holding out for inspection. A lacy purple dress that probably didn't leave much room for the imagination due to the fact that... it only covered a 'necessary' part and everything else was mostly see-through. It even had a purple bouqet and ribbon to go along with it. The next one was a flowing white Victorian styled wedding dress and the last one was... a shiny black leather wedding dress with a leather whip? (This is not going to be S&M so do not worry. ^^;; ) 'Ano... what has this world come to? But then at least none of the cast from X was showing up so it probably wasn't the end of the world yet....'

"Don't you think I'll look great in purple? It matches my eyes, you know! Koi, what do you think?" Duo cheerfully grinned at the silent Spandex boy. And JJ sweatdropped again.

'Of course.' She sighed. Duo's flamboyant personality obviously wouldn't miss a perfect opportunity like this to show off his nice, slender body, not to mention that it also him the perfect chance to tease his mission-obsessed lover.

"Hn. Just choose whatever you want. We don't have time for this." Heero grunted out a short response and went back to his surveillance of the crowd. He couldn't let his guard down, not when he was surrounded by his mortal 'enemies.' But even then he was unprepared to face what soon followed.

"Is that disappointment I hear in your voice?"

'That voice!' The long haired Asian girl, who had been arguing with Duo over dresses, quickly turned towardd the source of the voice. Just as she thought, he was there. "Fred? Is it you?" A tall, thin Japanese man, with a doctor's coat, cheerfully waved at her in response. Then he turned towards his newest 'patient' who was glaring at him with his patented Death Glare. But of course Fred ignored it completely.

"Heero-kun! Or would you prefer the name Spandex boy, as people call you? It was disappointment that I heard, right? Of course I'm right. Now tell me. Why were you disappointed? Is it because Duo was getting more attention than you?" Fred gushed out endlessly and hugged the 'poor psychotic boy' before Spandex boy's inhuman response system could kick in. Heero blinked several times in confusion until he realized that he was being 'hugged.' And nobody... nobody except Duo was allowed to do that! Heero promptly tried to punch Fred out into the solar system but somehow missed. Fred clicked his tongue in disapproval.

"Violence is BAD. Violence is NOT the answer. Can you understand me?" When Heero could only gape like a dying goldfish, Fred immediately jumped to another conclusion. "Poor boy! You must be mentally challenged like Hiei! Don't worry. I'm your FRIEND. F R I E N D. Do you understand what friend means?" Heero gaped again.

Duo snickered. It was fun discovering this 'new side' of his lover. "Oi, Rei-chan. Hand me more coke, would you?" He grinned as his chibi companion, who had already taken a comfortable seat on his lap with her friend JJ, pulled out another bottle of coke and popcorn from her kasa space. "Thanks." Now back to the show.

"What the HELL are you talking about you crazy maniac? Heero finally realized that Fred was not an ordinary opponent. He was seriuosly considering bringing out Wing Zero and blowing him into atoms with a beam cannon or dicing him with a beam saber. Anything would do as long as he could stop this chatterbox in front of him!

"Heero-kun. I told you to watch your mouth! You and Hiei should get joint therapy! You guys need to know that you are LOVED and that the world is a WONDERFUL place. Don't repress your inner desires! TELL me! What's bothering you?" Fred was on a roll... which meant that the worst had yet to come.

Heero was confused. This maniac just wouldn't SHUT UP!!! Even Duo didn't talk this much. And it felt like his ears were falling off. "You !@$#@$ idiot! Would you SHUT your @$%$@ mouth up for a second!!! And I'm perfectly fine! Nothing is wrong with me so do your therapy somewhere ELSE!!!" Heero was on the verge of snapping. He didn't know how that lunatic did it, but there was something about him that just ticked him off like HELL!

"Heero-kun! Baaad language! Do I have to give you the same treatment as Hiei?" Fred raised his hand silently... err, maybe not silently since he was talking the whole time and threatened Spandex boy. And Heero backed off. He knew what the other had gone through. He had laughed his head off when on first hearing the news, but never in his dreams had he imagined that he' would end up in the same situation. He felt like smacking himself right on the head if it would only wake him up from this NIGHTMARE.

"Now Heero-kun, since you're calm enough now. Tell me what's bothering you, and we can all be HAPPY. Happy is good, isn't it? Being happy is WONDERFUL, isn't it? Being happy is what we all want, ne?" Fred smiled innocently. And Heero finally cracked.

"Aaaaaaahhhhhh!!!! You @$#@$# idiot! Just SHUT UP!!! If you want the truth, FINE! I don't like the fact that EVERYBODY gives him (points to Duo who is happily munching away at his popcorn and joking with his chibi companions) a chance to crossdress, but never let's ME do it!!! Damn it! I CAN do it too!!! I want to wear that white wedding dress! Why do I have to be the groom? And I look GOOD in white!!!" Heero screamed in frustration while everybody else sweatdropped, and Fred was shedding happy tears that Heero has finally learned to admit his feelings.

Now... back to other side of the cathedral where yet more chaos continued....

"Now... Sylvia. Let GO of Hiei-chan NOW!" A girl with a ponytail in a light green satin dress (no, this is not JJ-chan, she has even longer ponytail ^^) tried to reason logically with her friend, who just wouldn't let go of the fire youkai. She wouldn't have minded her friend glomping him as much as she wanted to, under normal circumstances, but the fire youkai looked... rather sick right now and everybody knows the wedding can't go on without one of the 'brides'! Hiei's mouth was slightly open... probably trying to say something, but couldn't due to SOMEONE, glomping so HARD that he couldn't even breathe. His crimson eyes were glassy, as if his mind was somewhere else.

Siew Lee shook her head in sympathy for the little youkai. After Bulma's unsuccessful attempt to pry the girl off, after trying for the last 30 minutes to get her off before Kurama killed her. But then again simple logic, such as 'if you don't let go, you'll be appetizer for a VERY ravenous Makai fly trap' didn't seem to go through her tiny little brain. She sighed and gestured toward another to give it a try. That girl was beyond her ability....

"Let me kill her!!! We wouldn't have to deal with her at at all if I feed her to one of my plants!!!" Kurama screamed in rage admist the girls, who were trying to stop him from taking his 'revenge.'

One of the girls blinked in confusion at his 'outburst', but she seemed rather pleased by it as well. "Kurama... I didn't know you were this violent, but this only proves that my fic wasn't OOC at all!!!" Take grinned proudly at the furious youko who glared at the girl, still glomping his 'bride.' If looks could kill, she would have already been killed and neatly processed into a small package of human fertilizer for one of his plants.

Almost as if she could read his thoughts, Seph smacked him with her precious SD Yomi-doll. "Baaaaaad youko! No blood! Remember?" Then she whipped out a looooong list of rules from her pocket. "See? Rule #2453. It specifically stated that you shall NOT kill fic-writers! And you don't want to stain your Hiei's white wedding dress with blood, right? Do YOU know just how much time we spent looking for a size that would fit him? Feed him for god's sake!!!"

"But... I do. And, by the way, if you haven't noticed yet she is hugging MY Hiei over there and she has killed him continuously in her fics! And what's worse she @$%# didn't even give us one chance to *cough* you know what for compensation! I want my lawyer here!!!"

Sandy Youko smiled understandingly at the disappointed youko. "Kurama... you DON'T have a lawyer. And Kurama don't forget that you are already getting LOTS of lemons from me so it should satisfy you somewhat, ne?"

"But... it's still not enough." Kurama blushed, but didn't bother to take back what he said, after all most of the girls that surrounded him had worked with him before, so it wasn't worth hiding.

"We really are not exaggerating about his libido, are we?" At that, everybody could only nod in agreement.

"The match that we have all been waiting for! I'm standing here where the match of century will be held. It's Hiei aka Little Pyromaniac vs. Kurama aka Insatiable Fox that will be followed by a match between Duo aka Bat boy vs. Heero aka Spandex boy!!! And the match will be sponsored by... eeek!!!"

A LARGE bottle of asprin was shoved into whoever's mouth.

"I'm sick, and I don't want to listen to this crap. Do it in Payperview if you want to bicker!!! Dang, I hate commercials. And it's a WEDDING, not a death match. We have done that before." A very annoyed voice grumbled in the back and then disappeared in the blink of an eye.

"Where did that come from?" That mysterious voice ever so helpfully opened that damn mouth again. (Note the sarcastic tone here. -__-;;; )

"Who cares?" The others shrugged and went back to watching his/hers/its traditional crystal orb. (Geez, it's just sooooo CREATIVE! I wonder if my brain cells are actually working. Hello~ Anybody home?)

Now... let the REAL show begin!!! (And insert as much evil cackling as you deem worthy. ^^)

Ah... what a beautiful scene it was. A gorgeous cathedral with a large hole in its ceiling for the lighting, the walls singed with black Makai flame, sounds of various bombs exploding, the loud screaming of a psychotic mission-obsessed boy who had finally learned to 'open his heart', and the harmonious sounds of LOTS and LOTS of anime fans shedding happy tears and the rythmic beat of their swooning... can a fan ask for anything more?

"So who is going to be the priest?" Ritz asked a very simple question... but the answer she got in return was not reassuring, to say the least.

"Priest? What's that? Is that something you can eat?" The dazed girl asked innocently along with huge puppy eyes.

"Umm... let's ignore her for the moment. She still seems little dazed there. I didn't know prying her off Hiei would put her in shock like that."

"'Little'?" Utopian Trunks aka UT raised her eyebrow. "I don't think you can call that 'little' at all." She pointed towards the girl who was now counting just how many fingers she had at the moment.

"I guess not." Ritz sweatdropped.

"As long as it's not Koenma, I don't care." Akuma (this is Akuma-chan, not literal interpretation of Japanese word. ^^) grumbled. The tall woman was NOT happy with how Koenma had conducted the last wedding attempt. 'How dare he! He tricked me! I'm NOT letting him get away with it without some 'proper' punishment. I didn't get the honorable title of Arch Demoness for nothing after all!) Akuma grinned at the 'promise of the future' and if Koenma was there, he was dead sashimi for sure.

"So who is going to do it?" Ritz asked again. And again no answer. It would take them forever to get the wedding going at this rate. And... she stole a glance at the corner and sighed. It seemed that Kurama was trying to time just how long it takes him to get Hiei's wedding dress OFF him, again... and if they didn't come up with something soon, those two will probably end up having children before the wedding... not that it was a bad idea, but she wasn't sure if her brain could actually take in more chaos.

"Oooh! Interesting. Can I do it?" Harlequin grinned at the girls who were scared as hell at his sudden appearance.

"Harlequin??? But how?" UT practically screamed and mentally ran through the guest list for the party. 'Fred AND Harlequin.... It can be a fatal combination. Nah, it IS fatal! Fatal for our brain cells that is. We are fic-writers so we are used to the extra silliness in their lives. We would have no problem handling those two. But... it was Fred AND Harlequin we were talking about here!!! Just who had been put in charge of the guest list?' UT took a quick survey of the room. Judging from Sylvia's rather obvious and unsuccessful attempt to look as innocent as possible, it was her. 'Of course.' She felt like Al Bundy. Gosh. She KNEW it was mistake when she accepted the invitation. And as if he could read her thoughts, Harlequin interrupted. "Ah, that Al Bundy fellow. He was good friend of mine. But such a poor fellow he was. Luckily, I was generous enough to give him an extra burst of silliness in his life. I think it did him pretty good." Harlequin's amber eyes glistened mischievously.

UT groaned. If that God of Chaotic Silliness thought that was funny, just imagine what he'll do here where his 'worshippers' were packed in this place with WONDERFUL test subjects such as the whole YYH and GW cast. And was it just her or was she hearing BGM for DOOM in her ears? 'Whatever.' She shrugged and walked to the corner where the two youkais were having 'fun' and pulled out her sketch book. Might as well as draw some more with her fellow fan artists when she still had some working brain cells left. With two of the silliest characters in the universe put in the same building, she had a feeling that they wouldn't last long....

"Umm... sure, Harlequin. But you DO have a license, right?" Gini asked rather nervously after UT had walked over to where Sandy Youko and Lori was enthusiastically drawing the couple engaged in their 'usual exercise mode.'

She just came back from the entrance where she was given the job of accepting the gifts that the guests had brought for the soon to be newlyweds... well the term didn't exactly apply to Hiei and Kurama who had been married for the last couple of centuries, but then the guests brought them gifts anyway. Those gifts were in fact the main reason she had such a huge headache. Just who said handcuffs made a good wedding gift?

Gini groaned once again at the last thought. But when she looked at the bright side, at least those two couples would have to never worry about buying one in the future....

"Of course he has!" Koko grinned at Harlequin, who popped open his 'wallet' at the sound of his creator's voice.

"Yep! I sure have! Wanna see?" At that impressive mile-long (literally) collection of licenses and membership cards Harlequin held, Gini could only sweatdrop like there was no tomorrow. 'Now HOW am I supposed to find it? The list is well over a million for god's sake! What did he do? Get a license for every single birthday of his? By the way, that Evil called IRS existed at 20,000 BC?'

She looked over the BRIGHT neon pink card that shone in all its 'glory', in complete disbelief, but then looking at the broadly grinning Harlequin, she felt as if it was indeed possible. But Gini really didn't want to deal with it right now. She could definitely understand Koenma now. What a stress!!!

"Utena... could you please take over here? I need aspirin. Extra, extra strength one." Gini facefaulted when Harlequin handed her an elephant sized aspirin. 'Gosh, did he even have a pharmaceutical license as well? Next thing he'll show me is that he even has a license to be the wedding singer....' And as if he could easily read her thoughts, he handed her another business card. One that was bright, bright neon yellow with bold printed words that said 'Harlequin. THE Wedding Singer. Call if you want a giant cherry pie on top of rapping grandma's head.' And Gini fainted.

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