Gundam Wing Dubbed
aka rei's usual psychobabbble upon viewing
Gundam Wing dubbed for the first time . . .

Well *coughs* I dunno why I'm doing this (whim, insanity, the Force) but I just thought I'd post some of my observations/reaction upon seeing GW dubbed for the first time. ^_^
The dialogue will be in white.  My comments will be in purple.  My imouto's will be in blue ^_^
For those wondering:  Gundam Wing is being shown on Cartoon Network on Toonami (Eastern Time 5:30 pm Weekdays).  The uncensored? version shows at midnight.

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Mission Report 1
The voices
Treize, Wufei and Quatre - I liked it.. Esp. Wufei x_X I could become a Wufei fan from that voice alone *grins*
Zechs  - OMG what did they do to you????
Heero, Trowa, Relena - not bad, sounded more like normal teens.
Duo - *snortgiggle weeepsighcryfallsovergiggling* Duo sama ;_; *cries some more*

As for the lines.....

Zechs:  One would do just dandy.

me: Dandy?? Dandy?? Dandy??!?
sis: *snorts* what a pansy.

Relena's father: Dorlin? Darian? x_X he sounds like a pervert!!! *heavy voice and innuendo* What's the matter Relena? Not happy about coming to
Earth? Leer leer leer ewwww >.<

Heero: Dammit!
me: Janette!
sis: Brad!
me: Dr. Scott!
Sis: Rocky!
parents: . . . . . . .

Heero: I'm finally here.  I've made it to the Earth.

me: ^_^ Finally, I can complete my pokemon collection OHOHOHOHOHOHO
sis: *twitch* nah, he's here for the kmart sale
parents: *leave room*

Zechs? Idiot pilot #1?:  The capsule has apparently switched course, is he trying to commit suicide?

me: ^_^
sis: ^_^
me: not
sis: yet
both: ^_^

Zechs:  Obviously our enemies are very technologically advanced.

me: *delicate pause* unlike yourselves . . .?
sis: *snorts* *rolls eyes*

Heero: *codes in*

me: I'd like the number 4 meal, biggie fries, supersized
sis: ^_^;;

Idiot observation by soldier:  It moves like a bird

Both: Gatchaman!!!

Zechs:  No, no machine gun for him.

me: Yeah!! More power!! *mutters* it'll take more than a machine gun totake down heero
sis:  Heero's too good for a gun!

Heero: I'll escape, no prob

Both: *clutches heart* No prob? *shrieks* no prob???

Zechs:  Is Leo ready for use?

me: *hentai grin* Why, Zechs . . .  i didn't know you were a dicaprio fan. . .
sis: *smacks upside the head*

Idiot observation by soldider #2 upon observing gundam:  It moved!

both: *jaws drop open*

Nice psychotic laugh by Heero ^_^

Zechs:  I did everything I could

Both:  Obviously it wasn't enough!!

The dude who yells at Treize during the conference *pauses*... gilbert Godfried's cousin. . . ??

Heero: *running off from the beach knocking ambulance workers to the side*

me: Outta my way, I have diahhrea!!
sis: . . . *backs away*

Idiot observation by soldier #3:  Are we under attack? *sliced in half*

Both: . . . . . .

Duo's voice comes on..

me: *starts to cry/weep/scream/laugh*
sis: . . Dude!!! *jumps up*  I'm like a gundam pilot *slaps me a high five*
me: *still weeping/laughing*
sis: Dude? Like totally!
me: *catatonic*

Quatre:  give up your weapons and surrender, and I will spare your lives.

me: OhoHohohohoh~! Bow down and worship me puny mobile suits!
sis: *smacks herself in the head*

Idiot observation by soldier #4:  5? There are 5?? gundams??

me: *calmly observes* They can count ^_^ No wonder the colonies are in trouble.

Relena's pink limo appears . . .

both: pink.

Relena: *seeing Heero* Hey, that's him. . .

me:  . . the guy with the diahrrea . . .
sis: *sighs*

Heero: *rips up invitation, wipes away tears, and whispers*

both: *screams* I'll kill you!!

It wasn't that bad - but I got a few decent laughs out of it ^_^ Anyway you look at it, Heero's attempt to self destruct in front of Relena is hilarious.  On the whole erghn..... well it could've been worse ^_^;; I'm so~ glad it wasn't worse *sweatdrops*. . . .

tbc? ack who knows ^^;;

Ack thwpht >.< I hate midterms *sighs* Especially since I did less than half of the reading *smirks*  English majors should be paid for the bullshit they shovel *twitch*  Not that I'm saying every~one is like me *grins*  Anyhoot ^_^ I highly doubt I'll be doing all of the episodes x_X but what the heck ^_^ let's see how many I can poke fun at before I'm lynched ^^

Mission Report 2
General comments:
~Is it me? Or does the blonde guy with the crush on Relena remind anyone of Akira?. . . .  Especially the slicked back hair and eyes. . .
~Why oh why oh why does everyone repeat themselves twice, as in two times? Eh? Eh?

Blonde Akira guy:  Aren't you ashamed of yourself as a gentleman?
me: He's no gentleman!! He's Spandex Boy!
sis: He's no gentleman!  He's a bishounen
me: *eyes sis* eh?
sis: *shrugs*

RFC idiot remark: He's sure strong.
me: ^_^ wait until you see him bend metal.
sis: ^_^ or head butt someone.
me: . . . that's slam dunk ahou.
sis: oh yeah . .
me: AND the wrong seiiyuu. (Rukawa from Slam Dunk has Heero's seiyuu ^^v)
sis: oh yeah you you you otaku freak you!
me: hai ^_^

Random Remark: Trayz's little pawn.
both: *falls over cackling*
sis: Zechs is little? ^_^;;
me: Trayz's little prawn . . .
sis: *facefaults*

Random Remark 2:  Hey, Heero's not here.
me: ^_^ he's still has diahrrea.
sis: *smacks her* enough with the toilet humour.

Heero riding white horse.
me: White horse!  White Gundam!!  White white white, gee d'you think the producers are going for symbolism *snickers* white white heero hero . . .

Heero: Financial record. Cleared. Yadda yadda yadda Cleared.  Cleared. Cleared.

me: Sinus problem. ^_^

Heero: Cleared.

me: Skin Complexion.

Heero: Cleared.

me: Diahrrea Problem.

Heero: *says something else*

me: ^_^ Oh, I guess its not cleared. . .
sis: *smacks herself*

Relena is seated in a pink limo.

Both: Pink.

RFC Idiot remark:  What is it Relena, is something the matter?
me:  I'm surrounded by idiots.
sis:  Who need to visit a salon.
me: And are strangely color complemented in hair colour o.O
sis: *no reason sings out* Rainbow Brite~
me: *dreamy look* I've always wanted to ride Starlight . . .

Relena:  That boy's so secretive.  He has so many secrets.  That's why.  I know his secret, that's why.
me: *blinks* is it me or was that repetitive?
sis: It's just you ^_^
me: *smacks her* baka.

Heero: Three should be enough (explosives)
me: No!!! More power!
sis: More bombs!
both: More more more!!
mom: *looks in* you two . . . .

zechs:  This isn't like being in outer space.
me: . . could it be b/c they're under water?
sis: naaah, couldn't be that.  I mean, air, water, it's all relative right?

Idiot remark:  What in the world's going on?
Both: Duo!

Deathscythe appears:
Both: Duo!

Idiot remark:  We're under attack, but we can't see the enemy anywhere.
Both:  Duo!!

Captain:  Never mind that (if Zechs is in the firing zone) Launch! (the
me: ^_^;; No wonder Treize wants to reorganize the Federation - everyone
wants to kill Zechs.
sis: . . . with that voice.
Both: NEEE~!?

Idiot remark: *submarine being rocked by explosions* The captain's ship has launched torpedoes.
me: Such a smart, clever lad you are.  Let me guess, daddy kins got you into military school? *mutters* ring knocker. . . .
sis: *solemn nod* Inbreeding.
me: *eyes her* eh?

Deathscythe appears out of water.
Both: Duo!

The head turns to peer inside the captain's window.
me:  PIzza's here ^_^ Where's my tip.
sis:  Kyaaaa!! Hentai! Peeping Tom!
me: . . . . o.O

Duo:  You'll all die.  Anyone who sees me has a date with his maker!
Both: *stare at each other mouth agape* BWAHAHAHAHAHHA

Relena: *wooden expression, wooden voice*  I have never been so delighted.
sis: Say it like you mean it brat!
me: Be nice ^_^
Sis: No.
me: ^_^ ok.

Mr. Dorin appears.
me: Pervert Pervert Pervert!! >.<
sis: *sweatdrops* calm down. . .

Relena: *upon hearing the news*  That's a lie!
Both: No, duh!!

Relena:  Is Heero a prince?
me: O.o huh?
sis: She said, is he Heero a prince.
me: Where did that come from? *imagines Heero costumed as the little prince* pwhpt... x_X
sis:  *croons* Someday my prince will come~

Trowa:  Hello there *calms lion*
me:  . . can you feel the waves of valium emnating from him?

Quatre: *rant on the beautiful*
me: ^_^;; For a rich boy he sure don't have an extensive vocabulary.

Sandrock posed like the thinker, with pink flamingos all around.
sis: *points* BWAHAHAHAH!!
me: ^^;; Fantasia 2000 Imax - featuring pink flamingos. . . .

Idiot remark:  But you're handing over a huge amount of explosive to a kid!
me: *snickers* Isn't that the whole point of this series?

RFC:  Blow them out.
RFC:  The candles.
Relena: *blank look* Oh, that's right.
both: *huge sweatdrops*
me: ^^;; We don't even _have_ to bash relena here . . .

Akira blonde look alike:  Maybe that was Heero that I saw.
Relena:  Did you see, Heero?
me: . . again with the repetition.
sis:  Relena needs a hearing aid?
me: A blue one ^_^ to match her dress.

Relena:  Excuse me, everyone *runs off*
me: She has diahrrea too? *blinks innocently*

Relena:  What are you planning to do?  Who are you planning to kill?
me:  She just answered her own question, didn't she? o.O

Duo appears in deathscythe once more.
Both:  Duo!

Idiot remark:  It's the enemy, the enemy's here!!
Both: ^_^;;;

Idiot remark:  That's impossible!
sis:  *points* not if he accomplished it ^_^
me: *nods* Now, its just very very very difficult to accomplish. *croons* If you can dream it, you can be it.
sis: *hand in face* *groans* no more rocky . . .

Duo:  This suit is identical to mine!
me: ^_^;; Actually yours is black with bat wings and his is white and blue . . . . but yeah sure

Duo: *switches off self destruct by smacking Wing Zero in the back*
me: o.O it's so simple . . .

me: *winces* *turns off volume* *enjoys*
sis: *smacks her* Stop that.
me: But Duo . . . ;_;
sis: *rolls eyes*

Relena:  It is you, heero, it is you.
me:. . . . . . . Yeah, its heero, relena, its heero, relena.

Relena:  No, Heero don't do it.  Tell me what you're going to do.
sis: *pauses* She's telling him to stop whatever it is he's doing before she knows what he's doing?
me: *snorts* Just like a woman.
sis: *smacks her* Idiot.

Heero: *hit by bullet*
me: *cackles*  Cupid's arrow!!

Duo calls Relena lady.
me: She's no lady; She's the Queen of the World!!!!
sis:  And don't you forget it!
both: err.. *sweatdrops*

Duo shoot Heero yet again.
me: This here town ain't big enough for the both of us.

Heero jumps ship.
me: . . .kays, never mind then ^_^;;

Heero: It's my mobile suit.
me: And I'll blow it up if I want to!
sis: Do _NOT_ sing.
me: awwww . . . .

Duo: He knows the gundams' tolerance for exposives (or somehting like that) Which means he's the mobile suit's pilot.
Both: *rolls eyes*

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