Notes:  AC 195, nearly all supernatural beings have gone underground or undercover.  Only faint traces of their coexistence with humans exist.  Almost everyone dismisses them as mass hysteria and hallucinations of a by gone era.

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Warning:  May contain spoilers for her.. books O.o

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Last Dance
Part 1

She quickly rose from her kneeling position on the cold pavement, grimacing slightly at the feel of dried blood clinging to her knees.  With a quick look around the dark, deserted alley, she shoved the body back among the piles of garbage.  No one would find him for several days in this remote location.  When he was found... Unexplained, dead corpses were nothing new in this particular neighborhood.  Slipping her sawed off rifle into the duffel bag she carried, she hurriedly made her way out of the tight enclosure.

-Ma petite-

Exasperation tinging her thoughts, she responded.  -Jean Claude...-

A warm, melting laugh slid over her senses, setting them tingling.  Even after all this time, his laugh...

-I'm sorry, ma petite-


-Are you finished for tonight?- he queried delicately.

She took a rather petty satisfaction in describing her kill.  -Yeah.  Staked right through the heart, but only after I blew off his head and part of his torso.  He was a bleeder.-  The woman couldn't help but chuckle at his wince.  Master Vampire or no... -You know, if it gets out how delicate your *sensibilities* are...-

The vampire sounded rather miffed as he answered, she could practically imagine him meticulously readjusting the ruffle on his sleeves.  -It's a question of refinement.-

She rolled her eyes, muttering under her breath, "Refinement, my ass..."

-And what a fine derriere you have.-

-Ha ha... shit-  She whirled about.  Several men, their presence previously hidden by the shadows cast by the weak lamplight, moved to surround her.  One of them chuckled, and she saw the gleam of metal as he pulled out a gun.

-Anita?-  Concern tinged his tones, as he sensed her sudden distraction and rush of adrenaline.

-Nothing to worry about, just a couple of punks hoping to have some fun.-  She felt the rush of cold air above her head, as one of them shot the baseball cap off her head, spilling her curly, coal-black hair down her back.  They murmured in appreciation and moved in closer, eager.

"Hey, chica.  Let's dance."  The man smirked, and at an unspoken signal, the other members of his group drew in a tighter circle around the slim, black clad figure, drawing their weapons.   Anita rolled her eyes and let out an impatient sigh.  Just what she needed.  The black haired woman stared at the gang members impassively; both sides still, waiting for the other to make the other move.  And in the unnatural silence, a loud shot rang out, echoing throughout the darkened streets.  Then another shot rang out, from a different area while a soft, eerie laughter echoed all around them.  At first the men shifted uneasily but held their positions, unwilling to give up what looked like an easy target.  Then as the shots grew more frequent and the laughter louder, they broke out of their tight formation, whirling about in confusion.

-Anita?  Anita?-

-Still here-  She dropped her duffel bag, pulling the rifle out of the bag.  Almost out of bullets... Well, she did have the knives sheathed at her forearms and her boots.  -Looks like someone's doing a good job of confusing the bad guys.-

-Someone?  Who's there with you?-

-I don't know, but I think I'm about to find out.-   The would be assaulters were picked off one by one, dropping to the streets with a soft thump.  -Looks like a sniper rifle-  Her lips pursed in appreciation of her unknown rescuer's skill.  Good reflexes, very fast..  a professional maybe?

As half of their comrades had fallen, the others ran off in terror, their ears still ringing with the maniacal laughter of the unknown killer.

The shots stopped as soon as they began to run; the laughter gradually dwindling down into nothing.  Anita warily peered out into the dark, hoping to catch a glimpse of the mystery man.  Suddenly she dropped into a roll, stopping in a crouch a few feet away, her instincts screaming.  From the top of a two story building, a slim figure, also dressed in dark clothes, dropped down lightly to the ground.  Her first thought was... He/She's small...  Then winced as soon as she broadcasted the thought in her head.

Jean Claude's rich, amused voice responded immediately.  -Really ma petite, you're in no position to be judgmental.-

Anita snorted and stepped forward, noting that the figure, still partially cloaked in shadows, was about the same height as her.  -I noticed.-  She cleared her throat, rifle still held in hand.  For all she knew, he was another attacker, chasing off competition for the prey.

The figure spoke, his voice, definitely masculine, lightly amused.  "Ojousan, you really *shouldn't* wander the streets alone like this, especially considering some of the night life around here."

Anita muttered to herself, "You have no idea...."  Then spoke aloud, "I'm grateful for your help... Mr.?"

"Just call me Duo, ojousan."  He stepped out of the shadows, weapon casually slung over one shoulder and dark cap slightly askew on his head.  She peered over his shoulder, expecting his companions to show up as well.  No single person could have fired as many shots as she had heard.  Wordlessly, Duo held up a small tape player and thumbed it on.  Instantly, the gun shots and laughter reechoed through the streets.


"I think so.  So ojousan, would you care to tell me your name?  Or...?"  He grinned in a charming manner, turning off the tape player.  Anita kept her stone face, coolly assessing the youth before her.  Long brown hair efficiently held back in a braid, wide dark eyes set in a heart shaped face.



Anita sighed in annoyance and sent a picture of the boy before her.  -He's too young to have that skill with a sniper rifle.-

-There is a war going on, ma petite.-

-I know, but...-

-Just thank him and come back to me and ... Richard safely.  It's strange to have you in another continent, without either of us with you.-

-Yeah, yeah...-  She politely held out a hand, "Anita Blake, Private Investigator."  Privately she added, and Executioner, proud card carrying member of the Triumvirate involving a face sucker and wolf man, head of the Leopard sector of the shape shifters, and general all nice gal.  -Not a word out of you.-

-Mais oui, ma petite-  She nearly rolled her eyes at his unusually meek response.

"Yeah?"  Amused violet eyes shined out of a smooth, pale face.  "You wouldn't happen to be looking for me, would you?  'Cause then I'd have to kill you."  Anita raised an eyebrow at the edge of steel underlying the boy's light banter.

"No, I was just lost..."  She gestured vaguely at her car, parked a few feet away from them. "I needed to get directions."  At the boy's raised eyebrow, she nearly winced.  Sure... stopping for directions in the middle of the worst part of town, why didn't she just mention that she had seen a UFO...

The boy's lip quirked, as he absent mindedly scratched his back with the handle of his rifle.  "Sure lady.  Whatever you say." Tilting his head to the side, he indicated that she should get in her car.  "I'll see you off.  It'd be the gentlemanly thing to do."

Anita gritted her teeth but smiled politely.  Wonderful, now she was being patronized.  Briefly, she wondered what would happen if she gave him an "accidental" glimpse of the various knives and guns hidden underneath her clothes. She restrained the urge to do so with a sigh and followed in the braided boy's wake.

At the car, she turned about and offered another smile.  "Well thank you, Duo.  I..."  Her voice trailed off as she noticed someone.. something behind the boy.  Duo, sensing her tenseness, mouthed quietly, "Someone?"

She nodded tersely in reply, already starting to reach for the spare gun she kept tucked safely in the back of her waistband.  Duo raised an eyebrow at her revealing movements, lips quirking for an unknown reason.  He tilted his head slightly, silently asking...

Anita again nodded, agreeing to...

Suddenly, Duo whirled to the side, neatly avoiding the bullets that Anita fired off in quick succession.  But the figure kept approaching.  Damn, wish I had some silver bullets.  She could feel the boy gaping in surprise as the bullets seemed to have no noticeable effects on their attacker.  She felt a headache coming on.  Going to have a lot of explaining to do, but first thing's first...  She rummaged in her duffel bag, dropped while pulling out her gun, for a few wooden stakes.  Feels like a vamp...

"Stay out of the way, " she ordered the boy quietly, gathering herself to rush in.  She felt more than saw him nod even as she started to move forward.  Surprisingly enough, the vampire fell with barely a struggle, stake sliding smoothly into place.  What the...?  Then she whirled about as she felt more vampires making themselves known, most of them surrounding her, some going after the boy.  Why hadn't she felt their presence?

-Jean Claude?-  She posed the question silently, eyeing her attackers.  But more importantly, trying to maneuver herself into a position to protect the boy.  She was practically immortal from the power of the Three as well as the fourth mark, but the boy...

-I think.. there's a Master Vampire controlling them, Anita.  He, or she, is masking their presence.-  His voice was faintly surprised.  Anita couldn't blame him, she had thought that most of them were dead or had chosen to isolate themselves...

-Got any suggestions, oh Great Vamp Master?-


-I'd love to, but remember the boy?-

-. . . . . .-

She snorted, warily keeping an eye out on both the boy and her ring of attackers.  They seemed to be waiting for something, maybe their controller?  -What a time for you to blank out.-

-Sarcasm will get you no where, ma petite.-

-Hey, it keeps you on your feet.-

Suddenly, the air all around them began to stir and swirl furiously.  Distracted by the unexpected arrival of the vampires, Anita had failed to notice.  Darting a quick look up at the sky, her jaw dropped slightly.  Vaguely, she heard Duo's excited whoop.  It was a... thing... a thing with wings that was flying.  Now where had she seen this before.

A voice rang out from the machine.  "Stop immediately."

"Yeah, Heero, like they're really going to listen to you."

"Stop, or I'll shoot."

"Baka!  You planning to shoot me too??"

"Hn.  If I have to."


Anita called out, nervously eyeing the hovering mecha.  "Friend of yours?"

Duo answered back cheerfully, "Yup.  Don't worry he won't really shoot us... I think."

"Thanks for the reassurance."

"No problem 't all."

"Duo."  The voice from the mecha barked out sharply.



"Hai!  You heard the man, ojousan."  Anita took the hint and ducked as well, hitting the pavement with an audible thump.  She winced; she was going to feel that in the morning.  If she was still alive...

Then she heard Duo's surprised yelp.  "That nutso wouldn't..."

"Wouldn't what?"

"Just stay down, ojousan.  He's going to shoot."  Even as Anita gaped, she curled into a smaller ball.  Well... She supposed any shots from the impressive winged mecha was as effective as stakes, considering there wouldn't *be* enough left of the vampires...

Helplessly she felt the cold rush of air above her as the mecha fired, hearing the silent fall of bodies.  Strange, they hadn't made a sound when hit, or for that matter attacked.  What was going on?  She shoved that thought to the back of her mind to deal with later.  For now...

She slowly rose, brushing off dust, dirt, and things she didn't even *want* to consider.  The huge mecha had landed much further down the street, the dust swirling then settling all around it.  Duo was already up and running toward the thing and the boy that had emerged from the hatch of the mecha.  He excitedly waved her over towards them.

"Anita Blake, meet my psychotic friend, Heero Yuy.  Heero meet Anita."  Suddenly, she remembered exactly *where* she had seen the mecha.  It was a Gundam... which meant... She turned to study the boys closer this time, the light of recognition in her eyes bringing a cocky smile to Duo's face.  The boy next to him, Heero Yuy merely stared back at her, indifferent.

"I'm Duo, Duo Maxwell.  I may run; I may hide, but I never lie.  I pilot Shinigami."

She nodded slightly in repines, mind still in shock.  She hadn't realized... that there were *children* piloting these huge machines...

"Now Ms. Blake.  I've told you my secret, what's yours?"


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