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Girls' Night Out

The usually boisterous patrons of the Sour Note were unusually quiet as they watched a cluster of women next to the karoke stage.  It wasn't that they were overly noisy.. not yet, but their bloody singleminded determination in drinking as much, as quickly as possible, was a bit unnerving.

The bartender watched them with a nervous eye but continued to serve them drinks.  The reddish brown headed girl had flashed a credit slip with the Winner family name on it... as well as some mighty sharp knives.  The other women has also displayed a rather formidable display of hardware as well.  He was slow at times, but the looks on their faces...

Hirde peered up blearily at her companions.  Sally and Noin sat to her right, while Lady Une and Cathrine sat to her left.  Where was?

"Minn~~~a, The Queen of the World's here, so get out of my way!!!"  This last addressed to a middle aged man who had dared to meander in Relena's path.  The girl was already half way drunk.

Hirde waved a bottle of beer listlessly over at the blonde girl.  "What took ya s'long?"

Relena sat across from the dark haired girl, immediately signaling for some champagne. "Had to... had to... had to do something.  Tell ya later."

Suddenly, Noin sat straight up and slammed her hands to the table.  She peered around her; all her drinking partners were slumped against each other or the table, looking depressed and miserable.  Cathrine was caressing her knives lovingly; Lady Une was mumbling at her wine glass.  "This is pathetic people!!! Dammit, so our men left us for other men!!  We don't need them!  Who cares if the man you've given up most of your life for decides that you're only his little sister and gives you the "let's be friends" line."  Hirde suddenly sobbed into her beer glass.  Apparently Duo had also given her the same speech.

Sally stood up drunkenly, swaying from side to side lightly.  She stalked up to the stage and grabbed the mike from an unfortunate salaryman trying to belt out, "It's Just love!"  The blonde spoke.  "I'd like to dedicate this to all those bastards out there who've ever tromped on a girl's heart!!"  Conveniently forgetting that her propblem was.. she was competing with a gundam.

The ladies at the table cheered and waved their weapons and drinks around, suddenly energized.  The men all around the darkened bar noticeably shrank back in their chairs as their dates and other single women cheered the tall blonde on.

Sally struck a pose, taking a good swallow of wine beforehand, before singing. ( the chorus parts are the rest of the females in the bar XD)

"What you want    baby, I got it
What you need    you know I got it
All I'm askin'    is for a little
Respect when you come home           hey, baby
                         (just a little bit)           (just a little bit)
When you come home                    Mister
                         (just a little bit)           (just a little bit)"

With a manic gleam in her eyes, Noin joined her for the last bit.

Found out what it means to me
Take care, T.C.B.
Oh... a little
(sock it to me, sock it to me, sock it to me, sock it to me)
(sock it to me, sock it to me, sock it to me, sock it to me)"

They finished to a roar of approval from the women and cringing looks from the men.  Both women stepped off stage, flushed.  Noin smirked and dangled the mike in front of Relena's face.  The blonde stared at the mike for a while before grabbing it.  She could do this!!!

As Relena stepped on to the stage, Hirde asked Cathrine curiously.  "Ne, Trowa's your brother isn't he?  Why are you so sad?

Cathrine took another swallow of her drink before bursting into tears.  "'Cause my baby's leaving me!!! He's all grown up now!!"

The other women sweatdropped.  Well, they supposed it was the same thing.

The red head suddenly smiled evilly and caressed her knives once more.  "If Quatre does a single thing to hurt Trowa...."  She speared a cocktail weinie into tiny slices for emphasis.  Everywhere men crossed their legs and wondered if they should have stayed at home tonight...

Relena suddenly let out a piercing howl, and everybody stared dumbfounded as she continued on this vein for a while.  The bartender winced, remembering the last time she had visited... the glass trembled.

Then she belted out.

"This is dedicated to that spandex wearing weak kneed Gundam boy who dared to play with my heart!!!
Come on girls
Do you believe in love?
'Cause I got something to say about it
And it goes something like this"

Hirde whispered to Noin, "What's wrong with her?"

Noin snorted and took another swig of drink to help ease the ache in her ears.  "Well what happened was.."

Hirde looked ill as everything faded and blurred... "I think I'm going to pass out."

"No, it's just a flashback sequence."

"... No, I AM going to be sick."


Relena squirmed impatiently in the cafe's outdoor patio.  Heero had told her to wait for him, that he had something very important to say.  He hac actually contacted *her*  Perhaps... she squirmed some more and waited.

A shadow fell over her, and Relena glanced up in anticipation.  It was Heero... She gaped.  He was wearing tight fitting jeans and a button down white shirt, he looked *normal*  Her Spandex prince was.. deshorted!


"Heero, you're here.  Sit down."  She patted the seat next to her, as if he couldn't figure out what chairs were for.  He shot her a warning look before sitting across from her.  He also glared at some figure to their left.. but that wasn't important.  She looked with imploring blue eyes at the boy who was finally here, next to her.

"Relena, I..."  He paused to glare once more over to their left.  Relena peered over, annoyed that someone was taking attention away from *her*  In a table next to them, some chestnut haired boy, that she vaguely remembered, was surrounded by a crowd of giggling girls.  She shrugged; it had nothing to do with *her* and *her* special moment.

"Relena, I..."  Heero stopped shooting several more piercing glares as the girls were replaced by a group of laughing boys.  Relena cleared her throat rather loudly.  This was *not* the way it was supposed to go.  All attention should be on *her*.  She rather emphatically cleared her throat again.  Heero glanced briefly at her before signaling for some water.  She flushed.  "Heeeeeeero, what were you about to say?"

"Relena, I..." Heero looked deep into her eyes, attention focused on *her* for once.  "Omae o korosu!!!"

Relena gasped.  "Heero?"  But he was no longer looking at her.  Instead, he was glaring gundam tipped daggers at a handsome young man in his twenties who seemed to be flirting with the younger boy from before.  Before she could stop him, Heero went striding over, spun the older man about and punched him, twice... and then gave him an extra kick for good measure.

Heero suddenly called over once more.  "Relena, I..."  He looked straight into her eyes for an endless few seconds.  Would he say it?  Would he confess his love now??  Relena felt her heart thumping in response, her own lips poised to say 'I love you' back.  Heero suddenly tore his gaze away.  "Relena."



"Heero???"  She shrieked as her prince suddenly initiated a deep tongue lock with the braided boy.

After several looooong drawn out minutes, discreet coughs from the watching crowd, and some not too subtle gropes on the part of the boys, they separated.  The braided boy, spoke in a husky voice.  "Heero no baka!  You were supposed to tell her, not show her!"

Heero smirked.  "More... fun this way."

The other boy blinked.  "Yeah... but d'you really think Relena should be glowing like that?"

Heero finally peered over at her.  Indeed Relena seemed to be burning with a blue aura, not unlike when Tamahome has been called "obake-chan" or when Son Goku is powering up...

"Relena, I..."  Heero never got to finish the sentence as he was busy ducking a poorly thrown chair in his direction.  Duo yipped and moved out from the path of several glasses.  The next several minutes was sheer chaos as a super charged Relena threw everything near her at the two boys.  How *dare* they.  How *dare* they mess with *her*???  She was the Queen of the World!

She screamed that as she through more items, chairs, random purses, etc.  She was screaming that as her personal guards drove up, as Noin tried to calm her and ended up with a sore jaw and a split upper lip.  She screamed that as they had to haul her away.

Duo blinked at Heero.  Both were disheveled, sweaty, and more than a little shell shocked.  He smiled brightly.  "That wasn't so bad ne?  It's not like she had a gun."

As soon as he spoke, several gunshots rang out, and both boys tumbled to the ground.  Relena had managed to wrest a gun from her security guards.  Damn, even Heero had to admire her shooting abilities for a supposed pacifist.

Heero spoke dryly.  "You were saying?"

"Never mind..."

"Express yourself
[You've got to make him]
So you can respect yourself
Hey, hey
So if you want it right now, then make him show you how
Express what he's got, oh baby ready or not"

Relena concluded the song rather subtly, i.e. she only broke the glasses near her and not all the ones in the room.  She stepped down from the stage and took a swig of champagne straight from the bottle, then glared over at Noin.  "Hah!  As if you're 'break up' with Zechs was any smoother."

Hirde turned green again, a rather bad color for her.  "Please... no more flashbacks."

Lady Une snorted and spoke for the first time.  "It's simple.  Noin and I saw them discussing their wardrobe for the next ball."

"That isn't so bad."

"They were both buck naked."


"Coming out of the bath."


"Both reeking of roses."


"With hickies."

Now all the girls looked rather ill... as well as some of the guys sitting out in the bar.. while others looked intrigued.

Hirde *really* looked ill.  "Please.. no more."

Lady Une suddenly slammed down her drink.  The others jumped as she staggered to her feet and made her way to the stage.  Letting down her hair, she picked up the mike.

"I'm shameless, baby I don't have a prayer
anytime I see you standing there
I go down on my knees

and I'm changing, I swore I'd never compromise
but you convinced me otherwise
I'll do anything you please"

The other patrons remained silent as she sang.  Each knew what she had gone through, but no matter how they loved or tried, it didn't matter in the end.  As Lady Une stepped down quietly, a depressed air fell over the women once more.  Relena seemed determined to drink down every drop of champagne while Hirde began humming, "Itoshii hito no tameni" under her breath.  Cathrine was idly throwing daggers up at the ceiling.

Suddenly, a man in a plain business suit hurried over to Relena's side, and whispered in her ear.  She glanced at Noin and nodded quickly in her direction.  Noin cleared her throat.  "Ladies... I have a little proposition."



"Ne, Heero... why is Wing pink and covered with glitter?"


"Heero," asked Quatre all concern and cheer.. but with a suspicious quiver in his lips, "I think you'd better lie down, that never above your forehead looks like it's going to explode."

"..... ko... "



Quatre sweatdropped, even as he backed away from the visibly trembling other boy.  Suddenly Heero let out a psychotic laugh.  "Minna o korosu!!!!"

The laugh was underscored by a piercing shriek from Shinigami's hangar.  "Shinigamiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!"

Heero, startled out of his own happy joyful thoughts, rushed over with Quatre... Shinigami was wreathed in bright happy colored flowers from pointy head to pointy feet.  Bright, garish colors which overwhelmed the usually dark gundam.

Duo was clutching at his hair while swaying from side to side.  "My Deathscythe!!!"  Duo seemed torn between crying and screaming... so he did both, leading to a rather strange, choked, gurgling sound.

On the other side of the globe...



"Do you think this green dye will ever wash out?"


"Or for that matter do you think that tatoo on your behi-"




Petty, yes... Fulfilling, hell yeah!!

Ye Merry Olde Ende.

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