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A Comedy of Errors
By Jaelyn

I don’t Own the G-boys---wahhhhh! But I like playing with them just for fun ^_^. No Flames please. DO NOT read if you hate Relena. You have been warned. * snicker * ^^


    The neighborhood wasn’t quite the kind of place Heero Yuy expected the Queen of the World to make her home. Oh, it was definitely upscale--the BMWs, Mercedes, and Jaguars tooling up and down the streets and parked in front of the stylish townhouses and garden houses attested to that. The lawns were all well manicured, with miniature gardens blooming around trees and front steps, sprouting from window boxes. Not three blocks away was a neighborhood grocer where it’s upper class patrons were guaranteed to find the freshest produce, the finest cuts of meat and fish, and of course, the best wine. But just three blocks in the other direction, a bookstore stood that specialized in the old and rare held a Slam poetry competition every month and sponsored a book club every other Tuesday. And not a mile away, a microbrewery, The Peacemillion, had live music and dancing every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night.

    But wealth aside, the area had a charm and informality that Heero would not have guessed Relena would be drawn to. He would not have placed her in this place where children played noisily in the park across the street and young mothers who looked like college students gossiped and pushed babies in strollers. Smiling Hero shook his head, brushing his dark hair from his eyes. No, he had imagined her in some refurbished castle in Sank Kingdom or ensconced in the penthouse suite atop World Alliance headquarters with servants at her beck and call, forever a princess in a glass tower.

    “Waiting for me to come rescue her on my white horse, er...gundam” Heero thought to himself, wryly. He sighed. But people changed. And 5 years was enough time for a major evolution for a boy and girl of 16. The last time he had seen her, he had sat in the darkened recess of a balcony, watching over her one last time as she gave in a steady ringing voice her first speech before a new world. No one would have guessed that not an hour before he had bid a weeping girl good bye after she had bared her soul and asked him to stay with her. But as she stood on that podium, she hadn’t looked up, though surely she knew he was near by. And with the world as he knew it on the verge of a hard fought peace, he had walked away from her. It hadn’t been easy; leaving her.

    For two years, she had been a nuisance in his life, trailing him all over Earth and into space. The girl he had intended to kill gradually became his conscience. Every time he saw her, whether in person, or in a fever dream, she forced him to see the horror that was himself-- an instrument of war; a soldier without a soul. When he had pointed that empty gun at Mariemeia and pulled the trigger, he knew, even as he had collapsed into Relena’s arms, and felt the gentle tapping of her heart as she cradled him to her breast, that he had to leave. So he had. He had not even told Duo, his closest comrade among the other pilots, of his whereabouts.

    “I had to--find myself.” Heero smiled at the old cliche. And so he had. In the last five years, he had worked the soft dark earth on the agricultural colonies, helped to rebuild a town in some war-torn part of what used to be Sank Kingdom, spent two long summers working as a steward on a ship that cruised the Orient, traveled to L1 to work with the teams helping to restore the war weary colony. In all that time he hadn’t touched a gun; had learned to smile, and to laugh. Had learned to enjoy people. He had discovered what it meant to be human.

    And now he was ready to return to her. He was whole now. He would be able to say to her, now, what he could not say to her 5 years ago.

    So here he was, parked across from her home where he had been sitting for the last hour, trying to find the courage to get out of his car and knock on her door. “What will she say?” He thought out loud, his jaw clenched, his sweaty palms unconsciously clenching the steering wheel of his car. “Will she scream at me? Will she cry? Maybe she won’t speak to me at all.” Now that this moment had come, he was suddenly terrified. Though Relena’s public life was there for any to see, her private life was closely guarded. Even locating where she lived had been a challenge. He had no real idea what the girl he once knew had become. Or how she would react.

    He groaned and bent his head to the steering wheel, breathing in rapid, shallow puffs, unfamiliar with the fluttery unsettled feeling in his gut. “Duo would laugh at me,” he thought, thinking of the laughing, violet-eyed pilot with the long, brown braid --his best friend (he could say that now), and briefly, his lover. “He had teased me often enough about having a crush on her. He would die to know I was sitting here now, unable to move. Wufei would cross his arms, tell me I’m a coward. Quatre would be sympathetic, and Trowa, well, he may not say anything at all, but his body language would speak volumes.”

    Thinking of his friends relaxed him, made him feel as if they were with him in sprit though he hadn’t seen them in so long. He missed them. Oh, he had kept up with them as well as he could...Wufei was a prominent member of the Preventers, Quartre a leading government and business figure. Trowa still performed in the circus with his sister though he put in his time with the Preventers and with Quatre. Duo he knew had returned to L2 for a time, staying with the girl Hilde for a year before heading back to earth, wandering a bit before enrolling at Stanford. That was the last he knew of him. He sighed, shaking his head. He should find them. He would find all of them, now that he was back.

    He took a deep breath. “But first things first.” Steeling himself, for a moment once again the soldier with a mission, he opened the car door and stepped out.


    “Ana! Ana, can you get the door? It’s probably Milliardo and Lucrezia.”

    Heero stood before the white wood door...steel reinforced, he noted, no peep hole but an intercom. No out side access to the lock; the handle was likely palm print activated. He nodded to himself. Her security was as good as ever, he noted. Behind that door he could here the young female voice, the cultured tones slightly exasperated but with an under-current of excitement and happiness. He’d know that voice anywhere.


    Less clearly he heard another female voice respond though he couldn’t make out her words, likely the unknown, Ana. Her response was obviously negative though because in a few moments, he heard Relena respond:

    “Oh alright! I’ll get it!” Again laughter danced in her voice, “Just get them ready and tell him to hurry! We don’t want to be late!”

    And then the door flew open (without benefit of the intercom) and there she was.

    Relena’s lips, ready to smile, slowly shaped themselves into an ‘O’ of astonished disbelieve. Her summer blue eyes widening to take up, it seemed, her entire face. One fine boned hand went to her mouth in an automatic gesture of surprise. Slowly she looked him up and down. He knew what she saw: He had grown almost a foot in the last five years, and had put on 70 pounds of additional muscle with it. But his face was still the same, only the soft boyish curves had refined to well defined planes.

    “Ohmigod! Heero!” She whispered, taking a hesitant step toward him before stopping a mere foot away, tears beginning to brim in her eyes. “Heero...”

    She was beautiful. What was only a promise when he left her was now fully realized. Her short, peaches and cream silk dress clung to the shapely curves of her breasts and hips; emphasized the trim, sleek young body. High-heeled creme sandals emphasized the long, shapely legs. Golden highlights brightened her wheaten hair, brought out the blue of her eyes. She was stunning.

    Heero felt his mouth go dry.


    Then she was in his arms, hugging him tight, and she smelled so good, like summer flowers. He couldn’t resist inhaling deeply of her scent. Reveling in her essence. This was right. This was so right and five years ago, he had been a fool.

    “Oh Heero!” She cried, happy tears running down her face, as she planted kiss after kiss on his clean shaven cheek, leaving translucent smears of coral-rose lipstick, “Heero, Heero...where have you been! All this time...we looked for you and looked for you.... Why didn’t you contact us? Why..?”

    A dog’s bark interrupted her before he could even begin to answer. She stepped away from him and giggled as a Golden Retriever puppy bounded into the room followed by a large Rotlweiler.

    “Heero! Max! Down!”

    Both dogs obeyed, though the Rotweiler, Heero, was giving him the hairy eyeball and Max looked as if sitting still was going to kill him.
    Heero raised an inquiring eyebrow; Relena gave him an impish grin.

    “As someone would say: ‘named for the baddest bad-ass we know’ “

    Heero’s jaw dropped. Relena’s grin turned into a giggle and she again snuggled close to him for a little hug. “Heero. I am so happy to see you. So much has happened! Wait until you....”

    Just then a young women entered the room, leading two small children by the hands, a boy and a girl, little more than babies. They broke into happy squeals when they saw Relena and when their nanny let them go they ran into her arms as she kneeled to meet them.

    “Ana! They are beautiful! You’d never guess half an hour ago they were covered in mud and grass stains.” She kissed both sets of round little cheeks. “Mama’s little twin terrors!”

    Heero felt the world shift, his mind going numb. They are hers..? I’m too late... He looked at her delicate fingers that caressed the children, smoothed their clothes. On the left middle finger was a platinum ring set with a single bright diamond, resting on a simpler unadorned matching platinum band. She was married.

    Relena gracefully stood, a baby in each arm, “Heero, these are my children...this little guy here is Taliesin, known to one and all as Tal until he can say his name himself, and my little princess is Aiden Emily.” She gave him a mock-warning look, “I know Aiden is a boy’s name but blame her father.”

    He looked at the babies...beautiful, fine-boned, fairy children, with pale, spun-gold hair, heart-shaped faces, big blue-violet eyes, and cupid’s-bow mouths. Their gazes were full of curiosity and no small amount of distrust.

    “Blame her father for what?” The voice was warm and vibrant, a light, easy baritone he’d know in his sleep. Had heard in his sleep.

    “Kami-sama...” He murmured to himself, feeling sick and a little dizzy, “This can’t be real...that can’t be...” But it was. He too had grown. Not quite as tall as himself, maybe 5’11’’, and not as heavy, maintaining the lean, lithe musculature Heero knew from their adolescence. He came down the stairs, braiding his sun-streaked chestnut hair that still fell to his hips. He was dressed in a cream-colored raw silk slacks and black, round collar silk shirt. His gold crucifix glittered against the background. He had lost none of his old grace; his posture still held all of the old cock-sure, devil-may-care attitude. He had the same mischief-laden smile. He hadn’t noted Heero yet.

    “Aiden is a perfect for her...mean ‘fiery’. Just like her mother.”

    “Aren’t you going to say hello to our guest, luv?” Relena called, turning to give Heero a wink.

    Relena’s husband descended the last few stairs, finally taking in the fact that they had company and stopped in his tracks, violet eyes going even wider than Relena’s. For long seconds, he was speechless, a true measure of his bewilderment.

    “Holy shit! Heero!”

    “Duo!” Relena hissed at him irritably, handing the twins to Ana, “Not in front of the children!”

    But Duo may as well have been deaf at that moment; he had eyes only for the young man before him.

    And Heero only saw him. His friend. His comrade. His lover. Duo Maxwell.

    Duo Maxwell.

    Relena’s husband.


    The world faded to black.

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