Insanity 5: the teaser

This is the fic that never ends. Yes, it goes on and on my friends. Some baka started writing it for no reason, just because, and now that she's writing it, it just won't end


This is the fic that never ends. Yes, it goes on and on my friends... (rep. X infinity)

Wufei used to believe in karma. What goes around comes around. The Golden Rule. Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. Do not harm others less it return three fold you thee. In fact, he was almost nice.


There was that infamous Chang temper to contend with, but other than that he had been a fairly mellow individual.

Then… then stuff happened. (There was an awful sort of temptation to use his fellow pilots 'shit happens' but he resisted). He was betrothed; he was married; he was widowed; he became a gundam pilot, he *killed* people. Actually, a lot of stuff (shit!) happened. But he had tried to deal with things as they came - granted that fuzzy phase after his colony self destructed had thrown him for a loop.

Okay, several loops.

Okay, several loops, dodges, pitfalls, and what not.

But he was better now. Really. And despite all that, some niggling bit of himself had remained sane and believed.

Until now.

That moment, that indescribable, awful, horrible, no good moment as Wufei had found himself chased by a calf eyed girly emperor who really ought to know better, a Duo/female impersonator with a headlock like you wouldn't believe, and other assorted, rainbow haired miscreants was when he snapped.

Snapped like Heero's spandex on a cold, frigid, sub zero night; snapped like a crisp, freshly washed bed sheet in a brisk wind; snapped like a strung out hair tie.

Well, snapped.

How could karma possibly co exist in a world where he was absorbed by a book, forced into a pitiful, flimsy excuse for a dress, and then propositioned to become an empress (and this was leaving out that strange elephant who had made googly eyes at him as well)? How?

Simple, there was no karma, there was no…

"Justice!" With a wee bit of a yelp, Wufei spun around, giving a good flair to the skirt. "Explain yourself, Duo."

"Well, Wufei, you had that look on your face. You know when you're about to scream for no reason I can think of," Duo replied with an impish smile.

Wufei, having learned that the best defense was a good offense (Here he had Duo to thank, however grudgingly) especially in cases where certain Americans were too smug for *his* peace of mind, chose to change the subject. He held out the handful of pictures that devious neko had trailed behind her. "What was that again, Duo?"


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