Notes:  Hana means one in Korean; Dool means two in Korean *snickers* you'll see . . .

Part 2

Yukina calmly took a sip of tea, smiling at the fun her brother and Yuusuke was having.  Those two always did enjoy competing with each other, especially since Hiei had reached S-class a couple of centuries ago.

Up until a few minutes, her husband had been fighting as well.  A trifle guiltily, she glanced over at the tall orange haired man.  He was currently being treated for burns as well as frostbite. . . on his rear end.  Hiei had "accidentally" set fire to Kuwa-chan's behind when the other had proclaimed that he could take both Hiei and Yuusuke on.  The other had then run around the room spewing curses with a worried ice demoness trailing right behind him, trying to help.

Yukina had tried  . . .unfortunately, she was pregnant right now.  Her body was a bit off balance at the moment.  When she had tried to put out the fire with a bit of her youki . . . Blushing slightly, she glanced over at Kurama.  He was calmly applying healing plants to the . . . affected area.  The youko turned his head and winked at her slightly.  She smiled gratefully in return.

Koenma-sama had arrived with Botan-chan.  Both seemed to be a bit upset.  Yukina frowned slightly into her cup.  She hoped it wouldn't be another mission for her husband.  After he had become a youkai . . . whenever he returned from Reikai missions . . he was always naked for some reason.

Even her niisan was confused . . after laughing hysterically the first few times, Hiei had been equally baffled by Kuwabara's inexplicable loss of clothes during mission after mission. . .

"I have a new mission for you guys." stated Koenma calmly, now in his teenage form.

"Kyahahahahaha!!!" cried Yuusuke gleefully. "Kuwabara's going to lose his clothes again."

Naturally, Hiei couldn't help but snicker, causing the taller man to leap for the koorime's throat.

Chaos ensued.

Koenma coughed slightly, to get everyone's attention.  He sweatdropped as Hiei and Kuwabara continued to thrash around the living room floor.  Yuusuke was rolling around the room, laughing uncontrollably.  Kurama and Yukina had fallen into a deep conversation about the healing effects of some plant.  Botan was eyeing one of Kurama's plants strangely, mainly because it was staring back at her.

He coughed again.


Finally, Koenma magnified his head, using Soun Tendo's Demon Head Technique (TM).


Stark and utter silence as everyone froze in shock.

Koenma coughed solemnly . . . his throat was starting to feel sore.

"I want to reinstate the Urameshi team.  It has to do with my brother . . . "

"Nani!" everyone screamed with the exception of Yukina.

"Koenma-sama, I didn't know you had a brother," she cried happily, clasping her hands together.  "Congratulations to Enma-sama and his bride on your new baby brother."


Kurama coughed delicately to hide the growing smile on his face.  Trust Yukina to find a way to break up the tension in the room.  "What Koenma probably meant was that he already *has* a brother.  Ne?"

Koenma nodded, thoughtfully gnawing on his stone pacifier.  "Kurama is correct.  I have an older brother.  He was the true heir to the throne."

Everyone gasped, looking horrified.

Kuwabara blurted out, " You don't mean that you offed him in order to become the next heir?!!  And his ghost has come back to haunt you??"

Botan wailed at her boss, "Koenma-sama!!!  How could you!!"

Hiei smirked, flashing his fangs.  "I like it.  What'd you use?  Poison?  An arranged 'accident'?  Hired thugs?  Or did you do it yourself?"

Koenma looked horrified.  "Iie! Chigau yo! It's not like that at all."

Nervously, he brushed back his light brown hair.  "Actually, he abdicated."

"Nani!" everyone chorused together, then eyed each other suspiciously.  These group exclamations were getting way too bizzare . . .

Koenma sighed mournfully and assumed a dramatic pose, clasping both hands to chest and lifting shimmering eyes heavenward.  Pastel colors and sparkles appeared in the background as a mournful violin dirge began playing softly.

"Ah . . . a woeful tale it is.  Gather 'round me children for a story."

"Yay!!" they all cried, despite all efforts not to speak in unison.  All of them tumbled into SD form as they converged around Koenma, who was now seated on a large armchair.  A fire crackled merrily in the hearth as Koenma, dressed in tweeds and holding a pipe, opened an oversized story book.  He read aloud.

"Once upon a time, in the Reikai, a little prince, who's name was Dool, was born.  His father was the ruler of the Reikai, Enma."

Picture of Enma proudly holding up a bawling baby. . .  with chestnut hair and violet eyes.

"Now, since he was first born, Dool was trained to follow in his father's footsteps."

Picture of the baby, now a toddler, crawling around, madly stamping any and all documents, giggling gleefully.

"Now, we know he's related to Koenma, " muttered Yuusuke.

"But since everyone agreed he was too young to assume such a heavy burden . . . "

Picture of oni running around madly, some tripping over each other, running into each other, falling into inexplicable black holes, etc.  While above them, the ferry girls suffer similar fates.

"He was frequently set out to play with his cousin, Nokoru, and his younger brother -cough- me."

Picture of all three gleefully blowing up something, causing the continent of Panasia to separate; setting random things on fire, leading to the extinction of the dinosaurs; throwing water balloons at passing deities, being chased by a dripping wet Suzaku and Genbu.  Most of these incidents being instigated and planned by Dool.

"Now, I've got ot meet this Dool person, " said Yuusuke in awe.  Kuwabara nodded dumbly in agreement . . . someone who could cause this much chaos. . .

"Eventually, Dool grew into an adolescent."

Picture of the chestnut haired prince, now a teenager, happily racing away from a smoking room . . . Enma's throne room to be precise.

" . . .and fell in love, as all teenagers do."

Dool pauses in his mad rush, staring at a short haired boy, who was casually bending long steel bars into knots.  A blushing SD Wufei, dressed in nothing but a diaper, white wings, and a scowl, sets the Sniper Rifle of Love (TM) on Dool and the other boy.  The black haired boy, resigned to his role of Cupid, presses the trigger.

Instantly, hearts and sparkling lights radiate between the two boys.

"Sniper Rifle of Love, " mouthed Kurama silently, too dazed to do anything else.

"But, unfortunately, their love was not to be.  For Dool's love, Hana was his name, came from an isolated portion of the Reikai, a kingdom abandoned and ignored because of their bizarre custom of . . . "

Everyone strained forward.

" . . . of eating their bread, butter side down."

Yukina gasped, clasping her hands against her mouth in shock.

Botan fainted while Kuwabara looked faintly ill.

Yuusuke shook his head sadly.

Kurama gently tried to revive Botan, his face unreadable.

Hiei looked . . . confused, his brows wrinkling together.

"What's the big fuss?" he asked.

Kurama cried out, looking horrified, "Hiei!!  It's simply not done.  *Everyone* knows that the only way to eat bread is butter side up!"

"What's the difference?"

"I'll explain it to you later, " replied the red-haired bishounen.

Koenma shrugged and said, "They also ate green eggs and ham."

"No!" cried out the Urameshi-gumi, with the exception of Hiei, who was still confused.  Actually, speaking in sync was sort of fun.

"Yes!" cried Koenma "And refused to separate their colors from their white while doing laundry."


"Yes, and wore white after Labor Day."


"Yes! and most horrific of all . . . mixed plaids and stripes!!"


Koenma nodded emphatically and resumed his tale.

"So Dool's father forbid his son to see Hana ever again.  But the prince was determined to be with his love.  Secretly wishing his best friend and brother good bye, he ran away into the Ningenkai with his lover.  They lived there as ningens and found a way to become human, living, dying and reincarnating as humans."

"When Enma found out, he was furious, forbidding anyone to mention his first-born's name in his presence and erasing Dool's name from the records.  I was made his heir and no one knew the final story until now."  Koenma calmly finished the story.

"And I would have been happy to let Dool and Hana live and reincarnate together -cough- with a little help from me of course, but a great evil has resurfaced again."

The Uramasehi-gumi eyed their boss warily.

"It's kidnapped my brother's current reincarnation and I believe is also holding Keiko hostage again." added Koenma softly.

"K'so." gritted out Yuusuke, standing up and cracking his knuckles.

"This is a picture of my brother, as he looks now.  His name is Duo Maxwell, a Gundam pilot . . . "

Wufei breathed a sigh of relief as he entered the darkened library.  He felt a twinge of guilt for having abandoned Trowa and Quatre  . .  . but only a twinge.  One of the singing elephants had started looking at him with a "certain" gleam, not to mention the coy flirtatious glances cast in his direction.  He shuddered and looked about.

Hmmm, now "this" was a shelter he would enjoy.   With a spring in his step, he began browsing through the vast selection of books.

After gleefully examining all of them, Wufei picked up a particularly intriguing one.  It was stacked carelessly with several musty, rotting documents.  Carefully, he examined the cover . . . the   Shi Jin Ten Chi Sho?

Intrigued, he opened up to the first page.  At a whispering noise behind his back, he quickly turned around.  Nothing was there . . .

Amused at his own jumpiness, for a minute there he could have sworn he had seen a glittering trail of red, Wufei turned his attention back to the book . . . and with a bright red flash he was gone.

The pages of the open book fluttered briefly, revealing a picture of Wufei . . in the library . . . a red feather gently drifted down beside it . .

"So the role of the male in Jem's perspective conflicts with the remembrance of her father." concluded Trowa quietly, taking another sip of Earl Grey, talking more than usual had parched his throat.

Quatre spoke up, a small frown creasing his brow.  "But doesn't she have the power?  She resurrects her orphanage, saves the family business, succeeds as both Jem and Jerrica in a male oriented society.  Doesn't that define her as a powerful person in her own right?"

A cultured, cheery voice replied. "Ah, but through it all, she has had to use her father's inventions.  Even Jem is an image 'he' has created."  She absently burhsed at an invisible speck of dust on her sleeve.  After all . . she was practically perfect.

The various jungle animals seated around the huge circular tea table nodded in agreement.

Both sides had decided to take a refreshing tea break . .  .floating above the ground.

The blonde boy took another sip of tea, as he smiled at Trowa over the rim of his cup.  This was actually quite amusing, almost like being in Zero G.  He wondered what had happened to Wufei . . . or even Heero for that matter.  All Quatre remembered was the faint echo of a loud explosion . . .

A slender hand pressed lightly against his shoulder, startling the boy out of his reverie.  He looked up into a pair of deep green eyes.  To others, they may seem empty, but to Quatre . . . they contained all of the beauty and mystery of space . . .

"Daijoubu.  Heero and Wufei are more than capable of taking care of themselves. . . and Duo has shown a surprising ability to pull things out of nowhere . . or his hair at any rate."

Shura thought disgustedly, Geez can't his father and <that> woman stop making so much noise.  Just because they're busy all the time with their "hobby" doesn't mean the entire castle has to hear it as well.  He made a face at the noises coming from his father's bedroom and headed outside, where he didn't have to listen to their excited moans and squeals.

"Oh!!!, that's wonderful."

"I'll have to return the compliment m'dear.  You've certainly met my standards."

"Why Yomi, " a female voice purred, "are you trying to flatter me?"

Masculine laughter erupted around the room, a mischievous voice replied smoothly, "Anything  to . . . . to get that beanie baby my sweetums."

Mukuro laughed lightly and fingered the powder pink elephant in her hand.

"Oh with the right sort of encouragement, I'm sure I can be . . . convinced. " she said langorously, suggestively toying with the elephant's limp trunk.

Yomi, with a passionately avarice gleam .. or an avariciously passionate gleam, in his eye replied, "Ahhh, my two loves, beanie babies and you, Mukuro.  Who would've thought the day where the mighty ruler of the Makai would fall under the hypnotic charm of pastel fluffy lumps and the deadly glare of your mechanical eye."

Mukuro raised one eyebrow at the phrase "mightly ruler of the Makai".  In an edgy voice she replied, "The same goes over here.  Replacing 'mechanical eye' with blank stare of course." She smiled a trifle maliciously.

"Ahh, but I'm forgetting the brightness and . . . vivacity of your hair, whose color pierces garishly through my blindness."

"Of course, your gliding long locks are one of your best geatures, which is why you should really think about doing something for that receding hairline of yours," bit off Mukuro.

Yomi cooly smiled, eyes glinting with anger and  . . . something.  He casually threw a burst of youki at Mukuro.  She brushed it aside, with a sniff.  Her eyes narrowed.

"Oh-hoh, so now we want to play."

Shura shuddered as he felt the various explosions and flaring youki.  He snorted, this was his father and . . . that woman's idea of foreplay, that and cooing over beanie babies.  He could still remember when father had first brought *her* to meet him.

"Shura, light of my life; meet Mukuro."

She had grinned, showing off her shiny white teeth.

"Just call me . . .Mommy Dearest."

It had taken 2 hours before he had woken up from his faint.

Duo glared at their inept villain, currently lying unconscious after having tried to glomp him.  As a new mask had been revealed, it had started to spout off bad poetry and started raving about pig-tailed goddesses and such.  Then it had hugged him, grabbing at his non-existent breasts.

Keiko had actually rescued him, knocking his attacker, who by then was babbling about the foul black sorcerer Saotome taking away his beautous bounties. . . whatever.  Duo snorted and casually poked at the downed figure with his foot . . hmmm, he'd be out for a while.

Keiko spoke up, glancing at their surrounding uneasily.  "Ne, Duo-kun, don't you think all of this . . . well *pink* decor is strange?"

Duo shrugged, absently tugging at the end of his braid, taking stock of the room for the first time.  Everything was decorated in an eye-boggling combination of pink plastic and white marble . . .

"Saaaaa, " he grinned hugely.  "We just can't wait to be rescued ne?  Although it would be kind of fun for my 'Hero' to come save me. "  With those words, the last few followed by a cackle, Duo started rummaging around his hair.  Where was it?

Keiko sweatdropped briefly, staring at the other boy.  He seemed to be combing through his hair rather meticulously.  "Ano na . . . I don't think this is the time to be grooming."

Duo gave off another cackle, now having unbraided his hair so that it fell in long gleaming waves down to his knees.  "It's not that . . . I'm looking for something."

Keiko stared as the long-haired boy started pulling out various items of his hair.  A rubber chicken, two empty pistols, three mangas, 4 magazines, 2 pairs of handcuffs *cough*, 1 hairbrush, 2 hair spray cans, 1 bottle of mousse. . . was he related to Kurama?

"K'so . . where the hell did it go?" He began to meticulously separate his locks of hair, occasionally casting an appraising eye over the things that fell out of it.  Ah, so that's where all his missing socks had gone.

Keiko's sweatdrop grew bigger and bigger, until it threatened to outgrow her head.  Wasn't carrying all of that around heavy?

At a low groan from their would be villain, both Keiko and Duo turned quickly, the former having to duck or else suffocate in Duo's massive amount of hair.

"All right.  That's it.  Forget it.  I don't give a f**& (**(^*&( about *^^ or *&%%&^  I give up!!!." It glared at them, having placed a hood over it's features.  "I'm tired of being knocked around, I am *not* paying enough to put up with this kind of ^&*^&^"

Duo and Keiko stared increduously at their ranting villain.  Wha?

It snapped to attention suddenly. "All right.  I'll give you as many chances as you need to guess my name.  Whoever does will be my new master or mistress.  I'm tired of playing the stereotypical henchman for the master villain.  I'll probably get offed sometime before the major action starts anyway."

Duo rubbed his neck absently as he exchanged Significant Glances with Keiko.  This was unexpected . .

"So . . give it your best shot."  It gloated smugly.  "Bet it'll take you at least a week."

"You'll really be stuck on this one."

Duo sighed and said. "You're name is Rikki Tikki Temo No Sa Rembo Chari Bari Ruchi Pip Peri Pembo."

Keiko facefaulted.  "Duo . . . where did you get that from???!!!"

The ex-villian on the other hand . . . glomped Duo. "Waaaiiiii master!!!  How did you guess?"

Duo sweatdropped as he pointed out the tag sticking out of the other's cloak.  "Next time remove the name tag sewn into your clothes."


"Yeah, oh.  So, how do we get out of here."

"Beats me."

"Nani!!!" cried out Keiko and Duo, in unison no less.

"Cool, do that again."

Keiko grabbed the other by the front of the shirt.  "Listen, don't play around with me.  I'm tired, I'm aching, and I am really *not* in the mood for these kind of mind games."

Duo cheered from the bleachers, whipping out some popcorn . . . from his hair and munching on it.  "Ganbatte!!!"

Rikki Tikki Tembo No Sa Rembo  . . . *cough* the ex-villain cast a pleading glance at the American.  "Master . . . don't you remember me?"


"Waaaaiii!!! Sana-chan doesn't remember me?"  It started wailing pitifully.

"Who's Sana-chan?"

"You are master."

"My name's Duo."

"It is in *this* life . . . just like Rikki Tikki Tembo *cough* that other name is mine in this life.  I have another name . . . Babbit!!."

Duo and Keiko facefaulted.

The brown haired girl picked herself up with a groan.  "What kind of name is that?"

The . . . Babbit pouted.  "Oi!  I like that name."  Then glanced over at the befuddled pilot of Shinigami, exclaiming, "I can't believe you don't remember me."


"Do you remember Hayama?"









Duo shook his head exasperated.  "No!!!  How the heck am I supposed to remember something from a previous life when I don't remember what I did yesterday."

Babbit sniffed then paused as if in mid thought.  "I know!  Maybe if I switched to a more familiar figure you'd remember me."  With those words, it compacted its form . . . changing into a small white figure, with blue bat wings and cute white bunny ears.

"Ta-da.  Now do you remember me?"

Duo stared at the thing flapping in mid air. "Umm, no?"

Meanwhile, Keiko had started to rummage through Duo's hair, pulling out a small tea table, complete with tea set and snacks.  Humming to herself, she started putting together a small snack.  She knew a thing or 50 about past lives.  It would take a while, but . . . figuring out Duo's past life might help their situation.  She giggled, if nothing else it was quite funny.  At Duo's outraged exclamation she glanced up.  The braided boy was clutching his head and jumping up and down.

"What do you mean Sana was a girl!!  You mean I was a chick in a previous life???  I'm a boy dammit!!"

Like she thought . . . interesting.

Heero woke up with a slight moan.  What had happened.  Then he remembered and swore.  Wait until he got his hands on that stupid monkey, he was going to wring its scrawny little . . .

"He~~ro-chan te ba!!"

Heero glanced up.  Was that . . . Duo?

The other pilot moved rapidly into view. "Oi!!  Heero, what took you so long?"

The Wing pilot picked himself up absently.  What was he forgetting?  As memory hit, he grabbed Duo, patting down the other's chest frantically.  Breathing a sigh of relief, no breasts, Heero began paying attention to the other's non stop chattering.

" . . . Heero!!!  If you're looking for breasts, Dr. J changed me back just now.  Although I kind of thought that breast feeding our baby would be better than the bottle."

Heero grunted in acknowledgement. . . the words not making their impact know until . . . "A baby!!!"

Duo grinned. "Saaa.  Ya wanna see little Koyuy, ne?"  With those words, the grinning maniac pulled out a small blanket wrapped bundle, pushing it right under Heero's shocked gaze.  "Isn't he just so kawaii?"

Heero stared . . . a baby . . . Just as swirling lights started to appear before his eyes, he pulled himself together.  He would *not* faint.  Once was humiliating enough.  The Japanese boy peered down, his cobalt blue eyes meeting the baby's.  It was sucking on it's bottle frantically, glaring right back at him with violet blue eyes . . . Duo's eyes.  He would have smiled but . . .

The baby casually threw the finished bottle away . . . right smack dab between Heero's eyes.  Duo cheerfully began patting it's back for it to burp, the baby did, muttering a 'Ninmu Kanryou.' after a particularly loud one.

Heero stared.

And stared as the baby suddenly unfolded white wings and floated next to his head.

He would not faint.

"Dr. J said there might be some side effects cause he was conceived in Wing Gundam. . . the Zero system and all that." Duo continued on, blissfully unaware of Heero's increasingly unstable mindset and chuckled. "Of course considering that I was a guy turned girl, Koyuy, would probably been a bit strange anyway.  Aren't you glad that I delayed turning back into a guy so that we could conceive him?  Ne?"

Would not faint.  He watched the baby casually flap its feathered wings and take off to the sky.

" . . . at least he isn't calling himself Kamui or anything . . . "

Not faint.

"Oi!  Heero, you listening to me."

Heero fainted . . . again and dreamt . . .

 . . . of a million of the flying babies, chasing after him, screaming, "Tousan, tousan!!"

"So why are we here again," asked Kuwabara, glancing at the huge mansion in front of him.

"Well, we traced an unusual amount of youki activity to this house recently, belonging to the Winner Estate I believe. " replied Koenma.

"Well, let's go already!!!." said Yuusuke, frustrated at his inability to do anything right now.  What if Keiko was hurt . . .

The rest of the group nodded in agreement, Hiei flitting ahead.

The koorime noticed the huge hole at the side of the wall . . . What was this?  He also noticed the debris lying around the room as he entered.   An explosion?  He waited for the rest of the group to catch up.

Kurama exclaimed.  "Look!  There's someone in here."

They all turned to look at a young boy, apparently unconscious, wearing a green tank top and a tight, tight pair of black shorts.

Kuwabara shuddered briefly . . . that could *not* be comfortable.

"What should we do with him, " asked Kurama, absently brushing back a piece of hair, even as he began laying out the smaller boy's body in a more comfortable position.

Hiei shrugged. "Leave him there."

While the three of them argued, with enough noise to wake the dead, Koenma began rummaging through his cape.

"Ah ha!!" cried Koenma triumphantly, brandishing a fistful of papers.  "I thought he looked familiar.  This is Heero Yuy, a reincarnation of Hana . . . my brother's lover.  He should be able to tell us *something*."

"Kisama.  Omae o korosu."  stated a flat voice.  They all turned back to see the boy had awakened . . . and was aiming a gun at their heads.  His bright blue eyes were narrowed and his lips set in a firm line.

Heero didn't know what all these strangers were doing here, but he was sure that they wouldn't leave alive until he got some answers.

Koenma sweatdropped . . . the thorough profiles on Yuy were correct.  The Jr. God of death was delighted that his older brother had found someone more reliable and responsible as a soulmate . . . but on the other hand, he eyed Heero warily, there was such a thing as moderation . . .

"Play it again."

"Demo . . . Ojousama . . . you've seen it 28 times already."

"So?" There was a dangerous lilt in her voice, which warned Lackey #1 that he was about to be incinerated."

"Iya, betsuni." quickly he rewinded the tape to her favorite section, mentally cursing the maker of this movie.

Resigned, he watched the tragedy unfold.

"I'll never let go Jack . . . I'll never let go."

Then winced as his boss started laughing maniacally as the girl on the screen pried the cold, dead fingers of her lover and tossed him overboard.  He sweatdropped along with Lackey #2 through Lackey # 200 . . .

How was this supposed to help in taking control of the three worlds?  Kidnapping Enma's son, he could understand; taking hostage of Raizen's brat's woman he could understand; even sending that Mogwoid over to the OZ faction to incite chaos he could understand . . . but to watch this (*^&*^& movie over and over and over and over again.  Lackey #1 shuddered in distate.

Wonder if boss lost her mind while entrapped in that trunk.

If she wasn't crazy to begin with.

That pink decor . . .

Treize stared at the package in front of him.  It was wrapped in bright pink foil and had several holes punched through.  Whatever was inside was making little squeaking and growling noises . . .almost like talking actually.  Briefly he wondered how it had gotten past security and Lady Une . . .

The note that accompanied it read.


Do not expose to bright light.

Do not splash with water.

Do not feed after midnight.

Have fun.

Best regards,


Treize sweatdropped.  Definitely strange but he shrugged and opened the package anyway.  What was life without a few bizarre twists and turns in the road?

Inside was a cute little ball of fuzz with long years and huge innocent eyes.  Kawaii he thought, even as he reached for the little creature.  Carefully holding it in the palm of his hand, he mentally thanked whoever had sent it.

How thoughtful.

Treize shuddered.  For a minute there, he thought he heard a sinister laugh . . .



"Hmm? What is it Akira?"

"Kaichou . . are unconscious people supposed to foam at the mouth like that?"

Both Suoh and Nokoru sweatdropped, glancing involuntarily at the KO'ed Enma Daioh . . and the Enma-sized impression he had made on the marble floor.

Nokoru began fanning himself nervously.  "Mou . . it's all uncle's fault anyway.  If he hadn't bellowed so loudly, the conga line would never have toppled over and knocked down the marble column. . ."

Suoh added, with a lift of his blue eyebrow. " . . right over Enma-sama's head, ne?"

Nokoru laughed nervously, this time his fan reading 'caught'.  He peered over at his uncle's prone body again.  The way he had fallen . . it reminded him of King Kong being toppled from the Empire State Building, the same ponderous motions . . not to mention the humongous crack he had made in the ground . .

"Ne, Kaichou, how do we wake him up?" chirped Akira.

Suoh muttered, "A more appropriate question is if we want him awake anytime soon."

All three boys imagined a rampaging King Kong, with Enma's face, tearing apart the Reikai. . . Huge Sweatdrop.

" . . ano ne. . .why don't we leave him here and get back to the toga party?" suggested Nokoru cheerfully, already heading towards the noise and music in the other room . . .

 . . and found him blocked by a steaming Suoh. "Kaichou!! Koenma-san did not invite us here to play.  We have . ."and pointed his finger at a pile of papers the ten times his height ,"those to finish.  And twenty more piles just like that one"

"Demo Suoh!!" Nokoru cried, waving around a fan now reading 'justice', "Those were already there when we arrived.  It's not my fault this time."

"It doesn't matter!!  It's our mission!!" Suoh retorted, fire burning bright in his eyes.  Suiting the words to action, he began pushing the crying and protesting boy towards his doom*cough* work.

"Ah Kaichou!  I know what to do."

The tussling boys turned at Akira's bright exclamation.  In his hands was a water hose, poised directly over Enma's face.

"No! Matte yo Akira!"

"Ijyuin!! Dame yo!"

But too late, he cheerfully turned on the hose. Nokoru and Suoh could only watch in horror as the cold water hit.

A brief, shocked pause followed.

Then, Nokoru's thoughtful murmur, as he flipped open his fan. "Ara . . .I didn't know uncle had visited Jusenkyo."


Part 3:  Where we learn exactly how many cameos I can fit into a fic ^_^

*gasp* *shudder* me wanna go hoooome...