Gundam Flavored Kisses

Duo: *looks about in confusion* Ya know...this place looks awfully familiar.

Heero:  *snorts* Baka!  Don't tell me you forgot already.

Quatre: *grins* I just can't wait for today's episode!  *radiates beams of sunshine*

Trowa: *nods*

Wufei:  *covers eyes* Yeah, whatever.

*Rei pops out from nowhere*

Rei: Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooi minna.  *looks abnormally perky*

Genki? Genki? Genkikikikikikikiki *The other two girls pop out, L smacks R upside the head* Ka?

S: *sweatdrop* Neechan...Have you been drinking coke again?

R: *nods head empahtically...dizzy...staggers* Oooho, look at the pretty lights *stares up at ceiling for a while*

L: *waves and bounces excitedly* Minna~~~! We're ba~ck.

G-boys: *dead voice* Yay.

S: *grins and beams* We're so~~o glad you're happy to see us again! *sarcasm bounces off her with an audible thud*

Duo: *points at R* Ano...what's wrong with her?  She's acting stranger than usual.  *R currently trying to make conversation with Duo's braid*

L: *sweatdrop* Well...her medication hasn't kicked in yet, not to mention the fact that she's been inhaling Pocky sticks, Coke, and chocolate covered almonds all day at school.

Heero: *looks ill* That's not human...

L&S: *giggle*

L: *whispers leaning forward* Confidentially, neither is she.

S: *tries to cover up another giggle at the G-boys' horror filled looks*

R: *grins feverishly* All right!!!  Let's get this two bit flea circus on the road.

Wufei: *eyes her* I liked her better wheezing and passed out.

L: Oh, don't worry about that.  Once the medicine kicks in, she'll be out of it like usual.

Duo: *blinks and scratches head* Where were we again?

Heero: *monotone* Trowa and Quatre were flirting.  I had walked in.  Duo was drooling.

Duo: *outraged* I was not!! I was ogling you.  There's a difference.
*offended sniff*

Heero: *pulls out laptop from...x_x...types in something* Correction noted.

All: *sweatdrop*

S: *grins* Standard Warnings and Disclaimers Apply *winks and drags Rei
off...who was trying to feed Duo's braid some Pocky sticks*

L: *winks* Have fun minna *cackles* I know we will.

Duo grinned and skipped...

L: Skipped...heheheheh...
R: *blinks* Moo moo skip to my coo, moo moo skip to my coo, moo moo skip
to my coo, skip to my good my da~~~~rling.
S: *sweatdrop* Neechan...have some more Pocky Sticks.
R: *squeals and turns chibi* Pocky!!!!

...over to where Trowa sat alone under a tree.  It was lunchtime, his
favorite subject as far as the braided boy was concerned.  He plopped
himself down, rearranging his skirt with a grumble when a sudden gust of
wind blew it up.

L: Panty!
S: Shot!
R: 6!
L: *shocked* You've recovered.
R: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.  Houston!  We have lift off *makes rusty engine noises*
S: *sweatdrop* Or not...

He eagerly opened up his lunch box, peering over the silent boy's shoulder
to see what Trowa had brought in.  His sister, Cathrine, invariably made
delicious lunches, weird but good, rice balls in the shape of circus
animals...vegetables cut like knives, etc.

A shadow fell over both girls err boys.  Trowa looked up, and Duo took
this opportunity to cram in a few goodies.  Then, curiosity over came him.

L: *hentai look* Over came him.
S: *sweatdrop* L-san, what are you thinking?
L: *shifty eyed* Nuthing...*giggles*
R: *passes out*

A slim figure stood leaning against the tree, one arm propping him up.  He
loomed over both the seated boys.  A light tenor spoke, practically
purring.  "So, is this the little piece of skirt that my dear, perfect
brother is interested in?"

S: *giggles* Piece of skirt???
L: *snorts* Let me guess...Quatro? *pokes passed out Rei*
S: *blinks* I think she's gone.
L: *rolles eyes* We knew that already.  I mean what's wrong with her
S: Medication.
L: *nods wisely* Ahhhh.

Trowa blinked up, green eyes peering out from beneath his bangs (bang?)
The voice was familiar, Quatre?

L: No!  It's his evil twin!
S: Beware!
R: Beowulf!
L&S: *sweatdrop*
S: Neechan, *grins* you're still alive.
R:  *tilts head* Maybe...check back in about *squints up at sky* 3 degrees
*passes out again*
L: *cough*

Trowa asked, "Quatre?"

The voice above him snarled, "Never ever call me Quatre!!"  Abruptly, the
figure stepped away from the tree.  Duo and Trowa gaped up.  This was a
twisted, disheveled version of the Quatre they had met.  The blonde boy
before them had longer hair, loosely tied back to lie past his shoulders.
His tie was missing, shirt unbuttoned, back tails falling out.  He held
himself in a loose confident, almost cocky manner.  Unless Quatre was
manifesting a split personality, this wasn't him.

R: *cackles* Split personality...Now there's a thought.
L: Rei-chan...

The Quatre look alike suddenly smiled in a rather predatory like fashion.
He slumped down gracefully next to Trowa and leaned in close, his warm
breath brushing against the other's cheek.  The smaller boy crowded the
fuku clad boy against the tree.

S: *cheers* Yatta!  Ganbare Quatre!
L: It's Quatro, not Quatre.  *sniffs*  And I like Quatre better.
R: *sweatdrop* It's the same person technically...

"My name is Quatro." he said.  Trowa regarded the other rather
indifferently, not turning a hair at the blonde boy's closeness.

L: *snickers* I dont' think anything short of a liberal application of
VO-5 will do that...or maybe a bullet.
S: *nods* It's even worse than Chichiri-san's.
Chichiri:  I protest that na no da!  Rei-chan, how could you no da. *upset*
R: *blinks...grabs and tickles Chichiri*
C: *pops into chibi* Waaaaaaaaaaaaaai.
R: *grins* Kawaii. *stuffs Pocky sticks in his mouth*  Have some Pocky!!!

Duo squirmed while sitting down, staring with wide eyes at the scene
unfolding before him.  Now _there_ was a development that was unexpected.
HIs eyes widened even more, and his braid stuck straight out like a
frazzled cat's tail.  Wasn't that Quatre heading straight towards them?

C: *mouth full* Da!!
All: *nods agreement while frantically scarfing down more Pocky*


At the sound of Quatre's voice, Quatro smirked and suddenly leaned in
even closer.  He brushed a kiss against Trowa's warm lips and stood up.
He offered Trowa a mocking little bow and winked over at the gaping Duo.
Whistling, he walked off the school grounds.

Trowa raised a hand to his lips, managing somehow to look both mildly
surprised and calm at the same time.  His first kiss...

L: *sweatdrop* Well, if anyone could carry off that look, Trowa could.
S: *giggles* ...Kurama could probably do it too.
R: *rolls eyes*

The _other_ blonde walked swiftly up to the duo sitting under the tree, an
anxious look in his clear blue eyes..

"Are you all right, Trowa?" He gave the other a once over, to check for
something wrong as well as to thank whoever invented short school uniform

All: Amen to that. *raises and salutes with Coke bottles*
C: *sweatdrop*

Trowa nodded briefly, offering the worried boy a slight smile...more a
upward tilt of his lips...or rather a twinkle in his eye.

L:*sweatdrop* Rei-chan...that sentence made absolutely no sense.
C&S: *nods vigorously*
R: *grumble* Well, _I_ understood it.
L: Try again.
R: *sigh*

Trowa smiled briefly at the other.  The small gesture gone before it could fully
bloom, but a warm glow remained in his green eyes.  Quatre smiled back.
Sparkling lights and flowers popped up in the background while everything
around them acquired a sudden pastel glow.

R: *blinks* How's that?
L: Eh *makes so so motion of hand*
R: *eyes narrowed* Oh?!  How would you have done it?
*S&C back slowly away from fuming twosome*
L: *casually buffs and stares at nails* A Panty Shot!!!
All: *facefaults*


Duo sighed irritably as he watched Wufei err Sensei Chang drone on and on
about some ancient legend.  Who cared about what happened in some dinky
pools of water in ancient China?  He irritably blew at his bangs and
peered over at Heero's stiff back.

He fidgeted, postive that something would happen to break this monotony.

...and waited _sure_ that something would happen.

...and thought something should have happened by now.

He tapped his foot and let out an irritable huff of air.  Well??

L: *sweatdrop* Rei...*pokes corpse err limp body*
S: *wails and clutches chibi Chichiri* Neeeeechan! You have to finish
writing this scene!!!
R:...*holds up sign a la Genma* Reishin's not in at the moment.  Please
leave your name, number, and message at the end of the bang.
C: Bang no da?
*sign explodes with a bang, flinging puff fish shaped confetti everywhere*
All: *sweatdrop*
S:*rolls up sleeves* I guess we'll have to do it ourselves *giggles and
takes keyboard in hand*

Duo gawked, as suddenly, a beautiful red headed girl appeared on top of his
desk, furiously blushing and tugging down her skirt.  He leaped out of his
chair and leaned against the desk behind him.  Huh?  Next to the desk
appeared a short spiky haired kid, smirking triumphantly for some reason,
wearing a boy's school uniform.  He sweatdropped.  This wasn't supposed to

S: *Grins* Yay!  Kurama and Hiei forever. *flashes V-sign*
L: *grabs keyboard* Lemme try.

Duo stood blinking at the two bickering "guests" in front of him. They
appeared to be arguing...

Kurama huffed indignantly as Hiei wouldn't stop chortling.  Just becausre
it was "him" in a skirt was not a reason to laugh.  The fact that he did
looked exactly like a girl student, not a boy dressed up as a girl,  was not helping at all.

Hiei smirked and suddenly flipped up Kurama's skirt.  "Heh.  Fox...white
silk panties with vines and roses bordering?" He raised an eyebrow.

The braided boy shrugged in confusion.


At his name, he turned around, raising an inquisitive eyebrow.  "Hmmm?"

It was Heero!  Even as his heart began to beat irregularly at the other's
closeness, a part of Duo's brain thought 'Why's Heero approaching me for?
The stereotypical love interest is supposed to remain remote until the
bitter end.'

Then, he forgot to think as a warm callused hand clasped the back of his
neck, strong fingers gently massaging and rough finger pads catching at
the fine hairs there.  Duo shivered in reaction even as Heero's hand
purposefully drew him ever closer.  Pupils dilated as those firm lips
came closer and fastened on to his own.  Duo's surprised gasp was greedily
swallowed, and a firm tongue snaked out as if seeking more of those
breathless sighs.

L: *cackles* Wheeeeeeeee.  Is she still out of it?
S: *pokes* Yup.
L:  Woohoo!

Heero bit, none too gently, at the pliable lips beneath his.  The hand at
Duo's neck drew the other even closer, firmly aligning Duo's slim body
against his own.  He moved another hand on Duo's leg.  He smirked to
himself.  Easily

S: *sweatdrop* Only the Perfect Soldier would think of it in those terms.
C: *nods wisely* Horomones na no da.
L: *facefaults* Oi! What would a monk know about those?
*Suddenly an female youkai with long black hair, red eyes, and an insanely cheerful grin pops out*
C: Kyo-chan da!!
K: *flicks wings* You'd be suprised *smirks and flashes a V-sign, dragging Chichiri away*
Come now, musn't keep Arashi-chan waiting.
C: DA!! *silly grin*
S&L: *sweatdrop*

Quatre walked over to where Trowa was bemusedly watching the entwined couple.  Unceremoniously, he plopped onto his lap.  Trowa blinked up at him before wrapping his arms about the smaller boy.

Quatre grinned flirtatiously, "Ne, Trowa...Can we have fun too?"

Trowa flashed another one of his rare smiles.  "As Quatre-sama wishes."

Duo dimly heard the chatter of the class around him, but his attention was
focused on the tongue tracing his parted lips...and the hand creeping up
his leg...under his skirt...tracing the line of his...

"Lace?" Heero growled in surprised, briefly disengaging the liplock.  Duo
blinked up timidly, not knowing exactly what Heero's reaction would be.
He nodded.

Heero's eyebrow quirked up.  "Black?"

Duo nodded again. Then eeped as both hands tightened convulsively.
Fascinated, he stared as Heero's eyes seemed to flare with a bright blue
flame before subsiding.  Then those clever lips descended again, this time
hotter and more possessive.

The hand under his skirt began to creep ever closer to the uncomfortable

R: *gains consciousness and looks around*  Aiyaaaaaaaah!!! What are you
doing to my parody????
S&L: *squeaks and turns chibi* Gomenasai!!!!
R: How the heck am I supposed to fix this??

Duo let out a soft moan when Heero's hand began to teasingly brush over the bulge in his well...panties.  He wiggled a bit, nearly frantic to have that touch...Heero let out a warning growl and pressed even closer.


Duo dimly registered that voice, even as he winded his arms more firmly around Heero's neck.  The fates could not be that cruel.

"Knock it off you two on the table!! And you two too!! And you two in the back as well!  Yeesh, this is worse than those stupid 80s school flicks."

Heero snarled and broke off the kiss...and paused.  He bent once more and licked at Duo's soft, swollen mouth.

"Are you listening to me?!!"

The two boys finally broke their embrace.  Duo peered over Heero's shoulders.  An Asian girl with long black hair stood, tapping her foot impatiently.  She wore their school uniform.  Hand on hips, she glared at everyone in the room, particularly at himself and Heero...and the two wrestling youkai in the back of the room...and the other necking couple seated at Trowa's desk.  Two wobbly eyed, similarly uniform clad chibis sat on the desk next to her, clutching each other and letting out a disconsolate sniff.

"Ok.  Since _some_ people took it upon themselves to change the script....and since I can't exactly erase what they wrote, I'll just have to *cough* improvise, " she said in an evil tone of voice.

The two chibis seemed to flinch at her words.  Wordlessly, both broke into ear piercing wails, letting loose twin waterfalls of tears.

She sweatdropped, "Stop that, " and handed both of them both Duo and Heero dolls to play with.  They cheered.

Duo stared.  The girl paced wildly back and forth, occasionally whipping around to pinpoint the couples with a glare.  Heero and Hiei glared back...Kurama seemed amused...and he, well dammit, he was frustrated.  When was she going to let him jump Heero???

"I'm a strictly 1x2 fan, so if anyone's going to do the jumping, it'll be Heero.  And hush, I need to think."  She chewed on her lip absently, unaware that Hiei was creeping up behind her with a manic gleam in his red eyes.

"Ok.  Hiei, Kurama, You two are going to be transfer students.  Might as well as keep you in the story...maybe you'll end up being in a love octagon.  We'll see."  She turned around and stared thoughfully at Heero.  "You....hmmm.  How do I explain away that last scene.  Heero, you're going to have..." She let out an outraged shriek as the koorime behind her suddenly flipped up her short skirt.  Hiei let out a low rumbling laugh, "Let's see how you llike it."  The two chibis chanted, "Panty Sh.....ja nai."

"Mwahahahaha!" She was wearing her Eeyore grey boxers beneath her school skirt.  Everyone facefaulted.  "Hah! I've researched my manga.  I'm prepared."

She fixed Hiei with the evil eye. "I'll get you later my pretty and your kitsune too!"  She whirled around, giving everyone a glimpse of her ...boxers.

"As I was saying, Heero, you're going to have a split personality.  One minute trying to grab Duo and the next pushing him away."  She paused thoughtfully, "Actually, that would explain a lot...."  She waved her hand vaguely and then grinned.  "Yoshi...have fun minna.  Just remember, we'll be watching you!!"  She grabbed the two chibi, who were playing CDGB (Cross Dress the G-Boys), and disappeared in a flurry of confetti.

Wufei popped out from his hiding place from underneath the desk.  He grumbled, "Finally, she's gone."

Duo snickered, even as he reluctantly detached from Heero's arms.  "Not very manly of you Wu."

Wufei snorted.  "Where those types of girls are involved, a safe retreat's better than a panty shot."  He raised an eloquent eyebrow.

Duo flushed and pulled down the hem of his skirt.  "Ha ha, funny Wu."

"That's sensei to you, Maxwell."  A gleeful look crossed Wufei's face.  "You have cleaning duty after school."


L: Rei-chan....Aren't you letting Wufei off too easily?
R: *shrugs* Oh well...*giggles* well *breaks into uncontrollable laughter*
S: *sweatdrop* ?
R: *gasping* Mulan...Reflections....*keels over giggling*

Duo grumbled as he stood on tiptoe to wash the windows.  He sighed heavily as he felt the hem of skirt rise up....Aren't they tired of this by now?

S: Nope!
L: Duly noted.  Panty shot 7!

At the window, Duo waved frantically at Trowa-chan who was waiting for him at the school gates.  Damn.  He'd have to rush to get all of this finished.  At a whispering conversation from outside the classroom doors, Duo turned around quickly.  The hem rising, rising...but not quite there.

L: *smacks R*  Tease!
R: @_@ oro.....
S: *giggles*

He crept up to the door, carefully remaining stooped down.  He peeped outside.  Eh?  Wasn't that Zechs-sempai?  Arguing with Treize-sensei...  Zechs had his hands on hips as he argued with his sensei.  The blonde was the most sought out of the older girl...err boy students.

L: *horrified look* You put Zechs in a skirt!!!!!
S: Neechan...*shakes head*
R: *blinks* Well, it was either him or Treize dammit!
S&L: *huge sweatdrop*

Duo blinked and crept even closer, this was much more interesting than cleaning.  He crept closer and closer...and ended up skidding on some of the confetti left behind when _that_ girl had made her exit.

"K'sooo!"  He slid and fell with a thump on the ground.  He lay on the ground, rather dazed and peering up.  Two faces came peering down over him.  Shimatta.

Zechs and Treize exchanged a peculiar smile.  The blonde said, "Duo, ne?  I have a little favor to ask of you...."

Duo sweatdropped.  This did not look good.

Trowa stood patiently waiting by the gates.  He stood stock still, waiting and waiting and waiting.  A breeze ruffled his skirt, but had the good sense not to bother the statue...err waiting student.  He turned around as a voice called out his name.


R: Mwahaha!! This is where it ends.

S: Ack!

L: Double ack!

S&L: How could you!!! *run off wailing*

R: *sweatdrops and scratches head* Well...I guess I'm left to do the sneak previews... *whips out megaphone* Will Wufei be able to controls his class?  What exactly does Zechs and Treize want! And no!!! Not a threesome, you hentais.  Who exactly is calling out for Trowa?  And who will wear the skirt?  Hiei or Kurama?
Hiei: Not me!!

Kurama: I don't mind...either way.

R: *eyes the fox suspiciously*

Kurama: *smiles beautifically* Well...either way Hiei and I will be together ne?  Although, I really would prefer panty shots of Hiei...

Hiei:  Dont' you dare! *eeps as he's glomped by Kurama*

R: *irritably eyes both* Hush!  Or I'll stick both of you in skirts!! *blinks at readers* Oi! You folks still here? Don't you have better things to do? *suddenly dressed in bath robe, slipper, and curlers* Go home! Go home!

Part 3:  Yes.. there's even a pt. 3  ^_^

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