The End

Once there was a prince.  An evil sorcerer had stolen his heart, and the boy was sent from his floating kingdom in the heavens to Earth in order to retrieve it.  Wings gone, he fell to Earth.

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No one argued when Heero abruptly volunteered to go, more than a hint of challenge in his voice.

His quest was a hard one.  No one knew where the sorcerer had fled with his heart.  The prince, now human boy, felt the numbness under his breastbone spread all throughout his soul.  Then the rumours came to his ears.  The sorcerer had hidden his heart with another human, and he journeyed ever further on Earth.

Duo stood underneath the shelter of a welcoming tree, watching in seeming fascination as the steady drizzle of light rain formed myriads of faint rainbows in the damp, foggy air.  The smell of wet grass and earth filled his senses.

Leaving the church had been hard.  Walking away from the steady acceptance and security he had come to rely on... He watched the air in front of him steam as Duo let out a deep breath.  It was a mixed feeling, the need to stay.. the need to leave.

But in the end, he *had* left because of the peace he had found, both in the everyday routine and within himself.  Like making a renewal of vows with his ever present past, both a burden and a blessing, the church and all it stood for was the very reason he fought, that *they* fought.

So he had left that part of his past.  And here he stood in the rain, waiting...

And the prince finally found the one who had held his heart.  Or rather, they found each other.


He turned around at the sound of the familiar voice, a determinedly cheerful smile on his face.  "He-"  Heero's hand gently came over his lips.

"Duo... It's my turn to talk."  The hand trembled slightly.  "My turn about.. everything."  The sound of his next words were covered by the sudden, almost deafening downpour of the rain.

And much later, under the protective, slightly bowed branches of the tree, they kissed.  Duo, for once, hushing the tumbling fall of Heero's words with his unspoken assent, declaration, and seal.

The human boy offered his own heart in exchange.  The prince accepted.  And they lived... ever after.

~The End~

Hehehe.. maybe an epilogue if I can think of an ok one ^^ What'cha think?

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