Another place, Another time

The door to the prison cell opened, and a young boy was thrown in.  He landed with a muffled grunt on the surprisingly lumpy, straw covered floor.  The guard laughed, "Enjoy your stay here, 'Council Member'"  He then left, leaving the boy alone in the dank, dark room.

Or so the boy thought.

"Oi... d'you mind getting off of me?  I don't mind breaking your fall 'n all but don't get too comfy all right?"

The young prisoner, startled, rose quickly to his feet, green eyes silently widening in stunned amazement as the straw twitched and heaved to reveal another prisoner.  He was covered in straw and not looking too happy about it as the boy picked pieces of it out of his long hair.

He was mumbling to himself, "Geez... I take a nap and what happens?  Someone mistakens me for the floor, go figure."  He snorted and peered up at the bemused standing boy before him.  "So... you're a council member too?"  He extended a hand, grinning widely.  "'m Duo Maxwell, Council member and representative from the Second Village, you?"

"Trowa Barton, Council member and representative from the Third Village."

Duo murmured, almost to himself, "So they have almost all five of us.  They're moving faster than we thought."

Trowa raised an eyebrow.  "All five of us?  The rest of the Villages have sent representatives as well?"

Duo waved a hand absentmindedly, apprently still mulling over their capture.  "Yeah, Wufei from the Fifth Village was overtaken on the roads to the capital, and Quatre from the Fourth Village will be brought in shortly.  The First Village's representative... "  His violet eyes, unfocused in thought, suddenly sharpened, and the long braided boy finally took a good look at his new prison mate.  "How much do you know about the political situation around this dump anyway?"

Trowa shrugged and replied in a calm voice, his mind racing to pick out only the barest of facts.  "Queen Marimeia is currently ruling Terra under the guidance of Dekim, her vizier.  Her branch of the family took control of Terra after the main branch, the Peacecrafts, died out a few years ago.  The Five Villages, ruled by Terra, send Council members to petition and help.  Although during the rule of Marimeia, there has been talk of revolting under her reign.  Currently, the Villages and Terra are in conflict due to the laws which the new Queen has set up.  The Representatives from the Villages were sent to work out a treaty." Silently, he added to himself, or to do what is necessary to maintain freedom in the Villages.

Duo nodded.  "Yup, that's pretty up to date.  Now, " the boy propped up his chin with a loosely closed fist, gem bright eyes shining with amusement and... something else as he looked at Trowa, "how much are you *not* telling me?"  The smile didn't falter, even as it gained an edge of sharpness, and the violet eyes became more probing.  Trowa returned the other boy's gaze calmly; he had no reason to trust this unusual boy, no matter how trusting he appeared.

"I don't know what you're talking about; I'm here as a representative for my Village, as you are, nothing more."

"Hah."  Duo lifted a slender hand, listing points one by one as he spoke, something that Trowa observed the boy liked to do a great deal.  "One, you were sent by your village elders to negotiate a deal.  True.  Two, you were also sent as a spy.  True."  He waved off Trowa's automatic protest, using the tip of his braid as some sort of banner.  "Don't bother.  'm here for the same reason."

"Three.  You're supposed to get in contact with someone who will be waiting for you at the palace.  True."  The boy grinned widely.  "Guess what?"

Inexplicably, dread tinged the taller boy's senses.  "...You?"

"Ha~~i.  Got it in one, " Duo smirked and made a little bow... still sitting.  How he managed to pull that off without looking totally ridiculous, Trowa didn't know.  As it was, the boy managed to look both graceful and mischievous at the same time.  "So tell me, Council Member, how're you enjoying the hospitality of the Queen and our beloved capital so far?"

Unexpectedly, Trowa felt his lips quirk up in a smile.  He couldn't help it; the boy was obviously insane.

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