"Zounds, " cried the slim figure in black as he fended off the Red Guards, long golden brown hair swinging wildly with his movements.

A second figure, also in black, suddenly emerged from the shadows.  "Baka, can't you do anything right?"  Cursing slightly under his breath, the dark headed figure moved rapidly to help his comrade.  "Duo, what were you thinking?"  Eleven more of the Cardinal's men joined in the fight against the two musketeers, and the two boys were rather hard pressed with so many soldiers against them.

"For once in your life, can't you stay out of trouble?"

Grinning, the long braided boy answered, "Hah, that's no fun, koi."  Ignoring the other boy's half exasperated, half amused snort, he moved gracefully through the red clothed ranks.

Jaded blue eyes watched the wave of red fall against the skillful swordmanship of the two Musketeers in black.  "Kill them."  Langorously, he extended a hand to the figure that waited kneeling before him.

"My dear, if my orders are not carried out by my men, *you* are responsible for taking care of them."

"Not if, but *when* they fail, Cardinal.  Only I am capable of destroying the legendary Three Musketeers."

"Perfect, just perfect."  Quickly, Duo dispatched another half dozen of the Red Guards.  "Really, you think at a time like this, Trowa would show up."

Silenly, the third member of the infamous King's Musketeers appeared behind his complaining comrade, efficiently killing three of their number, but more squadrons quickly came to replace their fallen team members.  The green eyed boy then performed a quick series of flips and twists to land squarely in the middle of another group of soldiers.  Unimpressed by his acrobatic skills, the soldiers charged with a roar, eager to dispose of the three who had been such thorns in their sides.

"Very stupid move, " grunted out Heero.  Within a blink of an eye, Heero and Duo stood by Trowa's side; the three musketeers quickly disarming or disabling all attackers.

"X marks the stop, " yelled Duo gleefully, slashing said marks in the Red Guards uniforms while Heero and Trowa exchanged looks of mutual resignation.

"You gotta admit though, that was some *fun* morning excercises."

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